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Industry Retail, Distribution & Rental companies
Media Promo & PR, Case study
Market Japan
Agency Dentsu Inc. Tokyo
Director Kosai Sekine
Executive Creative Director Naoya Hosokawa
Art Director Tsubasa Kayasuga
Copywriter Marie Ono, Miho Azuma, Mio Takase, Eri Oshige, Yukiko Sato
Producer Takayuki Sakuma, Atsushi Misawa, Masayuki Kobayashi
Agency Vector Group
Released October 2011

Credits & Description

Category: Retail and E-commerce, including Restaurants
Advertiser: LUMINE
Agency: DENTSU
Executive Creative Director: Naoya Hosokawa (Drill)
Agency Producer: Tomonobu Yamazumi (Dentsu)
Agency Producer: So Moriyama (Dentsu)
Art Director: Tsubasa Kayasuga (Dentsu)
Planner: Ryouhei Manabe (Dentsu)
Planner: Teppei Moriguchi (Dentsu)
Technical Director: Seiichi Saito (Rhizomatiks)
Technical Director: Keisuke Arikuni (Rhizomatiks)
Programmer: Hiroyasu Kimura (Rhizomatiks)
Producer: Atsushi Misawa (Dentsu Tec)
Producer: Takayuki Sakuma (Amana)
Producer: Masayuki Kobayashi (Taki Corporation)
Copywriter: Marie Ono (Dentsu)
Copywriter: Mio Takase (Dentsu)
Copywriter: Eri Oshige (Dentsu)
Copywriter: Miho Azuma (Dentsu)
Copywriter: Yukiko Sato (Dentsu)
Director: Kosai Sekine (Glassloft)
Strategic Public-Relations Senior Manager: Sakae Ochi (Dentsu)
Strategic Public-Relations Senior Planner: Misa Ueda (Dentsu)
Media placement: Magazine Advertisement - WWD, Hanako, BAILA, ELLE - 25 Sep 2011
Media placement: Transit Advertisement - Yurakucho, Ginza, and surrounding staitions - 1 Aug 2011
Media placement: Facebook - Facebook - 1 Aug 2011
Media placement: Displayed Posters On The Walls Surrounding The Constraction Site - Walls On The Surrounding The Constraction Site - 20 Aug 2011
Media placement: TV Campaign-5 Spots - NTV, TBS, CX, TX - 24 Aug 2011
Media placement: Pre-Opening Ceremony - Event - 27 Aug 2011
Media placement: Media Tour - TV, Newspapers, Magazines, Web Etc - 27 Aug 2011
Media placement: Newspaper Advertisement - Asahi Shimbun(Tokyo, Osaka) - 28 Aug 2011
Media placement: Opening Ceremony - Ceremony - 28 Oct 2011

Summary of the Campaign
The Yurakucho area, where the Lumine department store was planning to open a new branch, was known as an area where major department stores all struggled to have successful operations. Though it is located between the 2 major fashion centers of Tokyo (Ginza and Marunouchi), years of diminished vitality had led to a sense of decline.

In this context, a strategic PR campaign to successfully launch the new Lumine store needed to be planned. The target was set to young women in their late 20s and early 30s, and the communication strategy was rooted in making these women themselves the transmitters of Yurakucho fashion trends.

Lumine was portrayed as a transmission hub for women’s self-selected fashion-trends. In the weeks leading up to the opening, this narrative was spread through the use of social-media coupled with on-location communication, to build up a sense of anticipation. This also brought energy to the Yurakucho area.

Even before the opening, around US$42m worth of media coverage was obtained. During the opening days, around 300,000 people visited the store leading to sales of over US$6.5m. Reversing a long period of stagnation, the Yurakucho area was transformed and revitalised as a center for young women’s fashion trends.

The Situation
Yurakucho is an area located in the gap between 2 major fashion centers of Tokyo; Ginza and Marunouchi. For many years, department stores in this area struggled for financial viability due to sluggish sales and were forced to withdraw.

For the opening of Yurakucho Lumine, the target market was set to young women, a market segment that the Yurakucho area had failed to capture in the past. A PR campaign was created to build buzz for 'Yurakucho style', where women were enabled to become transmitters of new fashion trends, and to revitalise the Yurakucho area.

The Goal
1. Build up anticipation for the opening of Yurakucho Lumine, to maximise buzz at opening, to acquire customers, and to enhance sales.

2. The revitalise the Yurakucho area.

Around 450 articles for the period from half a year previously to right before the opening, and around 290 aritcles during the opening were aquired. A total of over US$42m worth of media coverage.

On the day of the opening, a queue of 5,000 people was eagerly waiting for the doors to open. In the first 3 days, there were around 300,000 visitors and sales of over US$6.5m.

The Strategy
A major strategy was to differentiate Yurakucho from its neighboring areas of Ginza and Marunouchi. Ginza is known as an area for the world’s top luxury fashion brands, while Marunouchi is known as an area where famous designers create fashion trends. In contrast, Yurakucho was positioned as an area where young women gather to create their own fashion trends. In this context, a user-led strategy, centered on young women utilising Yurakucho Lumine as a place to contemplate, create, and disseminate this new 'Yurakucho style' was established.

The campaign was launched in July 2011 towards the opening day at the end of October. Facebook was used to maximise the target audience’s engagement with the campaign. Large posters of diverse fashion styles were displayed on the walls surrounding the store’s construction-site, targeting women who walked through Yurakucho. By placing a real-life Facebook 'like' button on each of these posters, women were given the opportunity to express which styles they liked. These buttons were synchronised in real-time with the online Facebook page, and allowed detailed information to be obtained about target preferences. Selected fashion trends were disseminated and spread through social-media.

On the opening day, a fashion show was held featuring the best 'liked' fashions selected by the target audience. It was designed so that shoppers could purchase these modeled outfits on the spot.

All communications with the media were based on a unified message.

Documented Results
- Around 300,000 visitors in 3 days due to the building of anticipation and enabling target-participation in creating and diffusing fashion trends.

- Over US$6.5m in sales.

- Around US$42m worth of media coverage.

- Revitalisation of the Yurakucho area through an influx of young people and through creating a new flow of people into a formerly stagnate 'gap' area.