Fundación Banco De Bosques Digital, Case study Ecoalarm [image] by Wunderman Buenos Aires

Ecoalarm [image]

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Industry Environmental & Animal Issues, Mobile applications
Media Digital, Interactive & Mobile, Case study
Market Argentina
Agency Wunderman Buenos Aires
Executive Creative Director Sebastian Tarazaga, Dany Minaker
Creative Director Damián Martinez, Nicolás Smith
Art Director Matías Paglieri
Copywriter Gastón Durán
Released March 2017


Cannes Lions 2017
Cyber Web Campaign: Charities & Non-profit Bronze Lion

Credits & Description

Title: Ecoalarm
Agency: Wunderman Buenos Aires
Brand: Fundación Banco De Bosques
Country: Argentina
Entrant Company: Wunderman Buenos Aires
Advertising Agency: Wunderman Buenos Aires
Production Company: Wunderman Buenos Aires
Music Artist: Italians Do It Better (Italians Do It Better)
Technology Manager: Diego Miola (Wunderman Bs As)
Executive Creative Director: Dany Minaker (Wunderman Bs As)
Executive Creative Director: Sebastian Tarazaga (Wunderman Bs As)
Head Of Art: Fernando Rossini (Wunderman Bs As)
Copywriter: Gastón Durán (Wunderman Bs As)
Art Director: Matías Paglieri (Wunderman Bs As)
Producer: Laura Martínez (Wunderman Bs As)
Group Account Director: Eliana Kaplan (Wunderman Bs As)
Account Director: Carolina Graziano (Wunderman Bs As)
Account Executive: Leonardo Ferrari (Wunderman Bs As)
Head Of Pr: Daniela Tucci (Wunderman Bs As)
Web Developers: Javier Corra (Wunderman Bs As)
Web Developers: Pablo Mendoza (Wunderman Bs As)
Mobile Developers: Gastón Schattenhofer (Wunderman Bs As)
Mobile Developers: Gonzalo Rico (Wunderman Bs As)
Mobile Developers: Santiago Rulfi (Wunderman Bs As)
Project Manager: Bárbara Klurfan (Wunderman Bs As)
Production Company: Huinca Cine S.A. (Huinca Cine S.A.)
Director: Juan Manuel Montero (Huinca Cine S.A.)
Executive Producer: Diego Turdera (Huinca Cine S.A.)
Producer: Alejandro Travaglini (Huinca Cine S.A.)
Postproducer: Cristian Martino (Huinca Cine S.A.)
Editor: Carla Muzykantski (Huinca Cine S.A.)
Sound Mixing Company: Ctrolz (Ctrolz)
Record Label: Leader Music (Leader Music)
Clients Representatives: Agostina Trigo (Fundación Banco De Bosques)
Clients Representatives: Darío Rodríguez (Fundación Banco De Bosques)
Technology Director: Francisco Facal (Wunderman Bs As)
Creative Director: Damián Martinez (Wunderman Bs As)
Creative Director: Nicolás Smith (Wunderman Bs As)
Head Of Design: Laura Alvez (Wunderman)
Vp: Victoria Cole (Wunderman Bs As)
Argentina is one of the most deforested countries in the world. It’s estimated that over 70% of the native ecosystem has been lost and that 300,000 hectares of forest is felled annually, putting the lives of thousands of species at risk. Banco de Bosques is a non-profit organization that fights against this issue by trying to stop it from continuing. In order to achieve that, it raises funds to help recover the forests, acre by acre. Although there are small groups of people that are aware of these issues, we must create awareness about the need to preserve the environment in the entire population and encourage them to be part of the solution without the need to have them put in a lot of effort.
We decided to do something and become part of those artists. In order to do so, we delved into three endangered Argentina ecosystems: the Selva Misionera, the Impenetrable Chaqueño, and the Bosque Andino Patagónico. For two months, we captured hundreds of sounds from nature using strategically-placed microphones. Then, we had specialized sound technicians mix the collected audio and create 9 unique tracks which form part of the EcoAlarm album. Additionally, along with the Leader Music record label, the album was registered and debuted on Spotify. This way, Banco de Bosques is sure to raise money each time a song is played, just as an artist would. We created a mobile alarm that plays sounds from endangered forests through Spotify, allowing users to raise money for native endangered territories each morning, without getting out of bed or spending a dime.
We launched EcoAlarm on International Forest Day, a day in which people are more aware of the need to take care of the environment. EcoAlarm is an alarm clock app which plays sounds from nature via Spotify and generates money to help protect endangered forests and animals. We told the world about our new idea for donating money without actually spending a dime, and were able to make people from countries such as Mexico, Italy, Japan, and Russia to really identify with the cause and help save Argentine forests daily. Also, we increased the user experience and made it possible for users to see which ecosystems they were helping to protect, and all of this in real time. We developed an interactive 3D web with a Low-Poly aesthetic, which is easy to look at and share, and did so through modern HTML5, WebGL (plus ThreeJS), and Web Audio API technologies.
Campaign Description:
Through a Spotify hack, we found a way to donate money without having to spend a dime. We created EcoAlarm, an application that wakes you up with the sounds of protected forests, played from Spotify, which at the same time helps to collect funds to save ecosystems that are in danger, without generating cost or effort for the user. Each time a song is played, royalties are generated, so Spotify pays Banco the Bosques in the same way that they pay music artists. We also created a site in which you can see, in real time, the programmed alarms across the world, the square meters recovered and the ecosystems that we have been saving. We show all this with a Low-Poly aesthetic that has taken the average user interaction time to six minutes.
In one week, 4,950 users downloaded the application guaranteeing the conservation of 776 at-risk species. A reach of
850,000 on social media.The application attracted interest around the world and has been downloaded in 45 countries as of today.We made it so that the interaction with the users on the site was on average more than 6 minutes. And most importantly, thanks to Spotify, we now have 100 million potential activists around the world.