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Industry Shaving
Media Promo & PR, Case study
Released August 2012

Credits & Description

Category: Best Integrated Campaign Led by PR
Advertiser: GILLETTE
Media placement: Print Placement - Boston Globe - 12 August 2010
Media placement: Print Placement - Boston Herald - 17 August 2010
Media placement: Online Placement - - 7 June 2010
Media placement: Online Placement - - 5 August 2010
Media placement: Online Placement - - 21 April 2010
Media placement: Online Placement - - 10 May 2010

Summary of the Campaign
It was summer 2010; “razor fatigue” lay over the minds of men everywhere. Guys were satisfied with their current shaving system, seeing no reason to trade-up.
This was the challenge we faced when Gillette wanted to launch its new Gillette Fusion ProGlide razor (GFPG).
The most effective way to overcome the enormous scepticism and lethargy was to create “real men” advocates, letting them endorse the razor and convert their peers, laying the foundation for our two-pronged campaign.
During “pre-launch,” we engaged key influencers by hosting an event to introduce GFPG to long-lead editors, providing bloggers with a social media widget offering readers free samples, and hosting a blogger forum to seed the product innovation story.
In the "launch" phase, we created the "Ultimate Summer Job" (USJ) contest, selecting two regular guys as brand ambassadors to travel cross-country and attend VIP events while encouraging guys to try GFPG. This led to the most successful razor launch in Gillette’s history; GFPG became the number one razor in the category in its second week. We exceeded our goal of 50% awareness, reaching 56% awareness by the end of May – one week before broad retail availability and mass advertising.

The Situation
It was the summer of 2010 and "razor fatigue" was among the most significant issues that Gillette was facing during the launch of its new product innovation. Guys were also satisfied with their current shaving system and saw no reason to trade-up.

How could we escape the conundrum of multiple blades?
Our guy wasn’t just bored, he was skeptical.
So our biggest problem to solve was the consumer’s belief that there was no need to change their current shaving regimen or the shaving instrument they were currently using.

The Goal
• Build credibility, relevance and advocacy among target audience
• Motivate influencers and consumers to credential product, generating positive WOM
• Drive awareness, excitement, trial
• Establish Gillette’s social media presence by introducing the Gillette Community Manager

• Generate earned media coverage
• Create a unique, compelling call-to-action, connecting the brand and target audience

• Leverage new brand ambassadors, turning skeptics into believers and “shaving into gliding”
• Generate earned media coverage
• Continue consumer engagement through Twitter, YouTube, social media crowdsourcing, Community Manager and brand ambassadors

The Strategy
Social media gave us an opportunity to encourage consumer recommendations and most importantly, track them.
• Focused on messaging designed to turn "skeptics into believers"
• Placed guys at the centre of the launch through an innovative social networking presence that identified skeptics who discussed their displeasure with Gillette razors and converted them to believers through messaging and direct Community Manager interaction
• Created a groundswell of attention and awareness by conducting a search to select "ultimate believers" and transform them into "ultimate advocates" for GFPG
• Seeded the marketplace with a targeted sampling effort to pre-empt Schick’s launch and build WOM, awareness and momentum; established an industry "benchmark" that all-but-required media and bloggers to include references to GFPG in their coverage of Schick’s product launch
• Generated traditional media, online and social media buzz through creative and compelling content created by two highly mediagenic and dynamic brand ambassadors

• Engaged key influencers to spread the message
• Hosted interactive event to introduce magazine editors to GFPG
• Provided bloggers with product samples encouraging them to take the "ProGlide Challenge," offering free samples for readers
• Hosted the first P&G Grooming Blogger Forum to heighten overall product innovation story among online influencers, offering dialogue with R&D leaders and media
• Converted "skeptics" by distributing razors to targeted consumers via our Community Manager

• Created the "Ultimate Summer Job” (USJ) contest, selecting regular guys as Gillette brand ambassadors at an event, who travelled across the country, attending VIP events and encouraging GFPG trial

• Developed a consumer-facing USJ blog
• Secured media coverage during the national USJ Road Trip
• Leveraged Facebook and Twitter to increase visibility of the USJ blog via shared content, VIP kit giveaways and targeted fan requests

Documented Results
In its second week, GFPG became the number one razor in the category. We exceeded our goal of 50% awareness, reaching 56% by the end of May – one week before wide retail availability and mass advertising. Awareness continued to grow hitting 66% through June and 72% through July.

• After taking the temperature of our online community in February, signs of conversion were visible by June: 86% of social media comments surrounding the new razor were positive ("believers"); 14% were negative ("skeptics")
• Distributed 81,000 samples via social media widget
• Increased Twitter followers by 176% and Facebook fans by 47%

• Secured more than 151 million impressions
• Maintained 93% SOV, compared to Schick (7%)
• Secured 28,000 Facebook "likes" and added 2,900 Twitter followers

• Secured more than 371 million impressions
• Generated more than 2 million impressions through foot traffic