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Industry Transport, travel & tourism, Destinations (Countries & Places)
Media Design & Branding
Market United Kingdom
Agency Futurebrand
Released March 2011

Credits & Description

Category: Consumer Services
Product/Service: TOURISM
Date of First Appearance: Mar 9 2011
Managing Director: Gustavo Koniszczer (FutureBrand)
Strategy & Verbal Branding Director: Laura Alfano (FutureBrand)
Senior Designer: Alejandra Serra (FutureBrand)
Executive Director: Julia Viñas (FutureBrand)
Media placement: Country Brand - All Corporate Touchpoints - March 2011

Describe the brief from the client
The client Promperu (Peruvian Government Tourism and Exports Promotion Agency) asked for a company with expertise in Country Branding and presence in key competitive or benchmark markets for Peru, with a team with indisputable experience.
The new Brand would need to position Peru in all three areas in key outer markets as well as contribute to generate a local integration, being representative of all of Peru´s geography and being able to be used by both private and public sector.

Describe the challenges and key objectives
Integration of all three areas - Tourism, Foreign Investment attraction, and Exports - and at the same time finding a cohesive and relevant Brand proposal for a country as rich and diverse as Peru was the main challenge.
To solve it we understood the country from four angles: its people, the place, private and public sectors, and being able to know local and international key audiences' perceptions of the country.
Being able to focus on the country's main assets to determine the value proposition focused in specialised, polifacetic and captivating features, concluding in the fact that there´s a Peru for each one.

Describe how you arrived at the final design
With a myriad of meaning and origin theories, only four letters, a very interesting sound when spoken out loud, a differentiating accent and a very similar way to be written and pronunced in different languages, the word Peru led us to a logo, rather that to any object, colour, or animal.
It was created from a single line because in Peru people trace their own path based on their particular interests, and shows a spiral, present in all Peruvian times and cultures. The result: a visual sign, simple and easy to understand, that resembles pre-Hispanic heritage in a modern way.

Give some indication of how successful the outcome was in the market
Locally, the totally positive reaction from Peruvians and public and private sectors are the main success for the short term. Having the support, both in strategic as well as design terms, of those who will help spread the “word” is out there represented in positive comments in social media networks, printed media, TV and radio as well as thousands of Peruvians wearing the Peru Brand bracelets.
Internationally, the presence of the Brand in NYSE´s Peru Day, the acknowledgement given to Peru´s culinary industry at the Organisation of American States last March and prime line media coverage also exhibits a very promising triumph. Design blogs across the world have welcomed the logo as one of the most refreshing and stylish design solutions recently launched.