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FIAT 500

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Industry Cars
Media Promo & PR, Case study
Market Brazil
Agency Leo Burnett Tailor Made Sao Paulo
Director Lelio Ramos
Creative Director Marcelo Reis
Art Director Alessandro Bernardo, Diogo Valim
Copywriter Vinicius Stanzione, Bruno Barbieri
Released May 2011

Credits & Description

Category: Celebrity Endorsement
Advertiser: FIAT
Creative Vp: Marcelo Reis (Leo Burnett Tailor Made)
Creative Vp: Raphael Vasconcellos (Agencia Click Isobar)
Creative Director: Marcelo Reis (Leo Burnett Tailor Made)
Copywriter: Vinicius Stanzione (Leo Burnett Tailor Made)
Art Director: Alessandro Bernardo (Leo Burnett Tailor Made)
Accounting Director: Cintia Mourão (Leo Burnett Tailor Made)
Accounting Manager: Raphael Pinho (Leo Burnett Tailor Made)
Accounting Supervisor: Daniela Ferreira (Leo Burnett Tailor Made)
Accounting Executive: Eduardo Crepaldi (Leo Burnett Tailor Made)
President: C.belini (Fiat)
Director: Lélio Ramos (Fiat)
Marketing Director: João Ciaco (Fiat)
Marketing Manager: Maria Lúcia Antônio (Fiat)
Media Director: Daniela Franco (Leo Burnett Tailor Made)
Media Manager: Leonardo Gomes (Leo Burnett Tailor Made)
Planning Vp: Marcelo Magalhães (Leo Burnett Tailor Made)
Planning Director: Tiago Lara (Leo Burnett Tailor Made)
Art Director: Diogo Valim (Agenciaclick Isobar)
Copywriter: Bruno Barbieri (Agenciaclick Isobar)
Media Director: Rosi Campiani (Agenciaclick Isobar)
Media placement: TV Spots - Globo TV - 28/08/2011
Media placement: Online Film - You Tube - 28/08/2011
Media placement: Product Placement - Playboy Magazine - 05/08/2011
Media placement: Product Placement - Fashion Magazines - 09/09/2011
Media placement: Social Media - Twitter/Blogs - 28/08/2011
Media placement: Music Video - You Tube - 09/09/2011
Media placement: Live Stunts - Rojo Magazine - 15/09/2011
Media placement: Music Download - Fiat 500 Website - 15/09/2011

Summary of the Campaign
To re-launch the Fiat 500, a small car with the value of a large car, we needed to break a cultural barrier. For Brazil, the more a person improves their life, the bigger the car. So we created a campaign with the intention of generating a great debate in the media. We placed the talented and short actor Dustin Hoffman to star opposite to the large and the worst Brazilian soap opera actor of all time, Ricardo Macchi.
This comparison showed that size made no difference in being a great actor and it was the perfect bait to generate discussion and to get the ball rolling on the subject, helping us to fight this cultural barrier.

And how about that? It worked. The campaign, "It is a big car, you just hadn’t realised it" became a movement; the FIAT 500 became a big car in sales and Ricardo Macchi could finally have a few more minutes of fame.

The Situation
Cinquecento’s most peculiar aspect (its size) was trigging just the opposite side of the segment´s consumer desires: its size couldn't represent upgrade/social and financial success or improvement, leading it to face a social paradigm.

In Brazil, cars have a cultural and social meaning, representing life improvement, status, professional development, journey success. In other words, the bigger the car, the better the person you are.

The bigger, the richer and the better mindset.

For this upgrade segment, no one would consider switching their small car to an even smaller one, especially nowadays when Brazil is experiencing a 'more' culture: the evil of abundance and hyperbolism where everyone can have everything.

The Goal
Our major goals were to challenge and subvert the Brazilian consumer’s logic that a car has to be big to be great, and to try to prove that intelligence, charm, and resourcefulness can be much 'bigger' than its size; and, of course, increase the Brazilian sales 4,000% (from 50 units/per month to 2,000 units per month).

The Strategy
Subvert the logic of Brazilian consumers that small cars are basic and low budget.
We needed to position the 500 as a challenger and a questioner, breaking paradigms and impacting the status quo in a popular, didactic and explicit way, so the strategy became:
“Fiat 500. A ‘big’ [i.e. great] car. You just hadn’t realized it yet.”

We would need to generate discussion and debate on the subject and to stimulate questions on whether a 'small car cannot be a big car'.

To generate such discussion and engagement we would need to have not only famous sponsors but also 'controversial' ones, who were direct references to the problem. This would be our biggest task: finding celebrities who showed that 'one doesn’t need to be big to be good' and who had top repercussion power. It was not just about hiring a celebrity but being precise in the choice and the use.

Our first great executional challenge was to find celebrities who had strategic coherence, who had viral potential and were widely known in Brazil.

Finally, we didn’t choose 1 actor but 2: 1 actor tall and known for his lack of talent, the Brazilian Ricardo Macchi, and the short and talented Hollywood actor, Dustin Hoffman.

Together, they helped us to materialise our questioning and to show with boldness and irreverence that a short actor can be a great actor, just as the Fiat 500 can be small and be a big car.

The executions consisted of TV films, radio spots, magazine and newspaper ads, as well as several demonstrations and exclusive materials for the internet, thereby increasing its impacting power and viralisation.

Documented Results
Cinquecento’s campaign has put a new agenda for the consumer, challenged values and proved that despite being small, Cinquecento was the great car consumers were looking for. A campaign that became the “talk of the town” and helped making the car a sales hit.

# A new agenda in peoples’s mind.
Over $2.7m in spontaneous media; 91 publications (magazines and portals); 5th place in the list of most engaging pages in Brazil; the commercial had more than 3.4m views on YouTube.

# An Effective communication Today, 1,300 Cinquecentos are sold per month (20 times more than before the campaign), becoming the 5th best-selling product of the company. FIAT wasn't expecting such a success. The demand for Cinquecento became so high that, nowadays, the waiting lists have reached 120 days. In march, 2012, Cinquecento sold 2,300 units, reaching for the first time the ambitious sales goal.