Direct marketing ads and commercials

Coloribus contains a great number of direct marketing advertisement samples. Only high quality and creative works of advertising field have been selected for viewers and can be of great use for the industry professionals. Some of the pieces presented in the archive were designed to sell products or services, others – to initiate and promote ideas; but all of them appeal to individual minds of potential consumers, who are acknowledged as unlike one another and unique.

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What is direct marketing?

Direct marketing is an interaction of a seller and a buyer without any mediators, a kind of marketing communication tool based on a personified attitude to the consumer. These media messages are addressed not to targeted groups but to particular persons and are aimed at receiving feedback from the consumer in the form of a purchase of the product or other form of action encouraged by the advertiser. To achieve this result it is necessary both to gain information about the client and organize it in a database for prospective use and also to establish well-planned relations with the buyer. When received individually not in a mass of people, information is accepted more eagerly, with greater interest and trust as though being addressed directly to you and you only.

The term of Direct marketing appeared in America in 1967 in the process of work with American Express и Columbia Records brands, though the practice of ordering goods by post had been known long before in 19th century with the invention of the type-writing machine That time some companies began to expand the area of the services delivered and made first data bases with the use of which they started sending catalogues, advertising booklets, leaflets, etc.

At present this always growing marketing technique includes:

  • Advertising hand-outs, (leaflets, fliers, letter, prospects, etc.)
  • Electronic means like direct e-mail, Internet dispatch, telemarketing, context and banner ads, social network)
  • Direct contact – telephone mail, post, fax.

Judging by today’s activities the volumes of sales via this media tool are likely to continue increasing. According to the data of market research agencies (2016) in most developed countries of Western Europe Direct marketing expenses are over 35 % of total volume of sales stimulation expenses. In the USA Direct financing makes up 57,1%.

Examples of direct marketing

This marketing media type faces a number of tasks: to captures the customer’s attention, to holds him within the impact area, to develop seller-buyer format long-term relations, to stimulate first purchase, to create conditions for repeated purchases in future, to study the customer’s reaction (feedback), to increase volumes of sales performed by clients as well as their purchase frequency, to provide growth of customers’ loyalty.

Coloribus contains samples of “call to action” commercials and other illustrations of such type ads like:

  • Creative packages (Happy Meal packages though containing some staff for adults for a certain occasion/event). Or interactive packages (Tostitos) that indicate the level of alcohol contents in the blood when you blow onto it, in this way you are easy to find out if you are legally permitted to drive or you better restrain from driving
  • Creative cards, envelopes, calendars
  • Free gifts with “call to action” messages – receiving a free nicely wrapped orange with a label calling up to send a SMS, its cost being regarded as donation
  • Creative leaflets, calendars other printed products.
  • Video-commercials aimed at benefaction, drawing attention to some problem, etc.
  • A young man daily performs kind deeds on his way: watering a street flower, helping a vendor to drive a heavy cart, feeding a hungry dog, giving alms to a beggar-girl, secretly gifting fruits to an old woman living next door. What does he do it for? For money? For fame? For immortality? NO! He does it for emotions that he gives and he gets! For making people better and making them feel happier! – A “call to action” message! (Among of the 2014 Ad Winners).

Direct marketing tools might be used in businesses of different sizes - from tiny start-ups to leaders of Fortune-500. They are acknowledged as effective by most marketing experts. If out of 1000 direct messages 100 receive feedback, the campaign is considered to have successfully led to 10% direct replies. The parameter is known as ‘quick action” and is essential.

The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) announced in 2010 that more than half of all advertising expenditures were invested in direct advertising. By the DMA figures for 2014 every dollar spent on direct marketing gives in return to investment of $11.73—in comparison to an estimated $5.23 for other advertising types.