Outdoor, Billboard, Poster, Transportation ads and commercials

Coloribus is a huge archive of samples of all types of out-of-home advertising - outdoor signs and posters, billboards, street furniture, transit advertising and wraps. The information and ads presented here will be of a great use to those who are just interested in the subject, wish to enjoy the time spent surveying the numerous masterpieces of the industry and to those who are engaged in the subject and might get some useful information for their business in future. The archive is easy to work with, well arranged and equipped with convenient searching tools.

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Out of home advertising

After industrial revolution manufacturers understood necessity of ads as a means of capturing markets and customers’ attention to gain maximum profits from selling their goods. Thus, out of home ads started to develop actively bringing to life first advertising agencies.

Outdoor advertisement is a graphic, text or other information of an advertising character placed on a certain special temporary and stationary constructions located in the open areas as well as on building surfaces, on street furniture, above the roads or on the roads, in petrol stations, on vehicles and so on. Such advertisements may also include those placed inside shops supermarket POS (point of sale) constructions, TPD, screen, but often they refer to inner ads. Outdoor and indoor ads are combined in Out of Home Advertising tools that in its turn is a part of ATL ads.

All means of ads - temporary or permanent - are to be registered and include posters, billboards, multivision installations, rotative 3-side installations, electronic displays, other types of screens, shop windows, etc.

Out-of-door ads, be they networks or local, have advantages (attracting, can’t be turned off; no additional devices are required for reading the information, amount of the audience grows with the growth of people passing by, rather cheap and convenient) as well as disadvantages (difficulty of targeting, static picture with no sound, controversial attitude of citizens to ads on the streets and buildings, difficulty in getting license).

Outdoor advertising

Coloribus gives a great chance to perceive all types of outdoor ads:

  • street ads (trade stalls, trolls, city lights, business card, prism displays, roof installations). Here we name billboards that are hardly available for small firms due to their high costs and are to be located so as to reach a very large audience. Billboards predominate in the industry with 67 percent of total annual revenue. By the figures of 2016 billboard revenue takes up 74 percent local ads, 19 percent national ads, and 98 percent public service ads;
  • transit ads (on vehicles): branding of cars and taxis, underground ads, parking ads, ambient ads. Here we may refer to highly visible bus benches that have a huge audience, hold attention at red lights and in traffic jams. Market research on transit advertising proves that it's very effective;
  • pneumofigures (air-inflated constructions of any form) and multi spheres (spherical multi-layer cloth screens that receive image from a laser projector);
  • outdoor signs of various types – acting 24/7 being cheap at the same time.

Street furniture, transit ads alongside with other media formats comprise up to 35 per cent of total outdoor revenue in the US. Some of these formats have a higher percentage of national ads than traditional billboards.