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Industry Mobile phones, devices & accessories
Media Design & Branding, Case study
Market United States
Agency Team collaboration
Released October 2016


Cannes Lions 2017
Design Digital & Interactive Design: UX Interface & User Journey Bronze Lion

Credits & Description

Title: Spectacles
Agency: Snap
Brand: Snap, Inc.
Country: USA
Entrant Company: Snap, Los Angeles
Advertising Agency: Snap, Los Angeles
Media Agency: Snap, Los Angeles
Pr Agency: Snap, Los Angeles
Production Company: Snap, Los Angeles
Ceo: Evan Spiegel (Snap Inc)
Director Of Marketing: Kelly Nyland (Snap Inc)
Design Lead, Spectacles: Lauryn Morris (Snap Inc)
Visual Designer: Brandon Carillo (Snap Inc)
Visual Designer: Branden Collins (Snap Inc)
Product Designer: David Meisenholder (Snap Inc)
Product Development: Mitch Bechtold (Snap)
Product Designer: Qiaokun Huang (Snap Inc)
Product Designer: Matt Hanover (Snap Inc)
Product Designer: Jinwoo Kim (Snap Inc)
Product Designer: Steve Shainwald (Snap Inc)
Visual Designer: Elwira Banki (Snap Inc)
Product Designer: Nathan Boyd (Snap Inc)
Product Designer: Andy Cooper (Snap Inc)
Product Designer: Jack Brody (Snap Inc)
Product Designer: Mike Murray (Snap Inc)
Copywriter: Ellis Hamburger (Snap Inc)
Camera Platform Exploration Manager: Andrew Mcphee (Snap Inc)
Team Lead: Oleksandr Pyshchenko (Snap Inc)
Manager, Software Engineering: Yurii Monastyrshyn (Snap Inc)
Director Of Creative Media: Rylee Ebsen (Snap Inc)
Communications Manager: Shannon Kelly (Snap Inc)
Web Design: Garrett Berg (Snap Inc)
Software Engineer: Alex Hackbart (Snap Inc)
Senior Producer: Karl Mefford (Snap Inc)
Head Of Event Marketing: Rhenee Bartlett (Snap Inc)
Retail Marketing Manager: Steevy Griffin (Snap Inc)
Director Of Snapbots: Cory Grenier (Snap Inc)
Vp Of Hardware: Steve Horowitz (Snap Inc)
The product launch campaign has received over 75 billion media impressions, generating approximately $54.8M advertising value equivalency, across 27,000 news stories.Just under 7M unique visitors have come to following the launch. About 35% of these visitors have regularly returned to chase the Snapbot across 81 different locations. The Snapbot Twitter pictures have received 3.5M impressions and Most importantly, Spectacles have been used to create over 8 million snaps, which have been viewed more than 1.2 billion times on stories in Snapchat.
Snap Inc. (formerly Snapchat) is a camera company; current brands include Snapchat and Spectacles. Snapchat fosters fun, curiosity and spontaneity. Spectacles, the first physical camera to come out of the company, capture similar brand attributes. Our goal was to introduce camera-glasses to the world that, while technically sophisticated, could be embraced as a toy -- a product perfect for exploring with friends out in the world. To execute on this, the team considered every aspect of design, packaging and marketing to create a brand that was approachable, unexpected and fun.We also wanted to help consumers make an immediate connection between the product and the unique type of content the camera could create.
Our plan of action was to have fun, and to allow our community to experience that same fun. We aspired to create something intentionally fashionable, “non-techy,” and somehow convince people that a camera that lives on their faces was not only cool - but needed. We tried to echo these sentiments in how we approached the website. Where you might find technical specifications on most sites of a new tech product, we decided instead to take a more user-focused approach and prioritize the look and feel. Snap Inc.’s essence is injected into our site with the hints of yellow, and the method with how we launched by using Snapbots is reminiscent of the same playfulness that Snapchat is known for. By focusing on the visual aspects of the site, we ensured that Spectacles wasn’t a product that was bogged down by its own technical bravado, and that it spoke for
We designed and engineered a full-viewport experience that is made to look great on any browser or device. Behind the botmap is an in-house API which provides coordinates any active bot locations, and a countdown until the next Bot launch. We made sure that the site was heavily visual, which was imperative as the site served as a place where our community could see people actually wearing Spectacles. The site is an anchor point of the entire campaign and really connects all of the varied aspects of our go-to-market strategy. An interesting point to note regarding the site would be how we were able to allow our Snapchat community to try on Spectacles for the first time through implementing deep-linking - marking the first time we’ve applied this technology into our products. Behind the map is an API, built in-house, that provides the coordinates of any active bot locations, and
Campaign Description:
We aimed to introduce visitors to Spectacles - the product and brand - by showing, not telling. Through bold colors, striking photography, and first-person video perspectives in a full-viewport experience, we’ve captured Spectacles with minimal copy. The videos highlight content that can only be captured with Spectacles – completely hands-free and from a first-person perspective. To bring the uniqueness of this format to life, there is a section showcasing how you can view Spectacles videos at any orientation within Snapchat. Prior to product availability, the distribution strategy was teased. The site read “Landing Soon” even before the first Snapbot was revealed. Still today we foster a sense of mystery by only revealing Snapbot landing 24 hours in advance and exact locations at opening. In the final moments of a countdown timer, the Snapbot “wakes up”, and a full-screen map reveals its next landing site.