Thai Health Promotion Foundation (ThaiHealth) Outdoor, Case study SMOKING KID by Ogilvy & Mather Bangkok


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Industry Anti-smoking
Media Outdoor, Billboard, Poster, Transportation & Vehicles, Case study
Market Thailand
Agency Ogilvy & Mather Bangkok
Director Kittithat Tangsirikit
Creative Director Taewit Jariyanukulpan, Prasert Vijitpawan
Art Director Wisit Lumsiricharoenchoke, Nopadol Srikieatikajohn, Asawin Tejasakulsin
Copywriter Denchai Kheereerak, Kris Garford Spindler
Editor Dear Charungkhon
Released June 2012


Cannes Lions 2012
Outdoor Lions Stunts & Live Advertising Bronze

Credits & Description

Category: Best Consumer Engagement
Executive Creative Director: Wisit Lumsiricharoenchoke (Ogilvy & Mather Thailand)
Executive Creative Director: Nopadol Srikieatikajohn (Ogilvy & Mather Thailand)
Creative Director: Taewit Jariyanukulpan (Ogilvy & Mather Thailand)
Creative Director: Prasert Vijitpawan (Ogilvy & Mather Thailand)
Copywriter: Denchai Kheereerak (Ogilvy & Mather Thailand)
Copywriter: Kris Garford Spindler (Ogilvy & Mather Thailand)
Art Director: Wisit Lumsiricharoenchoke (Ogilvy & Mather Thailand)
Art Director: Nopadol Srikieatikajohn (Ogilvy & Mather Thailand)
Art Director: Asawin Tejasakulsin (Ogilvy & Mather Thailand)
Agency Producer: Uravasee Chuturonggukul (Ogilvy & Mather Thailand)
Film Production Company: (Songmue Production Co.)
Director: Kittithat Tangsirikit
Cinematographer: Kittithat Tangsirikit
Cinematographer: Nunthapan Swangdee
Film Producer: Tatcha Ngamkala
Editor: Dear Charungkhon
Sound Studio: Sound Suite Studio
Account Manager: Patsa Attanon (Ogilvy & Mather Thailand)
Media placement: Brochure - - - 28 March 2012

Insights, Strategy & the Idea
The Thai Health Promotion Foundation (THPF) is a non-profit organisation that has been continuously holding above-the-line campaigns to encourage people to quit smoking. However, the number of people quitting smoking has not diminished as much as they would like. Now, the THPF wants a fresh and new anti-smoking campaign that directly interacts with all the smokers and instantly provokes them to realise the hazard of smoking in order to noticeably reduce the number of smokers in the country.

In the Thai-cultural context, adults naturally take action to educate children whenever they misbehave. However, when adults themselves repeat the children’s action, they overlook that misbehaviour. Therefore, our strategy is to use smoking children as media to demonstrate adult’s misbehaving action. Adults generally educate children not to smoke and we will use their own educating message to warn themselves in order to provoke and remind them of this incident whenever they want to smoke because reminding yourself is the most effective warning to help you quit.

The Thai Health Promotion Foundation regularly takes a role of supporter for those who want to quit smoking by offering a service ‘call 1600 hotline to quit smoking’ for many years. However, the most important challenge is how to drive the target, which is every smoker to realise that the most effective way of quit smoking is by reminding yourself. The insight that shaped the idea is very common to all smoking adults.

Creative Execution
The creative solution is specifically designed to take place at the smoking areas outside busy buildings. While people are smoking, we get child actors aged 7 to 10 years old, holding a cigarette to walk up to adults and ask them for a light. In this unexpected incident, adults will commonly refuse and warn them not to smoke, the child actors would ask them why they themselves are smoking and hand a ‘quit-smoking’ brochure to them. The demonstration of a smoking child will provocatively visualise the danger of smoking and remind them whenever they want to smoke.

Not only that, when smoking children are educated by adults not to smoke, they will hand them a brochure with the message; "You worry about me, but why not about yourself? Reminding yourself is the most effective warning to help you quit. Call 1600 hotline to quit smoking.”

Results and Effectiveness
The Smoking Kid campaign is the most effective anti-smoking campaign held by The Thai Health Promotion Foundation. From this campaign, almost every adult who received a brochure instantly stopped to think and threw their cigarette away. No adult however threw away the brochure. Most importantly, in phone inquiries by smokers who wanted to quit increased by 40%.