Basque Radio And Television (eitb) Digital Yournalist by The Cyranos/McCann


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Industry Online Press, Media & Information, Mobile applications
Media Digital, Interactive & Mobile
Market Spain
Agency The Cyranos/McCann
Executive Creative Director Pablo Colonnese
Creative Director Joaquín Espagnol, David Fernandez
Art Director Eduard Cubel, Diego Alonso Rodríguez
Junior Art Director Xavi Teruel, Fernando Diago
Copywriter Matias Lopez Navajas, Jaume Rufach
Production OXIGENO
Director Jerome
Released October 2016


Cannes Lions 2017
Direct Sectors: Media & Publications Bronze Lion
Promo And Activation Sectors: Media & Publications Bronze Lion

Credits & Description

Title: Yournalist
Agency: The Cyranos//Mccann
Brand: Eitb - Euskal Irrati Telebista
Country: Spain
Entrant Company: The Cyranos//Mccann, Barcelona
Advertising Agency: The Cyranos//Mccann, Barcelona
Media Agency: The Cyranos//Mccann, Barcelona
Pr Agency: The Cyranos//Mccann, Barcelona
Production Company: Oxigeno, Barcelona / The Cyranos//Mccann, Barcelona / Glassworks, Barcelona
Creative President: Leandro Raposo (The Cyranos // Mccann)
Executive Creative Director: Pablo Colonnese (The Cyranos // Mccann)
Creative Director: David Fernández (The Cyranos // Mccann)
Creative Director: Joaquin Espagnol (The Cyranos // Mccann)
Art Director: Eduard Cubel (The Cyranos // Mccann)
Copywriter: Jaume Rufach (The Cyranos // Mccann)
Copywriter: Matías López Navajas (The Cyranos // Mccann)
Copywriter Junior: Carlos García-Munté (The Cyranos // Mccann)
Art Director Junior: Xavi Teruel (The Cyranos // Mccann)
Art Director Junior: Fernando Diago (The Cyranos // Mccann)
Production Manager: Alba Riart (The Cyranos // Mccann)
Head Of Strategic Planning: Oriol Bombí (The Cyranos // Mccann)
Head Of Account Services: Anna Gil (The Cyranos // Mccann)
Head Of Client Services: Fernanda Pierri (The Cyranos // Mccann)
Office Manager: Natalia Chillon (The Cyranos // Mccann)
Agency Producer: Patrícia Franquesa Ruiz (The Cyranos // Mccann)
Technology Director: Xavi Tribó (Xavis Lab / Glassworks)
App Developer: Joan Amat (Xavis Lab / Glassworks)
Executive Producer: Olga Duerto (Oxigeno)
Producer: Joan Coca (Oxigeno)
Director: Jerome (Oxigeno)
Post Production: Artic (Oxigeno)
Editor: Jorge Yúdice (Freelance)
Art Director: Diego Alonso Rodríguez (The Cyranos // Mccann)
Senior Developer: Raul Nieves Pardo (Xavis Lab / Glassworks)
YOURNALIST is the only news app which, like Shazam, CAPTURES SOUND directly from TV, radio, etc. It converts it into data using DEEPLEARNING and SENTIMENT tools that seek REAL OBJECTIVITY. THE DIFFERENT FOCUSES DON’T COME FROM PREVIOUS ideological or geographical BIASES of the media. We obtain the SELECTION, BRAND AND DEGREE OF DIFFERENTIATION IN THE TREATMENT OF THE SPECIFIC NEWS ITEM due to the innovative use of WATSON (IBM) with which we subject the data to a double filter. One to identify keywords and find similar newsitems, and the other to do exactly the opposite: to identify differences, not similarities.
Media Strategy:
Yournalist uses the latest advances in DEEP LEARNING. IT IS THE FIRST NEWS APP THAT CAPTURES SOUND that then using IBM WATSON, BY MEANS OF SENTIMENT ALGORITHMS APPLIED TO NATURAL LANGUAGE, processes it and identifies concepts, entities, people, and target sentiment, WHICH IT CONVERTS INTO KEYWORDS with percentages of relevance that are used TO LOOK FOR OTHER SIMILAR SOURCES that contain them. ONCE IDENTIFIED, IT MAKES AN INNOVATIVE SECOND READING OF DATA BY WATSON: it uses the tool for the opposite reason for which it was designed and, instead of similarities, TO FIND DIFFERENCES. IT THUS OBTAINS 6 NEWS ITEMS THAT ARE DIFFERENT FROM EACH OTHER, AND OBJECTIVELY, WITHOUT IDEOLOGICAL BIAS, ONLY DEGREES OF DIFFERENTIATION IN THE TREATMENT.
Reviewed positively in the main technology and general media outlets (4 stars in the magazine iCreate).The plus service is used today by more than 40 editorial teams around the world.EITB became the first independent and objective media outlet in spontaneous mention in the regions where it operates.83% of users use it as their prime source of information on their mobile, sent to more than 50,000 subscribers outside the Basque Country.Coverage in the main general media outlets.Second stage of funding to launch it globally.
EITB is a public communication medium traditionally associated to an autonomous community and positioned as a medium in constant search for the truth.We wanted to strengthen our position and broaden our range outside our traditional demographic target.And to demonstrate that in these times these are not just words, we created an app that is different to all other apps from other communication media. An app from a medium that didn’t want to be your only medium.YOURNALIST: The first app that lets you check in real time, millions of stories of the same news item and gives you the 6 most widely differing angles of coverage all over the world. Without any ideological or geographical bias.
Despite us seemingly having more access to information than ever before, it's getting harder to hear all the different sides of the story.Nowadays, the media has to be fast and this makes it very hard to check the news They are also part of big business groups with their own interest in mind. And we're getting our news from search engines and social networks, with algorithms created to display what we supposedly want to hear.
Campaign Description:
THE FIRST APP THAT CAPTURE THE SOUND OF ONE NEWS ITEM FROM YOUR TV, RADIO, ETC AND LETS YOU CHECK IT IN REAL TIME WITH MILLIONS OF STORIES AND GIVES YOU THE 6 MOST WIDELY DIFFERING ANGLES OF COVERAGE ALL OVER THE WORLD.If lies have an increasing amount of tools, then the truth has to have them too.That´s we created yournalist.The first app that lets you check in real time, millions of stories of the same news item and gives you the 6 most widely differing angles of coverage all over the world.Without any ideological or geographical bias.It starts like Shazam. Aim your mobile towards your tv or radio when they are talking about a topic you are interested in. In real time, YOURNALIST sends it to Watson, an IBM software that, with a deep learning algorithm, selects the keywords to find just the news that matches yours. It then searches the millions of media that are talking about it and analyses them in watson again, but to do the exact opposite for what it was designed: to find the differences instead of the similarities and give you the 6 most widely-differing points of view.