Print ads archive. Newspaper and magazine ads

Coloribus is a source of various samples of successful printed advertising campaigns. Here you can find creative printed ads and commercials that have been published in newspapers, magazines, posters, etc. The information can be of great use to those who are involved in advertisement marketing as well as to those who are just interested in highly creative printed ads.

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Print promotion

In the course of time with the development of art and industry and with invention of the printing press perspectives for printed advertisements expanded. Messages started to be published on paper carrier and posted in places where they could be seen by many people. Texts were accompanied by illustrations made by artists who found new inspiration and gave way to their creativity. The first printing announcement was published in 1466 in Strasburg. Thirty years later there appeared a first printed catalogue price list. With development of international trade, European markets received more exotic goods than had to find their buyers. In 1657 in England it gave birth to the first edition that was wholly devoted to advertising – “Public Advertiser”.

The purpose of advertising-commercial literature and printed ads is to introduce products and services to the potential consumer on a paper carrier as much visualized as possible. Printed advertisements is a way of spreading messages including leaflets, advertising booklets, catalogue, posters, post card, calendars and etc.

Newspapers and Magazines ads

In modern world print advertising fights great competitiveness from other types of sales promotion. Video commercials and digital applications outpace the traditional means of circulating information. Today ads in print media take up the last but one place in general ratings (2016). However printed press containing ads have some apparent advantages. A newspaper or magazine can be viewed repeatedly and studied as long as the reader requires not being limited to 40 – 60 seconds.

Print ads are less annoying than other media forms. TV and radio programs are regularly interrupted by advertising announcements while with printing the reader himself defines the time to view the ad.

It allows to cover a greater audience and send a message to the target group of readers. Ads inserted in papers about hunting and fishing or computer science or business and law are mostly those describing objects and services applicable for mentioned above activities and thus may cause interest to such type of readers. The same refers to coverage of a certain territory – a city (local newspaper) or a region (regional). Duration of such ads impact can vary from days to months.

Newspapers, especially local, have a certain army of subscribers and this readership can reinforce the advertisers’ messages or develop a specially organized campaign for promoting a certain product. And surely a newspaper or a professionally oriented magazine will always complete the image of a true business man who had time to read only on numerous business trips or in between negotiations. While women will hardly refuse looking though bright illustrations in high quality paper journals in saloons or in leisure evenings.