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Industry Transport, travel & tourism, Destinations (Countries & Places)
Media Promo & PR, Case study
Market Poland
Agency TBWA Warsaw
Director Jerzy Stuhr
Creative Director Mariusz Pitura, Arkadiusz Pawlik
Copywriter Czeslaw Plawgo
Producer Halina Kotowska, Magda Swiniarska
Released September 2012

Credits & Description

Category: Travel, Tourism & Leisure
Product/Service: TOURISM
Creative Director: Arkadiusz Pawlik (TBWA)
Creative Director: Mariusz Pitura (TBWA)
Art. Director: Anita Kotlinska (TBWA)
Copywriter: Czeslaw Plawgo (TBWA)
Account Manager: Monika Redlich (TBWA)
Producer: Halina Kotowska (TBWA)
Producer: Magda Swiniarska (TBWA)
Production Company: Przemyslaw Fik (Fik Film)
Production Company: Dominik Orpel/Michal Kasprzyk (Mojo Films)
Director: Jerzy Stuhr
Editing: Pawel Babut (TBWA)
Photos: Tomasz Augustynek
Music: KROKE
Music: Oraz Trapez
Media placement: Internet Page - Http:// - 20.05.2010
Media placement: Outdoor - The Biggest Cities In Poland - 20.05.2010
Media placement: Press Conference - Cracow - 17.06.2010
Media placement: Cinema Spot "Icarus" - Multikino - 18.06.2010
Media placement: Internet - Facebook Fanpage - 21.06.2010
Media placement: Culture Festival - "Karuzela Cooltury" Swinioujscie City,Poland - 17-20.07.2010
Media placement: Film Festival ("The Journey") - "Dwa Brzegi", Kazimierz City,Poland - 08.08.2010
Media placement: Internet ("The Journey") - You Tube - 30.08.2010

Summary of the Campaign
Cracow - although it’s great past (Poland’s former capital) and present (European capital of Culture in 2000) it had started to lose its energy. The splendour of its history & culture completely overwhelmed its present values of a vibrant, modern & lively city. The city needed a new spirit to become an attractive place for younger and more modern travellers.
Our goals: to refresh Cracow’s image, generate some positive buzz around the city as well as traffic on its main tourist site
We decided to show the famous and well-known city from a completely new perspective. And we really mean new. We decided to build our campaign around a character of one of Cracow’s inhabitants – a very common one but at the same time, a very neglected one. We chose a Cracow pigeon, one whom dreams about being a filmmaker and who practices his passion filming Cracow from the air.
To reach a younger and more modern audience we placed our campaign on the Internet using our site, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. We also got media interested in our idea and the main character to generate some free PR.
As a result – the number of our site’s new users increased by 50% during the campaign.

The Situation

Our desktop research and street interviews showed that Cracow is mainly associated with its great history and monuments. Unfortunately, that was also the case of other competitors/cities e.g. Prague and Wroclaw that also had a strong historical background. Thus we still decided to prove that Cracow is a town with unique character and although it’s long history at its assets it still had many surprises up its sleeve.

The Goal
Main goals of our campaign were to:
• Refresh Cracow’s image
• Generate positive buzz around the city and our campaign
• Increase traffic on - which is a tourist guide site hosting information on Cracow’s latest events as well as its most interesting places & sights.
Our main audience was young (18-30), open & active people living in other Polish cities. People who look for things, which are unique, outstanding & exceptional, who live their life online as well as off-line.

The Strategy

With limited media budget and a very modern, web-based audience, we decided that Internet would be the place where most of our campaign will take place. We knew that we need something really unique and outstanding to get noticed by our audience. To get some additional support for the campaign, we were looking for an idea that would get media and journalists' attention and would give us some free PR.
To refresh the iconic, monumental and history-rooted image of Cracow, we decided to look at the city from completely new perspective. Our idea was to show it from the point of view of its inhabitants, these that are strongly connected to the city but very often neglected by visitors – Cracow pigeons.

For the main character of our campaign we had chosen a pigeon that dreams about being a filmmaker. In a city so absorbed by art and culture, even the pigeon has high aspirations.
21 movies were filmed by real pigeons, each pigeon had a miniature camera attached to it. All of the recordings were first uploaded to and later shown to the world using the Facebook fanpage of our hero as well as on YouTube and Twitter.
In addition, there was another movie created showing the famous Polish actor and director Jerzy Stuhr unsuccessfully trying to compete with our protagonist.
We also edited a special version of our movie called "The Journey" that was entered into few film festivals to get some extra PR for the campaign.
Built up by the flattering comments of a growing number of on-line friends, our hero applied to Łódź Film School.

Documented Results
- High interests in the campaign and website.
- The number of new users of increased by 50% during the campaign. The site had been viewed over 300,000 times. A massive rise was noticed on Facebook in new friends and their were spoofs of the movies on YouTube.
- Support from famous Cracow’s inhabitants.
- Representatives from the world of film and culture (e.g. trumpeter Tomasz Stańko, actress Anna Polony, actor Krzysztof Globisz), who loved our idea, freely decided to become ambassadors of the campaign. They appeared in a short documentary to express their thoughts and encourage people to watch the pigeon’s recordings. The movie was screened during press conferences.
A lot of free PR.
-The topic of the pigeons, which filmed Cracow, interested the Polish national media (TV, press & the biggest Polish web portals).
- Our star-to-be movie "The Journey" almost made it to the Rimini Film Festival. This time it was shortlisted.