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Industry Internet, Environmental & Animal Issues
Media Promo & PR, Case study
Released July 2009

Credits & Description

Category: Internal Communications
Advertiser: ECOVAP
Public Relations: Simone Linck (ECOVAP)
Agency Director: Ricardo Pacheco de Barcellos (R3PB)
Communication Assistant: Wanessa de Souza Lima (ECOVAP)
Social Responsability Coordinator: João Bosco Tiburcio Bueno (ECOVAP)
Environmental Technician: Lilson Rodrigues Dutra (ECOVAP)
Environmental Supervisor: Cristina Márcia Araújo Camargo (ECOVAP)
HSESR Manager: Arnaldo da Costa Lage (ECOVAP)
Administration & Financial Manager: Jorge Alberto Corrêa Neves (ECOVAP)
Project Director: Ailson Agib (ECOVAP)
General Director: Koji Kojima (ECOVAP)
Media placement: Promotional Inflatable Balls - Ceilings Of Rooms And Hallways - June 15, 2009
Media placement: Astounding Silent Plays - Presented In All Rooms - June 15, 2009
Media placement: Intranet Screensavers - Intranet - June 15, 2009
Media placement: Banners With Logo And Slogan - Display In The Site Major Circulation Points - June 15, 2009
Media placement: Radio Advertisement - Internal Radio - June 15, 2009
Media placement: Informative Coverage - Internal Infomative - July/August Edition
Media placement: Silent Play Video - Internal TV - August 03, 2009

Summary of the Campaign
Stimulate and promote awareness of the internal public (Brazilians and foreigners) for the effective reduction of paper use. That was the challenge of this innovative campaign performed without using actual paper. Indiscriminate printouts and copies generate waste of nonrenewable natural resources and high costs to the company. The strategy was developed through the work environment layout innovation, astounding silent theatre awareness promotion and impacting information on the consequences for our lives and the environment. Promotional ceiling displays were installed in the rooms creating visual impact, presented on a Monday along with a surprise play. The Intranet screensaver offered each day a different banner about paper use and practical tips for the reduction of its waste. In-company radio broadcasts were released and banners were strategically distributed in the site. The play, later edited in video, was broadcast on the in-company TV for all. The result, in the first month, was a 13.47% reduction in the number of printouts and copies, an index maintained throughout 2009, along with an 18.17% average reduction, in the first 47 days, of printouts and copies per collaborator. That means we saved 140 trees, 70 thousand litres of water and 35 MW/hour of energy in 2009.

The Goal
The internal public is consisted of collaborators of different nationalities from the administrative and production areas. The developed strategies were directed to both areas, focusing on the administrative sector which presents effective participation on the printouts and copies. Through paper waste control, it was verified that 8% of the printouts and copies were discarded by the end of the day. In 2009, it was defined that in order to follow the indicators of paper use reduction suggested by the environmental management, and also save natural resources, reducing financial expenses a reduction of 10% of printouts and copies should be implemented.

The receptiveness regarding the innovation brought was very positive, due to the placement of the promotional displays and the astounding silent plays, presented in an unexpected way. The satisfaction survey applied presented grade 9 (out of 10) referring to the message delivered by the activities. The result was a reduction of 13.47% in the number of printouts and copies already in the first month, and the maintenance of this index throughout 2009; along with the best result in December reaching 15,52% of paper use savings. The results overtake the 10% reduction target, fulfilling the environmental management indicators and expectations. There has been reached the reduction of 18.17% in the average amount of printouts and copies per collaborator, already in the first 47 days. This means we have saved 140 trees and 70 thousand of liters of water and 35 MW/hour of energy in 2009.

The campaign was released in June 15, 2009 aiming to surprise and innovate, including: - Permanent placement of promotional inflatable balls on ceilings of rooms and hallways for work environment change. - Astounding 5-minute silent plays presented in three days, in all rooms, by the first week. Through an interactive way it has passed the message of the importance of sustainable actions for our future. - The Intranet screensavers, in the first month, with information and tips - the banners are still available in the Intranet. - Display of banners with the logo and slogan in the site major circulation points. - Permanent Radio advertisement in 2009 reassuring the Save Paper-Think before printing. - Featuring in the July/August edition of the informative with photos and data aligned with the scope of the activity. - Daily broadcast of the silent play video on the internal TV.

The Situation
ECOVAP executes part of the construction and assembly of the modernization works at Henrique Large refinery in São José dos Campos – SP, Brazil, being the largest active undertaking in this sector in the country. It has more than 5,000 collaborators coming from all corners of Brazil and other countries. The indicators of environment management pointed to an excessive generation of paper waste from indiscriminate printouts and copies. The monthly continuous increase of paper use indicated the necessity of an internal campaign aiming to decrease those numbers and expenses with these services.

The Strategy
The campaign is integrated and innovative, with the aim of reaching the internal public through all traditional means established in the undertaking and mainly through the use of new means of communication for the field of civil construction. With the purpose of reaching, in an effective way, all the internal public of different nationalities the logo and slogan feature messages in English and Portuguese, placed in harmony. The means and tools for promotion of awareness are also a highlight, fitting to the public which is composed basically by technicians and engineers. The information on the impacts of paper use are related to the enterprise and based on researches and statistics, in a simple and direct language. The innovation through the work environment layout change and the surprise performance of a play, room by room, are certainly the highlights of the strategy.