Ambient ads and commercials

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Ambient advertising

Modern advertising market is very demanding. To be recognized you have to be outstanding, very different from predecessors. Among modern tendencies, ambient media take up a separate niche in marketing business today due to being emotion-oriented and trying to create within people a corresponding mood to inspire an action.

Ambient media prove investments to be rather worthy and are justified by consumers’ attention. One can’t remain indifferent to an advertisement placed on a manhole lid on the pavement just under the feet, or on a sandwich bag, or on a back of a park-ticket.

The purpose of such projects varies from social focus to popularizing a certain product or brand. Their creative approach to the subject guarantees attracting attention of people in usual surroundings by their unexpectedness and consequently excitement that can result in actions the advertisement is aimed at. Good examples and ideas of ambient advertising:

McDonald’s Bus Stop Advertisement – presenting a bus stop turned into a McDonald’s kiosk selling fast food; waiting for public transport ride at a station you can’t keep from getting an idea of having a snack that would sure to bring you to the nearest McDonald’s café.

Canon Streetvertising that turned street litter boxes into Canon camera lenses. Double shooting effect – unusually designed street equipment for litter was sure to attract attention as creatively decorated objects for the intended purpose as well as a new product of a famous manufacturing company. Being under impression of the unique idea of turning dull litter boxes into pieces of are passers- by would remember to have a look at Canon brand cameras in the nearest store.

Advantage of ambient ads

The advantage of ambient ads is that they have not yet had time to bore people and consequently very exciting. However as time goes by, novelty disappears and people get used to what has been extraordinary some time before. Carefully planned concept of selling the product is obligatory and can be considered a starting point for some greater advertising campaigns in variety of industries: retails, business envorinment, education, transport, city surroundings, recreation, etc.

At present ambient advertising is popular due to:

  • A decline in traditional media power that people have got used to and pay less attention if not being annoyed;
  • A great demand for point-of-sale communications as direct contact in a new environment brings greater degree of response;
  • Its ability to offer precise audience targeting – being places in carefully planned spots;
  • Its general variety – anything from surroundings can become an object for ambient advertising.

Worldwide studies show that audience value ambient campaigns not only for exclusive approach and novelties of advertising creators but appropriate use of environment. People like high quality creative advertisement making the urban landscape more attractive to the eye. These positive social tendencies go alongside with investment growth. From 1997 to 2001 the amount of investments in this non-traditional media means grew from $17, 4 million to $100 million.

Samples of ambient media campaigns combining creative format with an effective message are numerous and can be easily found in Coloribus archive.