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Multipower Musclecap [image] 2

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Industry Vitamins & Diet Complements
Media Design & Branding, Case study
Market Germany
Agency Philipp Und Keuntje
Director Micha Binz, Jan Klügel
Executive Creative Director Robert Müller
Creative Director Justin Joshua, Jan Sievert-Krause
Art Director Alexander Fuchs
Copywriter Marco Borth
Released April 2016


Eurobest Awards 2016
Design Communication Design: Promotional Item Design Bronze Eurobest

Credits & Description

Agency: Philipp Und Keuntje Hamburg, Germany
Client: Atlantic Multipower Germany
Product: Multipower Musclecap
Entrant: Philipp Und Keuntje Hamburg, Germany
Title: Multipower Musclecap
Product/Service: Multipower Musclecap
Idea Creation: Philipp Und Keuntje Hamburg, Germany
Production: Philipp Und Keuntje Hamburg, Germany
Executive Creative Director: Robert Müller (Philipp und Keuntje)
Executive Creative Director: Holger Lindhardt (Philipp und Keuntje)
Creative Director: Justin Joshua (Philipp und Keuntje)
Creative Director: Jan-Sievert Krause (Philipp und Keuntje)
Art Director: Alexander Fuchs (Philipp und Keuntje)
Copywriter: Marco Borth (Philipp und Keuntje)
Digital Designer: David Schubert (Philipp und Keuntje)
Senior Project Manager: Wiebke Voss (Philipp und Keuntje)
Project Manager: Tadvir Benipal (Philipp und Keuntje)
Production Manager: Jan-Erik Wessel (Philipp und Keuntje)
Film Producer: Laia Gonzalez (Philipp und Keuntje)
Film Producer: Lisa Krane (Philipp und Keuntje)
Director: Micha Binz
Cinematographer: Claire Jahn
Editor: Sascha Würker (Philipp und Keuntje)
Director / Producer: Jan Klügel
Editor: Kira Bürgerhoff (Philipp und Keuntje)
Actor: Brehan Murphy
Location Sound Recordist: Daniel De Homont
Sound Engineer: Tobias Sauer (The SoundShack)
Art Director: Dong Hun Lee (Philipp und Keuntje)
Copywriter: Graham Krige (Philipp und Keuntje)
The Campaign
Multipower only sells its protein powder when people go to the gym. The existing target group (bodybuilders) goes to the gym a lot: 5-7 days a week. But how could we reach the larger group of sport enthusiasts who want to workout, but don't have the time to go to the gym? Introducing: The Multipower Musclecap – A simple adaptation to our existing product design. We replaced the cap of our protein powder bottles by a handle inspired by the age-old kettle bell – and turned it into a workout tool. Just screw off the old cap, fill the empty bottle with water or sand (for a weight up to 12 kg) and screw on the new Musclecap. Now you can get a full-body workout wherever you are.
Creative Execution
From the start we involved material specialists as well as fitness experts. This way we made sure that the Musclecap: a) matches the existing Multipower bottle and is b) ergonomically shaped to exercise a full-body workout. First we transferred the measures of our existing cap to the base of the Musclecap (thread, diameter, height). Next we researched different kettle bell handles to define the ideal ergonomically size and shape for the Muscelcap handle to our bottle. Using Maya for a 3D-mesh we printed a 3D-Model. This was the basis for the negative silicone moulding. The material for the Musclecap is polyurethane: light and stable. The coating with a special acrylic paint (with graphite, aluminium, soot) matches the surface of the existing bottle. As the bottle gets filled with water we put a rubber inlay into the cap to make it leak proof.
Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market
In a market with little differences between products, brands and their designs the Musclecap makes Multipower truly stand out: on the shelves and in the lives of fitness enthusiasts. The Musclecap offers a solution to their problem of not having the time to go to gym. The brief of expanding our customer base from hard-core bodybuilders to the larger group of fitness enthusiasts is fully met. At the same time the Musclecap shifts the image of Multipower from “just another protein powder producer“ to an innovative sports nutrition brand. We promoted the Musclecap in sports nutrition shops in Hamburg for a week: 83% customers who tried the Musclecap bought a bottle of protein powder increasing sales by 40% and generating 250% more traffic on our website The Multipower Musclecap is a game changer – for the market, the customer and the brand.
Our new target audience are fitness enthusiasts: average age of 3 mostly men, educated, employed with an average monthly net income of € 2800. They are highly motivated to workout, but – due to their families and jobs – often don‘t have the time to go to the gym. With the Musclecap we solve a true problem and offer an experience no other brand in the market has to offer.