Hyundai Ambient 2018 Pyeong Chang Olympics Hyundai Pavilion [presentation image] by Asif Khan Limited

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2018 Pyeong Chang Olympics Hyundai Pavilion [presentation image]

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Industry Cars, Sports Teams & Events
Media Ambient
Market Worldwide
Agency Asif Khan Limited
Associate Creative Director Asif Khan
Creative Director Asif Khan
Released February 2018


Lions Communication 2018
Design Lions Spatial & Sculptural Installation and Experience Bronze Lion

Credits & Description

ASIF KHAN London, United Kingdom Entrant Company
ASIF KHAN London, United Kingdom Idea Creation
ASIF KHAN London, United Kingdom Production
IART Basel, Switzerland Production
GL ASSOCIATES Seoul, South Korea Production
ASIF KHAN London, United Kingdom PR
ASIF KHAN London, United Kingdom Media Placement
HYUNDAI MOTOR COMPANY Seoul, South Korea Media Placement
Asif Khan Asif Khan Limited Creative Director
Pete Vaughan Asif Khan Limited Associate Director
Dan Sweetings Asif Khan Limted Project Architect
Freddie Hong Asif Khan Limited Architectural Assistant
Sungwon Jee Hyundai Motors Company Project Director
Jumi Kim Hyundai Motors Company Strategic Marketing Director
HeeKyung Kwon Hyundai Motors Company Project Manager
Doyoon Kim Hyundai Motors Company Project Manager ( design team )
Kyra Cha Hyundai Motors Company Space Designer
Minsu Song Hyundai Motors Company Strategic Planner
YoonHye Kim Hyundai Motors Company Strategic planner
Dongchul Cho Hyundai Motors Company Graphic designer
Wonhong Cho Hyundai Motors Company Head of Project
Yoojin Jang Hyundai Motors Company Graphic Designer
Thomas Kyuhyung Han INNOCEAN WORLDWIDE Director / Master Agency
Jaewook Choi Hyundai Motors Company Associate Director
YongboShim INNOCEAN WORLDWIDE contents planner
Helia Hyejoo Son INNOCEAN WORLDWIDE Contents Planner
Dongchan Kim INNOCEAN WORLDWIDE Project Manager
Minjee Kim INNOCEAN WORLDWIDE Contents Planner
Christian Reinmann I-art Project Manager
Valentin Spiess I-art Project Director
Jiwon Choi GL Associates Project Manager
Alex Borrell Asif Khan Architectural Assistant
Jungsoo Son INNOCEAN WORLDWIDE project manager
Alexander Wodrich Whydobirds Music
Sebastian Waschulewski Whydobirds Music
Young Jang Hyundai Motors Company Deputy general manager
Sebastian Damerius Whydobirds Music
Johannes Lehniger Whydobirds Music
Holger Schuhmann Whydobirds Music
Situation: PyeongChang Winter Olympics and Paralympic Games 2018, South Korea.
Brief: Design of a Pavilion
Objectives: To introduce Hyundai's approach to Hydrogen as "seed of new society" coinciding with launch of "Nexo" Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle (FCEV)
Budget: Confidential
Project Scale and volume: 1225 square metres, building footprint 35x35metres x10 metres height
Duration - 4 weeks during Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games
We welcomed 72,000 visitors over 30 days of the Olympic and Paralympic Games. However, the greatest impact was felt globally. Major broadcasters such as BBC, CNN and NBC dedicated features to the "making of" the project and the collaborators involved, and the story of "the blackest building on Earth" spread virally, across all forms of media. Since it simultaneously combined architecture, storytelling, marketing, innovation, new materials, technology, history, science, art, and was for a car company and during the largest sporting event on earth in 2018, it was picked up by specialist media dealing with each of these subjects, and by the individual correspondents dealing with these subjects within all the general news outlets who were covering the Winter Olympics. This gave the project a exponentially wider reach than would normally be achieved around a car launch. This was a highly experimental project so we were all very happy.
First we show Hydrogen at the Universe scale. Coated with VantaBlack VBX-2 the pavilion absorbs 99% of light, rendering it the 'blackest building on Earth'. This nano-coating had never been used beyond a laboratory scale before. Around 2000 LEDs form a 3D starfield, which seems to move as you walk. Mapped to stars above PyeongChang it 'twinkles' using adaptive lighting.
Inside the pavilion hydrogen is shown at human tactile scale in the form 25,000 water droplets which each minute speed across a superhydrophobic surface by simple and fun visitor interactions, criss-crossing like futuristic vehicles in a city, combining to create a small lake, a symbol of working together.
A series of 4 smaller spaces express beautiful moments within a fuel cell where hydrogen changes form.
An ambient immersive sound installation follows the visitor from interior to exterior. The atmosphere is one of relaxation, surprise and joy within the busy Olympics.
Campaign Description
We proposed a project with no cars on show, no Hydrogen fuel cells and no company logos on the pavilion.
Rather, our idea was to bring the visitors and global audience closer to Hydrogen itself first, through a series of profound experiences of its nature, and through that bring them closer to Hyundai and their vision of future mobility and society around Hydrogen.
As this was to be an venue in the Winter Olympic park and high visitor numbers were expected, it needed to be suitable for quick viewing, and for a very wide demographic including children and international visitors. The experience had to be captivating for all and to communicate without any words.
We created three experiences: of hydrogen in the form of the universe, of hydrogen in the form of water, and of hydrogen changing nature as it moves through a fuel cell.