Ads and commercials Case study

Coloribus is a great collection of ads and commercials case study videos. We thoroughly select only the most creative works that turn out to be very effective as they increased sales fast and profoundly. This archive allows both specialists in advertising industry and ordinary consumers to get ideas on how to make successful commercial in order to increase sales and brand identity.

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Effect of Creative Advertising

Advertisements provide information and create awareness relating to a product or brand. A good strategy attracts attention and inspires interest, develops desire and promotes an action.

Advertising has always been a driving force of trade. The first newspaper ad appeared in the 18th century; the first radio ad was aired in 1930s, the first TV ad was broadcast in 1941.

Since then a lot of experience has been contributed to the industry by marketing specialists with the main purpose - to create people’s preference to a certain product. Some of them have survived through decades and remain as recognizable, reliable and favored as ever:

  • Marlboro Man (Leo Burnett, 1955),
  • De Beers (N.W. Ayer @ Sons, Inc., 1948),
  • Volkswagen. "Think Small" (Doyle Dane Bernbach, 1959)
  • Pepsi. "Pepsi Generation" (Batton, Barton, Durstine @ Osborn, 1964).

However interest to a product is not only to be born but must be sustained. If sales are going down it’s time to do something about it to improve the situation. For example to use time-proved or innovative advertising techniques for a brand refit.

One of the most catching elements in an effective advertisement is creative ideas. The more exceptional the idea is, the more chances it has to attract the eye and call to action. Customers love feeling as though they're part of a community. It’s in human nature. They like taking part and receive benefits from participation. So within the campaign mass interactive experiences can be introduced which would restyle a brand or a product. This can include games, interactive tools shared in social media as well.

Afterwards effectiveness of the campaign is estimated through figures: millions of media impressions, views and reviewals of the video, thousands of response videos, reference in all leading newspapers, TV programs, thousands of shares. It can even become a trend topic overtaking such huge events as Dicaprio’s Oscar. In general an effective campaign can bring millions of earned media for an average media investment.

Sometimes one rival’s campaign can be turned to another company’s advantage as with Burger King Case Study of 2015.

With outpacing number of McDonald’s restaurants everywhere in France Burger King cafes were not so many. McDonald’s started its ad campaign proclaiming their nearby location to highways so that drivers on the road could drop in a McDonald’s shop for having a snack. However, Burger King’s creative specialists used this message in their favor and continued this commercial with the idea that the travelers would drop in McDonald’s to take just a coffee to stay awake for reaching the final destination – Burger King’s restaurant that was 40 times farther away. McDonalds was beaten! 4 mln euros of earned media for 5000 euros investment; 10 mln views in 4 days, 350000 shares made this commercial topic Number One. This brought huge increase in the cafés monthly attendance that allowed Burger King to stimulate interest to the brand and open more cafes in the country.

Case Study Samples

M11 Highway was open free to all BMW owners - What a surprise?! In this way BMW celebrated its anniversary simultaneously showing care for drivers of cars manufactured by the company. The news was spread widely in the networks, received thousands of likes and led to…… sticking BMW logo onto all passing cars to cheat the electronic robot screening the logos and opening the gates. Total recognition and acknowledgement of the brand!

Grain Belt Beer commercial advertising a dualpour as an exceptional accessory (truthfully) and parallelly advertising the beer’s brand itself.

Claussen Pickles Ride – parents and children enter a store where they are met by a carriage run by dogs that take the excited buyers on an adventurous ride (undoubtedly encountering a white bear on the way) towards the treasures – the high quality foods, the most delicious and freshest Claussen Pickles ever! Posting photos of the event on Facebook pages, adding live videos with 2 mln views on YouTube, receiving support from the press noticing that “It drives home the brand position in memorable fashion” made the campaign the award winner with the highest payback of any tactic since 2004.

Combination of certain features: carefully selected audience (youngsters or elderly people; businessmen or housewives), clearly defined timing for advertising (a certain mass event or holiday), great creativity, trustworthy message and involving people in the process with benefits (financial or emotional) make an advertising campaign effective and loyalty to the brand ever-lasting.