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Industry Cars
Media Ambient, Promo & PR, Case study
Market Germany
Agency BBDO Dusseldorf
Released May 2008


Cannes Lions 2008
Promo - Bronze

Credits & Description

Type Of Entry: Product/Service
Category: Cars & Automotive Services
Product/Service: MERCEDES-BENZ
Advertising Agency, City: BBDO GERMANY, Duesseldorf
Country: GERMANY
Sales Promotion/Advertising Agency, City: BBDO GERMANY, Duesseldorf
Country: GERMANY
2nd Sales Promotion/Advertising Agency: BBDO STUTTGART
Country: GERMANY
Credit Details:
Armin Jochum
Creative Director
BBDO Stuttgart
Stefan Nagel
Creative Director
BBDO Stuttgart
Steffen Stдuber
Junior Crossmedia Strategy
BBDO Stuttgart
Michael Schoener
BBDO Stuttgart
Andreas Rauscher
Senior Account Executive
BBDO Stuttgart
Wieland Stolzenburg
Junior Account Executive
BBDO Stuttgart
Christian Rizzuto
Junior Account Executive
BBDO Stuttgart
Patrick Roze

Filmproduction Company
Atelier Busche
Objective: The G-Class is the toughest off-road vehicle from Mercedes-Benz. With its 4-wheel drive and V8 engine this car has mud in its genes and is built for any kind of terrain. Real off-road drivers are generally active people with a love of nature. Our aim was to connect with this special target group and show the off-road abilities of the G-Class in a new, surprising way.
Development:The G-Class is able to take-on any terrain. We wanted to point out that the G-Class reaches places that others can't. Therefore, we had to bring our ads to places no other ad had been before: to the highest mountaintops in Germany. On every mountain in the German Alps there is a summit log book for climbers to sign when they reach the top. A team consisting of an art director, copywriter and an illustrator climbed five German peaks, and drew advertisements for the G-Class in these summit log books.
Relevance:As a result of the exclusive placement of these ads, we reached our special target audience in the right environment and caught their full attention. In every ad we displayed a phone number of the Mercedes-Benz hotline. There by you could directly contact your local dealership to make an appointment for a test-drive or to get further information.
Outcome/Results:As a result of the promotion around 190 customers contacted the dealers and took test drives within three months of the launch date. Even more importantly the 'Summit Log Ads' became the talk of the town. The ads were discussed in various blogs and the pictures appeared on Local newspapers, off-road publications, and mountain climbing magazines wrote articles about it. Thus, we achieved broad media coverage with a small budget.

The Ambient Advert titled Mercedes-Benz: On A Mountain Top was done by BBDO Dusseldorf advertising agency for product: Mercedes-benz G-class (brand: Mercedes-Benz) in Germany. It was released in May 2008.