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Industry Environmental & Animal Issues
Media Promo & PR, Case study
Market Romania
Released September 2012

Credits & Description

Category: Environmental PR
Advertiser: LET`S DO IT, ROMANIA!
Communication Manager: Anca Banita (Let`s Do It, Romania!)
Communication Manager: Anamaria Hancu (Let`s Do It, Romania!)
Online Communication Manager: Oana Bratila (Let`s Do It, Romania!)
Finance Manager: Stefan Buciuc (Let`s Do It, Romania!)
Project Manager: Liana Buzea (Let`s Do It, Romania!)
IT Manager: Ionut Iordachescu (Let`s Do It, Romania!)
Logistics Manager: Mihai Dragota (Let`s Do It, Romania!)
Volunteers Manager: Ionut Tunaru (Let`s Do It, Romania!)
Media placement: Press Conference - Jurnalul.ro, Evz.ro, Stirileprotv.ro, Romanialibera.ro, TVR (Tv), Evenimentul Zi - 25.03.2010
Media placement: Press Release - Jurnalul.ro, Apropo.ro, Evz.ro, Stirileprotv.ro, Romanialibera.ro, TVR (Tv), Eve - 25.03.2010
Media placement: Photo Contest - Blog.letsdoitromania.ro, Facebook Cause, Twitter, Emramures.ro - 28.03.2010
Media placement: Special Event - Let`s Bike It! - ProTV, RadioRA, Evenimentul Zilei, Adevarul,9am.ro,stirileprotv.ro, Green-Report - 18.04.2010
Media placement: Special Event - Let`s Blog It! - Blog.letsdoitromania.ro, FB Cause, Chinezu.eu,laurentiubuica.ro, Vlad.dulea.ro - 15.07.2010
Media placement: Celebrity Endorsment - ProTv,CanCan,Click,Curentul,EVZ, Gandul,mtv.ro,profm.ro,9am.ro,ciao.ro,iqads.ro, - 2.08.2010
Media placement: Official Song Launching - Pro TV, Pro FM, Bestmusic,ro, Acasa.ro, Evz.ro, Click.ro, Mediafax.ro, Apropo.ro - 10.09.2010
Media placement: National Clean-Up - Pro TV, Antena3tv,Prima TV,TVR1, TVR2, Realitatea TV, Radio RA, ProFM,Radio Guer - 25.09.2010
Media placement: Party - Social Media;group,cause,twitter - 25.09.2010
Media placement: Gala - Pro Tv (Television), Mtv.ro, Chinezu.eu, FB Cause, Twitter - 14.10.2010

Summary of the Campaign
This is a story about how we managed to arouse a real social movement, to bring together more than 200,000 people to do something positive, meaningful, with a great impact for them and for Romania: cleaning up the whole country, in just one day!
This was the idea that we needed to make everyone believe in and it wasn`t easy at all convincing the entire population we weren`t just a bunch of crazy people. We carefully listened to everything they had to say, we tactfully engaged with them by being where they were and speaking their language, bringing the initiative to the spotlight and making hundreds of thousands of people come and clean up on 25th September. Romania did it!
Where was the challenge then? We had to fight pre-conception, to educate and to build the trust. "It is useless. I’m doing this today and tomorrow, somebody else will throw garbage again" - this is a reality we had to counterbalance. In Romania many people have lost faith in doing the good things and are sceptical about anything, being too absorbed in solving their own problems.

The Situation
In order to win the people that still can make a difference we had to build something big, a "never heard before" project, in order to shake their beliefs and show them that everything is possible.
On the other hand, the garbage problem was becoming bigger and bigger thus becoming more of a norm not an issue. We needed to bring the subject on the public agenda and determine people to do something about it!

The Goal
- Raising people’s awareness about the project - at least 80% of the Romanian population to hear about the project.
- Involving the entire population and have at least 100,000 volunteers in the cleanup day.
- Minimum number of 400 volunteers enrolled for the mapping process.
- Our Facebook Cause to reach the top 3 in Romania.

By being a national project, we needed to communicate and engage different audiences: central and local authorities, companies, specialized firms, and the general public, with adapted messages for each of them. It was a huge challenge!

The Strategy
LDIR was a national project, aiming to get everyone involved. That`s why we needed to transform the 25th September – The Cleanup day – into a date red-circled in everybody`s calendar, a day when who you are and what you do for a living doesn’t matter at all, the day when we all have something in common: Romania.
And we did that by targeting different large communities, coming up with relevant messages for each of them and engaging them using their specific methods.
Another key element was the Waste Map, created by mapping the garbage spots (volunteers mark the illegal waste sites with a GPS and upload them on the internet), which become the "star" of the project, as we needed something to bring the waste problem into the public’s attention. Something shocking, but also accessible, to make Romanian people realize that, if we don’t act now, we will be suffocated by garbage.

Besides the classic PR tactics that we used as well - press events to officially announce the clean up date, local events to gather volunteers for the local teams and for mapping, press releases with updates - we wanted to make the project have a unique touch, in order to make people click and be willing to be part of it. That`s why:
- We put our signature on special events, all with derived names from the original one: Let`s Blog It!, Let`s Bike It!, Let`s Party!, everything for touching specific communities.
- We built a social media campaign from scratch
- We involved different public figures: singers, sportsmen, TV stars, who became supporters and spread the message of the campaign
- We launched our official song, with lyrics that speak about the core values of the project.
- We had our own game and online store selling branded products
- Public advocacy campaign

Documented Results
- Over 200,000 volunteers participated in the cleanup day
- The Facebook Cause became No.1 in Romania
- The blog was No.1 for more than a month on the most important top about online influence
- Over 500 blog posts, the project gained huge visibility thanks to the immense support of the bloggers we convinced to join us
- Over 556 articles in the local press only in the last week of the project
- Over 60 articles in the central press in 5 months
- Over 26 TV clippings in the last month
- Over 20 radio clippings in the last month
- 800 organizers as part of the local teams (the objective has been surpassed for more than 5 times) and 2,200 volunteers were involved in the mapping process (we were hoping 400)
- Over 20 stars involved as ambassadors for the project