Design & Branding

Coloribus is the biggest online collection of commercials that includes creative examples of package design, posters, wrappers, brands and visual artworks. This will be of great interest to people engaged in designing and promoting ads and commercials as they have an opportunity to make acquaintance with successful works of the industry.

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Creative design examples

Steve Jobs once said that people do not understand what they really need until you show it to them.

Design became a part of commercial industry in the 1930s as a factor for increasing competitiveness.

Ways of showing any thing are huge in number and unlimited in variety. As long as fantasy reaches new horizons there will be no end to new images and tools of expressing ideas, especially if the ideas’ realization is aimed at attracting public attention with the purpose of getting feedback, including financial response as well.

Design varies in its forms – graphic, computer, environment, exhibition, clothes, accessories and others. Primary function of design in marketing is doing business, servicing consumers and making costs while “beauty” concern stays in the second place.

“Good design is good business” (Thomas Watson, IBM). It means that good design is 95% of common sense and 5% of taste and talent. And this must be richly spiced with creativity. This combination is able to make an advertising campaign effective and call to action which is the strategic factor.

Creative design impacts the buyer fairly long with a complex of a product, its package and communication – the more the buyer is impressed the more loyalty he will show to the product.

“Lion” Cookies designed in the form of a lion’s paw, or milk chocolate in the form of a glass with milk.

Advertising campaign for Alliance with uncommon wrappings of cider bottles - either depicting an illustration of a famous painting on the label or wrapping a bottle in a paper suit. Drink to the end and maybe one day you story will also get fame.

Clarks advertising campaign - impressive shoe production, giving a new life to an ancient, out- of- fashion models of shoes - proclaims redesign and rebirth.

Brand identity and logo design ideas

Products are surrounded by rivals in the market. Thus, the more the buyer knows about a certain product the stronger ties between him and the manufacturer will establish.

Branding activities are aimed at creating long-term preference to the product. It can be achieved through a certain trademark, recognizable package, advertising messages, sales promotion materials and elements. All together they are united by one idea to create a product distinguished from competitors creating brand image.

Brand identity design is strategically important as a set of distinctions, constant high quality and satisfaction. In most cases, its task is to increase sales volumes through growing public interest to the product and favorable image of a trademark.

Coloribus also includes logo design ideas - graphics and signs associated with a certain trademark and, thus, easily recognized and identified. Logos are supported by a slogan or motto as a visual presentation of a brand, a phrase used as a repetitive expression of an idea addressed to a target group with the purpose to stay remembered.

A good slogan is memorable, quickly recognizable, makes a product’s advantages clear to the audience; it differentiates the brand from others and leaves positive feelings about it:

  • Nike: "Just Do It"
  • Apple: "Think Different"
  • L'Oréal: "Because You're Worth It"
  • BMW: "The Ultimate Driving Machine"
  • Wall breaking Advertising campaign for Diesel – Make love not Walls.