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Industry Internet Service Providers
Media Promo & PR, Case study
Released July 2012

Credits & Description

Category: Best Use of Digital PR
Advertiser: COMHEM
Web Director: Thomas Larsson (KING)
Art Director: Tommy Carlsson (KING)
Web Director: Philip Åstmar (KING)
Creative Director: Frank Hollingworth (KING)
Copywriter: Niclas Carlsson (KING)
Production Manager: Anna Magnusson SJöberg (KING)
Producer: Sofia Weman (KING)
Copywriter: Christian Carlsson (KING)
Project Manager: Lina Gooch (KING)
Director: Mats Lindberg
Assistant Director: Erik Nilsson
Director of Photography: Göran Hallberg
Producer: Anders Gernandt
Postproduction: - (STOPP)
Film Production: - (TRAKTOR)
Media placement: Film - Internet - 02052009

Summary of the Campaign
In 2009, Com Hem (Sweden’s largest provider of broadband) had a negative PR-situation, with predominantly negative media coverage and Internet postings. Our assignment was to change this, in order to create good condition for the strategically important launch of Com Hem’s fastest broadband ever. We chose to change this through a surprise attack, using Com Hems advertising characters in a completely unexpected way – in a viral whose main purpose was to entertain in a way that Internet-savvies would like. All in order to give Com Hem credibility and liking. The result was a viral video that – with Swedish measurements – was widely spread and Internet postings about Com Hem changed from predominantly negative to positive in a few weeks.

The Goal
The primary goal was to strengthen the brand in the target group, young men 18-30 years old. The measurable goals were: • To be on the YouTube top-ten list (most viewed) • 500,000 views on YouTube • Thousand positive blog remarks in the month following the launch of the viral

The film engaged the target group. Earned media, blogs, comments and viral effects far beyond expectations. • Most viewed, most ranked and picked as a favourites on YouTube • Over 1 million views on YouTube (in the target group) all over the world • Several thousands of blogs have spreading the advert • Several thousands of comments on YouTube • Hundreds of tweets and hundreds of Facebook comments. • As a bonus, lots of attention from all over the world, for example the TV show ”G4:s attack” in USA, Australia and Canada and French TV show ”Culture Pub”. In the longer run we also see a positive change in the perception of the brand among the younger target group.

We chose a surprise attack. We used Com Hem’s ad characters Judit & Judit, who up until then had been very rational, correct characters mainly informing the target group of offers and discounts, in a totally unexpected way. We took some of the most viewed and discussed Internet clips from the last 10 years and let Judit & Judit play the roles of all participants in the clips. The result was a viral with a content that was completely entertaining – no offers or other commercial messages. By making an viral ad, the aim of which was to be interpreted as entertainment only, we wanted to reach a great viral spread.

The Situation
Com Hem, Sweden’s major broadband-provider, had an alarming PR-situation in the fall of 2009. Media coverage and Internet postings were predominantly negative, which was problematic since Com Hem was just about to launch the strategically important XXL 100 Mbit – their fastest broadband ever. The job was as simple as it was difficult: “Correct the negative spiral. Create favourable conditions for a launch”.

The Strategy
The strategy was to strengthen Com Hems position as a trustworthy and competent provider of broadband, based on the fact that Com Hem has been providing broadband for a longer time than competition – more than 10 years. But we had to communicate this in a way that the main target group, young Internet-savvy techies, would listen to, really like and interpret as modern and contemporary.