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Industry Shows, Events & Festivals
Media Promo & PR, Case study
Market Spain
Agency Gaps
Creative Director Juan Antuñano
Art Director Pedro Marrodan
Released May 2010

Credits & Description

Category: Media, Arts and Entertainment
General Creative Director: Rafael Rodriguez Galobart (Gap´s)
Creative Director: Juan Antuñano (Gap´s)
Account Manager: Sonia Ledesma (Gap´s)
Account Manager: Tamara Ros (Gap´s)
Account Manager: María Egaña (Gap´s)
Writer: Ane Izaola (Gap´s)
Art Director: Pedro Marrodán (Gap´s)
Planner: Agustin Centelles (Gap´s)
Writer: Carla Garraus (Gap´s)
Media placement: Press Conferences - Madrid - 24-5-10
Media placement: Press Releases - El Pais-El Mundo-Expansión-ADN- ABC - 25-5-10
Media placement: Digital Press Articles - El - 25-5-10
Media placement: TV Clips - TELE 5 News-TVE News-La2 - 21-10-10
Media placement: Radio Interviews - Onda Cero-Cope- SER - October 2010
Media placement: Tv Interviews - TVE-Canal SUR - September 2010
Media placement: Street Marketing - Lifts,transit,sticker Bus,billboards,actions In Airport - August 2010
Media placement: PR 2.0 Social Media - Facebook,Twitter,Linkedin,Youtube - May 2010
Media placement: PR Blogosphere(Sponsored Post,blogads,widgets,PR By Invitating Prescribers - Blog Leaders In Different Company Categories,management And Productivity,economy,enterpreunership - May 2010
Media placement: Magazine Releases - QUO-GQ-GLAMOUR - June 2010

Summary of the Campaign
The campaign had to create the brand, the concept as well as the media and creative strategy, based on the success of the first event future editions would come. The campaign had to communicate that this was a cultural event but that it was innovative and entertaining therefore the concept '21 minutes to change the world' was created.
We had to be able to attract people to the event, sponsors and institutional support as well as the press in order to reach objectives. Finally the campaign had 3 million euros in repercussion without cost plus 800 assistants, 10,000 viewers through streaming, 4,000 viewers through mirror neurons (Live Broadcast), more than 120,000 website visits in 2 months, 21 sponsors as well as excellent publicity results: 126 press references, 178 online press references, 20 TV mentions, 18 special interviews, 75 speaker interviews, 60 radio interviews, 165 journalists, 65 accredited media

The Situation
The problem was reaching the general public to attend an event that had never taken place before, managing to get an audience and the press involved in a scientific congress, creating the brand, the concept and a creative and effective media and PR Strategy, and to find sponsors in a market crisis situation.

The Goal
The objective was to create a brand and sell the product efficiently. The campaign had to reach the general public as well as sponsors and encourage them to go to the event and listen about new ideas to change the world.
Research proved that recognizable faces attracted the audience and the general public's interest for science was increasing; we also has to attract the brands to become sponsors of the event communicating the importance from the point of view of Networking, Coaching, Human Resources and Social Corporate Responsibility, especially the last one which has become an independent department in most large companies.

The Strategy

The strategy was to create a concept that would attract the audience, a strong message that would make them wonder what it was. The creative idea was '21 minutes to change the world' (21 minutes is the estimated time that the human brain keeps its attention at 100%. It is the time given to our speakers to present the most avant-garde thoughts of our time)

The strategic plan was to:
- Raise awareness among the target group, providing social and scientific image and prestige
- Attract the largest number of local and foreign assistants
- Create brand value

Goals of the campaign:
- Coverage: maximizing the impact
- Reputation: strengthening the credibility of the message
- Affinity: looking for promotions, actions and means of communication related to the target group

Campaign launched in June 2010 (Press Conference launched – End of May 2010)
Event: October 2010
Duration of the campaign: 4 months

In addition to off-line advertising (TV, newspapers, magazines, radio) and online (search engines, display, brand days) we developed less conventional measures:
-PR with prescriber bloggers:
Sponsored posts
PR Action kept sending invitations to the event for successful entrepreneurs on the internet, technology, bioengineering, with themed blogs and influential twitter

- PR 2.0: (with 21 best ideas contests, free tickets, promotions, surprises ...)
- Viral marketing, viral spot, forwarding through social networks (130,000 views)
- PR with speakers: post, tweets on their blogs and pages. For example, Kawasaki (330,000 followers) tweeted a street marketing action that he liked.
- Other PR: agreements with TV networks for individual interviews with speakers (18 1-hour Special Programs broadcasted on TV by renowned presenter Jesús Quintero)
- Agreement with a producer to carry out three 1-hour documentaries that are being commercialized.
- Press-TV Room for interviews with speakers: 75 interviews Negotiated

Documented Results
3 million Euros in repercussion without cost.
800 assistants, with excellent publicity results: 126 press references, 178 online press references, 20 TV mentions, 18 special TV interviews, 75 speaker interviews, 60 radio interviews.
Great interaction in the Internet 2.0 with speakers involved in comments, 130,000 views of the viral spot, PR with leaders of opinion 2.0, 120,000 visits to the web and 74,000 entries in Google.
Great repercussion with street marketing actions, 330,000 followers of Kawasaki saw his reference to our elevator action, vinyls, and promotions at the airport.
3 documentaries of 60 minutes each have been produced to be commercialized in theme channels.
Conventional PR with 165 jounalists at the event, 3 press conferences, 75 interviews and 65 different accredited media companies.
We achieved our goal of 21 sponsors, Google, IBM, Jaguar and Glass among them.