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Coloribus is the biggest online archive of advertising materials. We carefully select creative works of the industry. In this section they are grouped by media types. A convenient searching system allows easily to find the necessary commercials. This archive will be useful for professionals of the advertising industry.

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Interesting facts about ads

Advertising is a stable part of modern life. So here are some interesting facts about it:

  • Advertisements trace their origin from ancient Egypt when the first description of a slave that an owner wished to sell was put on a piece of papyrus.
  • The first standard billboard was created in America in 1900. Since then the boards have been installed along the roads and highways.
  • American pharmaceuticals companies spend more money on advertising than on medical researches.
  • Various tricks are applied in making commercials to make the viewers’ mouths almost water. For example, for ice cubes not to melt during shooting an ad are made of acryl. To make the soft drinks bubble washing liquids are added and blended with water to let the light better pass through.
  • Ronald McDonald first appeared in ads in 1963. In 2010 a group of American activists from Corporate Accountability International sued him for making children get hooked on harmful food causing obesity and serious diseases connected with unhealthy food.
  • When commercials started to show people taking two gum pillows at a time the sales of gums increased twice as people started doing the same – taking two gum pillow at a time.
  • Quentin Tarantino does not like advertising in movies. In his films characters smoke only cigarettes invented by Tarantino himself - the ‘Red Apple’. Only one movie showed an exception.
  • The studies of 2016 showed that the first place in advertising share belongs to the Apple Company. Then comes Samsung Group, then Google and Microsoft, IBM, Toyota, Coca Cola, China Mobile etc.
  • The Cannes witnesses annual international advertising creativity festival “The Cannes Lions” that is the biggest and the most acknowledged event in the industry and marketing communication.

In modern world, advertising is a wagon for getting profits through selling goods. Successful creative campaigns inevitably bring to achieving the main trade goals: to increase number of loyal clients, to create positive image of the company, to expand the target audience, to increase sales by a certain time period. Ads and commercials go for that!