Amia/ ASOCIACIÓN MUTUAL ISRAELITA ARGENTINA Promo, Case study MOURNING TWEET by Ogilvy & Mather Buenos Aires


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Industry Charities, Foundations, Volunteers
Media Promo & PR, Case study
Market Argentina
Agency Ogilvy & Mather Buenos Aires
Executive Creative Director Gaston Bigio, Javier Mentasti, Maximiliano Maddalena, Christian Camean, Diego Bertagni, Ignacio Ferioli
Creative Director Ignacio Jardón, Diego Bertagni
Released July 2011

Credits & Description

Category: Charity and Not for Profit
Advertiser: AMIA
Product/Service: AMIA
Executive Creative Director: Gastón Bigio (Ogilvy & Mather Argentina)
Executive Creative Director: Maximiliano Maddalena (Ogilvy & Mather Argentina)
Executive Creative Director: Javier Mentasti (Ogilvy & Mather Argentina)
Executive Creative Director: Ignacio Jardón (Ogilvy & Mather Argentina)
Executive Creative Director: Diego Bertagni (Ogilvy & Mather Argentina)
Creative Director: Ignacio Jardón (Ogilvy & Mather Argentina)
Creative Director: Diego Bertagni (Ogilvy & Mather Argentina)
Head Of Art: Diego Grandi (Ogilvy & Mather Argentina)
Media placement: Digital - Tweeter - 18 July 2011

Summary of the Campaign
The AMIA bombing is the biggest terrorist attack suffered in Argentina’s history. For the last 17 years since that fatal date, each anniversary is commemorated with several public acts and actions to keep the memory alive and to re-centralise the issue between the Argentinian citizens, as well as to demand justice.
Too many years have passed and oblivion is gaining terrain against the cause. That’s why we decided to make use of Twitter, the modern Greek Agora, generating a simple idea to be multiplied by the social media in a natural way.

This campaign is suitable for PR Lions because we installed a public relationship strategy that unified a simple tweet as an expression of and for a whole society, from politicians, artists and athletes as well as common citizens.

The Situation
On July 18th of 1994, an explosion changed the lives of Argentinean people: a bomb destroyed the headquarters of the most emblematic Jewish organisation in Argentina, AMIA, taking the lives of 85 people and leaving the other 300 wounded deeply.

The terrorist attack has been always thought of as a racial crime towards the Jewish people. However, this bombardment was not meant just for a single community but an entire country, a criminal act against all Argentinian people.

17 years later, the case remains unsolved and time is seen as the worst enemy. We need to pay tribute and install the topic in society.

The Goal
The objective of the campaign was to pay tribute to the 85 victims of the bombing and to centralise the issue in the Argentinian society once again, as well as to demand justice.

On the other side, we wanted to generate a new form to express mourning in social networks. Our audience was really broad: all Argentinian citizens.

We couldn’t do what we did last year. We needed something new and innovative, because after 17 year of continuous messages for remembrance, people’s interest for the cause has declined. For this reason we chose Twitter, where a new way of creating dialogue exists.

The Strategy
The strategy was based in 2 aspects:

1.In the last years, the social networks have turned into the main space where people get together to share and express feelings of all kinds: happiness, sadness, annoyance, desires, etc.

Taking advantage of the great amount of new users that Twitter is getting in Argentina and the rest of the world, we decided to use it as a tool to invite everyone to take part in a unique and personal experience.

2. Historically, people have found common ways to express their mourning, from wearing black clothes to sporting a black ribbon. But in the age of Social Networks, there was no common symbol to express this deep sorrow. We needed to create it.

18th of July 2011, the day of the 17th anniversary of the AMIA attack, to promote the AMIA cause in largest social network of Argentina, Twitter, we created the Mourning Tweet, a tweet entirely composed of a block of black characters expressing grief.

The Mourning Tweet could be shared by entering with Twitter Connect or with a simple copy/paste.

First of all we contact politicians, artist, journalist and lots of Twitter celebrities, with a great number of followers, and when they started to tweet the mourning tweet, the idea immediately went viral, because thousands of people started to use the tool to pay tribute to the AMIA victims. Everything happened as we thought.

Documented Results
The first day online, received 165,000 views.

#Mourningtweet was a trending topic in Argentina.

The top 5 national newspapers and TV channels shared the Mourning Tweet in their official Twitter profiles.

The Mourning Tweet was widely used to pay homage to Amy Winehouse, Steve Jobs, Norway's July 2011, America's 9/11 attack, and many other personal causes.

Mourning Tweet was used by a wide range of opinion leaders of religion and ideology, and by a list of celebrities with over 300,000 followers.

Mourning tweet was created for the AMIA victims, and it was adopted by the world.