Making of ads and commercials

Coloribus gives you a great chance to see not only the bright samples of advertising industry and commercials that have come well known all over the world but also shares with you a nice opportunity to go behind the scene and plunge into the atmosphere of making these great ads. This section shows you how famous advertising campaigns were created. The information will be useful to people who actively work in the industry as they can absorb some information that will help them to make their own ads.

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The art of Advertisements’ creation

We are consumers not only of products and services but also of information we are presented by various types of mass media. The signals that we receive makes us either act or keep calm. The task of an ad is to call to action and if a man impacted by an advertisement or a commercial does not react to it correspondingly the ad has not fulfilled its primary duty. But if a person focuses his attention on the ad or its video/sound for an instant it means the ad is surely going the right direction. It means that either a picture or a jingle or a featuring person or a captive slogan have been chosen correctly and presented to advantage. Is it easy? Do you wish to know how it happens? Welcome behind the scenes of ads making!

Behind the Scene

Making a commercial is a long process that has to be carefully planned and executed to achieve its main purpose – make spectators believe and do as it has been believed. A big crew of scriptwriters, camera operators, make-up artists, light and sound engineers, costume designer, graphic designers, special effects engineers, composers and others are involved in this work. And though a commercial can last just for 1minute the efforts and pains that have been taken to create it are huge. If the idea of an advertiser is good but is badly presented then all will end up in failure. That is why the spot, the actors, the colors, the movement are selected with greatest care and responsibility.

In this section, you will see how the clothes in a store were animated in a Cadbury Ad. How the camera remains either static filming a sportsman training hard (Adidas Ad) or moves alongside with Audi 6 not losing the speed of a great car (the Duel Man vs Machine). How 4 Lexuses (after careful calculation of top physicists) are tied to one another and fly in the air perpendicular to the ground to show the strength of the car’s frame (Lexus: Chain). You will be given advice by a famous commercial director how to practice your imagination in a Canon Long Live Imagination campaign and learn about collaboration of Mary Clair magazine with Schwarzkopf company that helped the latter to increase its recognition and sales by 15% annually.