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Media Promo & PR, Case study
Released March 2009

Credits & Description

Category: Internal Communications
Advertiser: GDF SUEZ
Director: Pierre-Samuel Guedj (Publicis Consultants France)
Consultant: Nadège Lachaussée Vincent (Publicis Consultants France)
Consultant: Julie Fernandez (Publicis Consultants France)
Consultant: Elodie Coutureau (Publicis Consultants France)
Creative Director (Web): Valérie Yokessa (Publicis Consultants France)
Creative: Philippe Caubit (Publicis Consultants France)
Creative Director (Edition): Sylvie Ligon (Publicis Consultants France)
Editorial Director: Bertrand Billoud (Publicis Consultants France)
Consultant (Research): Vanessa Gros (Publicis Consultants France)
Consultant (Research): Séverine Deschamps (Publicis Consultants France)
Consulting Director (Web): Yannick Salmon (Publicis Consultants France)
Consultant (Web): Laurent Schirmeyer (Publicis Consultants France)
Consultant: Fiona Meenaghan (Publicis Consultants Van Sluis)
Senior Cosultant: Roeland Woudstra (Publicis Consultants Van Sluis)
Media placement: Banners, Flash Videos(Teasing) - GDF SUEZ Horizon Intranet - 21 February 2009
Media placement: Posters(Teasing) - Print On Site (Cafeterias, Changing Rooms) - 21 February 2009
Media placement: Emailing, Banners, Flash Videos, Posters, Leaflets, Goodies(Reveal) - Intranet-On Site(All Colleagues With Print Supports) - 18-19 February 2009
Media placement: Emailing, Communication On Site(Reminder) - Intranet-On Site (Forum Rooms, Offline Workshops) - 26 February 2009-2 March 2009
Media placement: Emailing, Banners, Interviews, Videos (D DAY) - Forum Platform-On Site-Intranet - 3 March 2009
Media placement: Website Waiting The Reveal Of Values, Emailing, Online Content(Waiting Results) - Dedicated Website - March-May 2009
Media placement: WEB TV Interviews, Forum Making Of, Content On First Results, Emailing - Dedicated Website-Intranet - March-May 2009
Media placement: Website Revealing The Chosen Values(Revelation) - New Dedicated Website - 25 May 2009
Media placement: Print Posters, Post Cards, Online Banners (Revelation) - Intranet-On Site With All Colleagues - 25 May 2009
Media placement: Internal Magazine Special Edition - Horizon Mag (GDF SUEZ Internal Magazine) - June 2009

Summary of the Campaign
GDF SUEZ, the world leading energy company created by the merger of Gaz de France and Suez, introduced a powerful and symbolic internal operation for employees (200,000 across 50 countries on five continents) to define the group’s values and identity, encourage the development of a common culture and unite colleagues in an enterprise-wide project. The GDF SUEZ initiative was facilitated by a worldwide network of internal ambassadors including communications staff and human resource directors. The Values Forum launched on 3rd March 2009 revolved around 18 hours of open debate between colleagues via an online platform, (addressing four keynote issues in seven languages), and workshops for employees offline. The unprecedented and deliberately direct approach enabled free and frank exchanges to cross every demarcation line without the intervention of moderators as the co-operative co-construction of values addressed four key issues: what are our strengths in meeting the new energy and environmental challenges? Who do we want to be? How do we want to live together? What unites us in the way we operate our businesses? The full-day event made a lasting impact. The campaign revealing the four chosen values - Drive, Commitment, Daring and Cohesion - picked up on the same principles of exchange and participation as the platform.

The Goal

Internally, strong, symbolic worldwide action (involving 200,000 employees, managers and executive committee members in almost 50 countries on five continents) to make corporate values a driving force and strengthen internal integration. A unique and innovative operation with 3 objectives: Define identifying values with colleagues inside the GDF SUEZ group; applicable values everyone can appropriate and put into practice easily. Encourage the emergence of a common culture and internal dialogue between colleagues with very heterogeneous skills bases and cultures. To bring together employees around a company project.


Key figures for Online activity: Constant average of contributors online 1,500 (afternoon peak figure 3,885). Number of guests 154,753 Number of visitors 51,990 Number of participants in questionnaires 29,553 Number of contributions 11,771 (40% of all subscribers) Key facts for off-line activity: Roundtable discussion among employees unable to access Internet (for example, on a gas supertanker) Off-line contribution delivery by roundtable hosts via dedicated on-line interfaces Total 110 hosts shared 2,411 colleagues’ contributions Result: 14,182 contributions 4 strong, constructive values from employees: Drive, Commitment, Daring, Cohesion All members involved acclaimed the Values Forum initiative and highlighted the drive of GDF SUEZ choosing to build values on shared plans involving all colleagues, the commitment of these who managed to get involved in this unique moment in the company's life, the innovative approach requiring to overcome constraints such as IT disparities a same day and finally the cohesion between all staff members during the entire operation.

• Initial internal campaign (teasing more awareness) to motivate staff involvement in the unique event with contributions on the values and their importance for the shared project from executive committee members. • D Day: a special day to open 18 hours of dialogue on four themed subjects for discussion in seven languages and online surveys. Worldwide discussion forum via a platform for on-line collaboration with offline workshops and relays for employees unable to access Internet. After 3rd March, communication to build expectation, based on the best moments of the Values Forum and the first key figures, time to bring out the values of over 14,000 contributions and questionnaires. • Revelation campaign about the four chosen values embracing the previous platform and principle of participative debate as well as the traditional means of internal communication, including on-line messages, video interviews, postcards for all employees, posters, site settings and a special internal magazine on Values.

The Situation
In July 2008, two years after their amalgamation was first announced, Gaz de France and Suez merged to become one of the world’s energy leaders. The breath of vision behind this socio-industrial project – to remake energy a more accessible source of progress, with greater respect for people and the environment – as well as the group strategy and synergies between its skills needs to be explained and shared with everyone, especially employees. How can we create a shared culture to internalise the new group’s diverse history and reality from day one?

The Strategy
Traditionally, values are defined by qualitative and quantitative surveys made by specialised institutes. To make it more transparent, to open a direct discussion between all members of GDF SUEZ, the strategy was to establish a worldwide on-line VALUES FORUM (with offline workshops for those unable to access Internet) which took place on 3rd March 2009. According to the post merger context between a public company in one hand and a private company in another one, the process of co-construction enabled 200,000 colleagues to express their opinions on the group strengths, mission, vision, way forward to living with stakeholders and values for the new company to embody. The open discussion between employees and management, including the executive committee, were unique and extended well beyond business unit- level.