A Roof For My Country (Un Techo Para Mi Pais) Promo, Case study 7 DAYS IN EXTREME POVERTY by Partners Ogilvy & Mather Dominicana


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Industry Public awareness, Charities, Foundations, Volunteers
Media Promo & PR, Case study
Market Dominican Republic
Agency Partners Ogilvy & Mather Dominicana
Director Alex Otero
Associate Creative Director Engel Leonardo
Executive Creative Director Freddy Jana
Art Director Luis Molina
Producer Catalina Salazar
Account Supervisor Anastasia Torres
Released October 2011

Credits & Description

Category: Charity and Not for Profit
Executive Creative Director: Freddy Jana (Partners Ogilvy)
Associate Creative Director: Engel Leonardo (Partners Ogilvy)
Art Director: Luis Molina (Partners Ogilvy)
Director: Alex Otero (Otero Salazar Productions)
Account Excecutive: Anna Fulcar (Partners Ogilvy)
Account Supervisor: Anastasia Torres (Partners Ogilvy)
Media Planner: Milagros Ortega (Mindshare)
Producer: Catalina Salazar (Otero Salazar Productions)
Media placement: Media Tour - - 31 October-5 November 2011
Media placement: Media Coverage - 2PM News, Channel 11, Divertido Con Jochy - 6-12 November 2011

Summary of the Campaign
Dominican society turns a blind eye to the state of extreme poverty in which 45% of the population lives. Un Techo para mi País is a non-profit organization that helps to build transitional homes for families living in extreme poverty. Our goal was not only to distinguish the organisation but also to tell a story in an engaging way so as to inspire action.

In order to attract audiences, we cast a popular TV hostess to participate in a ‘reality show’, which would place her with a family living in extreme poverty for 1 week. In order to keep our message authentic, the experience would be live-streamed online with no scripts, voice-overs, or editing. We promoted the campaign with a teaser trailer, social media, and a media tour. In addition, the most-watched evening news program featured a 3-minute synopsis of the day’s filming for each day of the campaign.

In the end we obtained media coverage worth more than US$315,000 as well as US$800,000 in donations to the NPO. The number of volunteers grew from 500 to 2,000, and Un Techo’s social media followers grew by 400%.

The key ‘PR’ elements of the campaign are evident in the objective and the strategy; we tackled people’s perception of poverty in this country and managed discussions regarding the appropriateness of a reality show for this purpose. Our media relations team was instrumental to the success of the entire campaign, helping to craft the strategy from conception to finish.

The Situation
Un Techo para Mi País in a nonprofit organization that helps families living in extreme poverty by building emergency housing. In the Dominican Republic, 45% of the population lives in such conditions. Since the situation is so pervasive, the rest of the population often willingly wears a blindfold. Un Techo needed to bring that reality in all of its dimensions to the public, so that they would be moved to act - either by donating to the cause or by volunteering to help build houses. We saw the opportunity to not only support the NPO but to re-visualise a cause.

The Goal
Our goal was to shock society into action, and to make Un Techo’s cause relevant to a greater public. We needed to portray both the cause and the organisation as something worthy of people’s time and contributions. Through targeting middle and upper-class audiences, we hoped to engage people who possess the resources to contribute to our NPO’s cause. But that target lives in a world which is so completely detached from the needs and the reality of those living in poverty that we needed to present them that crude reality.

The Strategy
We decided that the best way to court audiences would be to produce a reality show featuring a pop icon, someone coming from a privileged background similar to that of our core audience, to experience first-hand what living in extreme poverty really means. We were able to recruit Nashla Bogaert, the popular hostess of the most-watched Saturday variety show in the Dominican Republic.

The show would be streamed 24/7 for a week and publicized by a media relations campaign. We convinced high-rated TV shows to support the show and to donate some precious airtime to the cause.

The critical subtext of the show was that Nashla was a minor character in the reality of those who live in poverty; there would be no scripts, voice-overs, dramatic music, or editing. Audiences would be drawn to the idea of a ‘reality show’ and experience a more genuine glimpse of real life.

The campaign kicked off on October 31, 2011 with a teaser trailer, media tour, TV & radio mentions, billboards, and web banners that promoted the ‘reality show’ with a bit of shock value (never before in the Dominican Republic has a show dealt with the subject of extreme poverty for an entire week). Filming began November 6th 2011, and was live streamed 24/7 via Un Techo’s website until November 12th.

Media tactics included regular 3-minute synopses on the 2pm news and daily live cell phone interviews with Nashla by the most influential news anchor in Dominican Republic, Roberto Cavada, on the most-watched 11pm news show. Celebrities and influencers engaged in social media discussions. Media coverage and social media comments spanned from the beginning of the announcement on October 31st until national donation days on Nov 18th-19th. The campaign ran according to our original plan.

Documented Results
Un Techo received an overwhelming response in the weeks following the campaign:

The number of volunteers rose from 500 to 2,000, and donations rose to a staggering US$800,000 in 1 month.

Our campaign generated approximately $315,000 US worth of media placements.

Social media followers on Facebook and Twitter grew 400%.

Ultimately, the campaign transformed the NPO from one out of many to one of the most well-known in the Dominican Republic. Multi-national corporations have taken note and have committed to working with Un Techo on future projects. Our campaign was instrumental in raising awareness on a worthy cause and in establishing the NPO’s success in this country.