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Industry Online Press, Media & Information
Media Direct marketing, Promo & PR, Case study
Market El Salvador
Agency Publicidad Comercial Salvador
Director Javier Guerrero
Executive Creative Director Orlando Alvarez
Designer Roberto Rodriguez, Carlos Castellanos, Ernesto Argueta
Producer Javier Prunera
Photographer Luis Paredes
Illustrator Otto Meza
Released May 2011


Festival Antigua: Premios Jade 2012
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Credits & Description

Category: Public Affairs
Product/Service: WWW.ELFARO.NET
Executive Creative Director: Orlando Alvarez (Publicidad Comercial Lowe El Salvador)
Account Director: Beatriz Olmedo (Publicidad Comercial Lowe El Salvador)
Executive Director: Juan Federico Salaverria Quiros (Publicidad Comercial Lowe El Salvador)
President: Juan Federico Salaverria (Publicidad Comercial Lowe El Salvador)
Chief Creative Officer: Gerardo Muyshondt (Publicidad Comercial Lowe El Salvador)
Innovation Manager: Elmer Menjivar (El Faro Digital Newspaper)
Producer: Javier Prunera (Publicidad Comercial Lowe El Salvador)
Final Print Chief: Chrsitian Peña (Publicidad Comercial Lowe El Salvador)
Photographer: Luis Paredes (Publicidad Comercial Lowe El Salvador)
Designer: Ernesto Argueta (Publicidad Comercial Lowe El Salvador)
Designer: Carlos Castellanos (Publicidad Comercial Lowe El Salvador)
Designer: Roberto Rodriguez (Publicidad Comercial Lowe El Salvador)
Vice President: Diana De Mejia (Estrategica)
Executive: Elizabeth Grande (Estrategica)
Director: Javier Guerrero (Happy Punk Panda Studios)
Lead Developer: Rodrigo Amaya (Happy Punk Panda Studios)
Frontend Developer: Daniel Reyes (Happy Punk Panda Studios)
Interactive Design: Carlos Navas (Happy Punk Panda Studios)
Executive Producer: Max Chaves (Garage Films)
Illustrator: Otto Meza (Independant)
Media placement: Emailing Manifesto - Data Base Client - October 2011
Media placement: Launch Event Bloggers And Twitter Users - Viva Espresso Coffeshop - October 2011
Media placement: Billboards Inviting To Participate - Streets - October 2011
Media placement: Small Scale Qr Codes To Access Tool - Bookstores, Cofeeshops, Colleges - November 2011
Media placement: Tv Tutorial Tour - Channel 33, Channel 12, Viva Espresso Coffeshop - November 2011
Media placement: Tv Commercial Inviting Participate - News Channel 33 8 En Punto Prorgam - November 2011
Media placement: Emailing Sketches To Participants - Data Base Client - December 2011
Media placement: Tv Commercial Showing Sketches - News Channel 33 8 En Punto Prorgam - January 2012
Media placement: Launch Event And Autograph Signature To Readers - Plaza Futura - February 2012
Media placement: Delivery Of Comic To The Government - National Congress, Supreme Court Of Justice, Presidential Residence, Mayors Offices - February 2012
Summary of the Campaign
We had to prevent competition from stealing 13,000 daily readers from www.elfaro.net, a local newspaper.
We had $0 but we had: The brand’s reputation, our own website, readers, one illustrator, collaborating media and the upcoming mayor’s and congressmen elections.
We created the comic book of what you’ve always wanted to tell the government, and invited readers to become authors by telling them: Politicians have said too much - now it’s your turn.
The newspaper became an idea recompilation tool where readers selected which power of the state or mayor to direct an idea through twitter and then chosen to become part of a comic book that would be sold on every bookstore and delivered to the government.
-100% of readers appreciated the initiative;
- Reached 106 countries, allowing 2m Salvadorans around the world to express their ideas;
- Traffic to the site increased 30%;
- Received over $400,000 in media exposure and collaboration;
- First edition sold out in the first 2 weeks;
- Became the first digital citizens participation tool in the country
Appropriate for PR Lions because:
• The brand's reputation was the primary resource that made the campaign credible to society;
• Intervened in political matters as a result of consumer participation;
• Generated opinion amongst the target and the government addressing social issues;
• Became the first digital citizens' participation tool in the country;
• Established a never-before-seen relationship between brand and consumer by allowing them to express their ideas to the before unreachable politicians.
The Situation
• Elfaro.net is the first independent digital newspaper in the country, and has a reputation for being the most critical newspaper locally. In 2011, they received the prestigious María Moors Cabot prize from Columbia University. Being an independent newspaper their major capital comes from the United Nations (PNUD) and the Cultural Center of Spain in El Salvador.
• Competition with real budgets opened, and targeted the same readers. We had to prevent them from stealing their readers and saw the upcoming mayors and congressmen elections as an opportunity to do so. While competition only informed: We could do something else.
The Goal
• Retain 13,000 daily readers and increase traffic by 10%. Criteria for success: increase in traffic daily and see that readers would become promoters of the site, especially on twitter where the brand had more followers;
• Target: Current readers, valued quality and critical content;
• Mayor’s and congressmen elections where coming up. 2 years ago, after 22 years of being governed by the same party, people voted for the opposition for presidential elections, expecting change, and according to their current perception, nothing happened. As a result they took every chance to manifest their thoughts on how to rule the country correctly.
The Strategy
Generate a platform that would allow the readers to become active participants through the brand in social and political matters. Transform the brand into media that would enable the readers to do something they have always wanted to do, by inverting the roles: Government=Source, Citizens= Receivers, and by doing so generate mediatic and social opinion.
- Invited different media to collaborate, and established that we needed not only to transform our site, but to go to target’s meeting points too, by taking life-sized cartoons of politicians with QR codes to coffee shops, libraries, colleges so people could submit ideas through a mobile app;
- Got collaboration from the target’s most viewed TV news and interrupted programming simulating the government’s broadcast;
- Showed the process to every reader, emailing sketches to their accounts. TV ads where done to show this process;
- Launched the comic book by giving an autographed copy to 1,200 authors, sold it in bookstores and delivered it to the government: The 3 heads of the powers of the state, 84 congressmen and women, and mayors. Every delivery to the government was documented and uploaded to the newspapers and social network;
- The campaign took 4 months, and kept until the end according to its original plan;
- Billboards were placed for 6 months.
Documented Results
-100% of readers manifested through emails, tweets and comment directed towards the brand their appreciation towards the creation of such a mechanism;
- Over 15,000 Facebook shares and retweets from readers;
- Reached 106 countries in the first 2 months, allowing 2m Salvadorans around the world to express their ideas in this on-going tool;
- Traffic to the site increased 30%;
- Despite a $0 budget, received over $400,000 in media exposure and collaboration for the project;
- The first edition of the comic book sold out the first 2 weeks;
- What started as a campaign to retain readers became the first digital citizen’s participation tool in the country that will continue to work.