Digital, Interactive & Mobile ads and commercials

Coloribus is a great source of digital advertising samples that illustrate a fast developing side of marketing industry. Modern environment is rich in digital applications impacting people that are potential users of services and products. This content is interesting in itself and may be of support for those who wish to create and place their own digital ads to improve their businesses.

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Digital Advertising

Digital advertising refers to any advertising that takes place online and digitally displayed. These types of technologies exist on the Internet, on smart phone and hand-held media devices, and even on billboards and automobiles. Product manufacturers and businesses use digital advertising to create or maintain a brand image and sell products and services to consumers.

Several channels with different formats and placement options are available for advertisers to catch the eyes of potential customers. To create a digital ad you do not need to hire a big crew of video makers. It is less pains taking but often crazier in the contents. On the Internet, you can afford things you should restrain from on TV and the field for creativity is vaster. The main concern of advertisers is buying advertising space on publishers' websites. Their aim is to reach their desired audience. It can be agreed on via man-to-man deals or through programmed advertising software.

The task of such advertisements is to capture target audience attention in a certain place and time. Surfing the Internet, a man can hardly avoid bright notices on the screen. The contents of such digital notices can have a text, images, animation, video, interactive elements in various combinations. However, regular renewal of the contents is quite requested to support the viewers’ interest. SMS may be also a source for placing information messages; Bluetooth allows the consumer directly associate with what he sees on the screen.

Types of Digital Activities in Advertising

Nowadays our behavior is acknowledged as digital as such environment is expanding. We are surrounded by computers, communicators, pads, media players, play stations, self-service terminals, etc. Logically we become more receptive to this type of advertising. In underground and subways, usual posters give way to flexible digital panels and electronic billboards. They are targeted because they give advertisers the opportunity to change advertising messages throughout the day. Several advertisers share the expense with rotating advertisements so such billboards are cost-effective.

Recent studies (2016) show that 36% of smart phone owners search the mobile Internet after they have seen an Out Of Home ad. Today there are about 2.5 mln digital OOH advertising screens. 50% of them belong to the USA, 35% belongs to Asia, and the rest goes to Europe.

Web-Based Marketing targets Internet users when they visit websites. Pop-up ads appear as a new window and display an advertising message for a service or product usually related to the original website. Video advertisement is another form of digital web-based advertising that plays brief "commercials" before the video loads, during the video or at the end of the video.

Specially created for a certain campaign web-sites are also popular. Ogilvy Ukraine web site created in support of Borjomi brand (Georgian mineral water) brings the user down to its spring informing on the way about various useful facts. Apart from creativity and attractive game it creates communicative message of the brand. Or Ambey company (Brazil, 2014) launched a promo site with Antarctica Beer advertizing never-ending commercial.

Mobile applications and mobile advertising keep on developing as marketing perspectives. Our mobiles become “smart” rather than “phones.” It allows to build up captive interactions. The mobile device is always at hand and at a certain time it becomes the only communication channel with the consumer. It accompanies him 24 hours a day and opens new horizons to advertisements. People start initiating advertisement being a part of application and receiving fast information feedback (Autotrader, Letgo Apps advertisements)

Special projects - Interactive prints (Printed ads enlivened with mobile devices) become more popular. Considering huge popularity of Apple companies work out special projects for iPhone and iPad and iAd Application that don’t send the user to a separate browser window but keep him within the application. This type of ad is mostly used by luxury brands. One of recent examples is interactive print of Lexus company - a common at first sight magazine with the help of iPad turns into a real video-commercial. Such advertisement can impress both consumers and rivals.

Viral marketing is a form of digital advertising used to circulate awareness of the brand. The messages are spread digitally through email or other online media. This form of advertising encourages existing consumers to tell others about a product, service or company. The information is spread like a "virus" to other participants of network or a social group.

Audio Advertising is a form of digital advertising that reaches consumers through the Internet or live streaming digital radio, podcasts. Internet and digital radio play "sponsor" messages that advertise products and services to buyers while they listen to the radio online.

In 1997 Ronald Azuma claimed augmented reality (AR) as reality mixed with additional computer elements in the current period of time working in 3D. Since then it has been applied not only for games and entertainment but also for serious activities. Thousands of programs and utilities have been made up for marketing purposes. What would you say to National Geographic Channel campaign making people familiar with wild nature without leaving the city? If you are an inveterate tourist AR browsers will help you to find information about any place creating the building’s project in 3D App.

Creative samples of digital advertising show that this type of marketing promotion today is often more effective than others as it always accompanies you in your smart phone carried in the pocket or a handbag, or a computer on a work desk.