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Industry Charities, Foundations, Volunteers
Media Promo & PR, Case study
Market South Korea
Agency Nhn Korea
Released September 2012

Credits & Description

Category: Corporate Responsibility
Advertiser: NHN
Creative Director/Head of Marketing Center: Jo Hang Soo (NHN)
Project Director, Planner/Chief Marketer: Yoo Seung Jae (NHN)
Project Director, Planner/Chief Designer: Kim Seung Eon (NHN)
Project Manager/Lead Marketer: Lee kyung Ryul (NHN)
Planner/Lead Marketer: Na Eun Bin (NHN)
Planner/Marketer: Lee kyung Mi (NHN)
Site, Da Design/Lead Designer: Shin Hyun Kyung (NHN)
Site, Da Design/Senior Designer: Ryu Seung Sook (NHN)
Site, Da Design/Senior Designer: Kim Jeong Jun (NHN)
Site, Da Design/Designer: Jeong Da Yeong (NHN)
Site, Da Design/Designer: Kim Ju Young (NHN)
Site, Da Design/Designer: Shin Yura (NHN)
Site, Da Design/Designer: Park Jeong Ho (NHN)
Motion Design/Lead Designer: Jung Bin Young (NHN)
Motion Design/Senior Designer: Hwangbo Sang Woo (NHN)
Motion Design/Senior Designer: Lee Sang Min (NHN)
Motion Design/Senior Designer: Lee Hyeon Su (NHN)
Motion Design/Designer: Park Hyeon (NHN)
Space / Graphic Design/Lead Designer: Park Yun Hee (NHN)
Graphic Design/Designer: Kim Jun Su (NHN)
Graphic Design/Lead Designer: Kim Hyung Woo (NHN)
Site, Da Design/Designer: Kim Hui Jin (NHN)
Site, Da Design/Designer: Bae Hyun Joo (NHN)
Media placement: SNS Blogs - NAVER Blog - Online Portal - 10 May 2010

Summary of the Campaign
The annual occurrences of donation are up to just one-twelfth and one-sixth of those of purchasing books or watching movies in Korea. Inspired by the fact that people buy books and watch movies all year around, we have led public figures to regularly upload attractive contents to their blogs, as if famous writers update their blog with a piece of upcoming novel or a popular chef reveals his or her own recipe on the blog, in return for a small and voluntary donation from the users who enjoy such contents.
As a result, some 7.31 million of users, 15% of total population in Korea have participated. About 82% of total donation came from users who have participated in such events more than once. Furthermore, the brand survey 2011 has shown that NAVER’s image as a social contributor has been raised from 49.2% in 2010 to 54.8% in 2011 without any TV campaign.

The Situation
NAVER, the largest portal in Korea, is making efforts in various areas to introduce and promote donation culture online. However, these attempts did not yield any significant long-term effect, as most of the donations made were concentrated during short-term events.
In response to this result, we concluded that increasing the level of awareness and participation of donation is needed in the long run. We needed a steady and self-spreading donation campaign.

The Goal
Korea is one of the least donated nations in OECD. Though the attention for donation is increasing, there is still a tendency to regard donation difficult or a seasonal event at times like Christmas.
We wanted 'many' NAVER users to make ‘continuous’ donations, not sporadic, through this campaign.
To achieve our goal, we prepared many devices such as contents, platforms and the likes to trigger donation and keep it going.

The Strategy
We have prepared an attractive content to trigger donation, inspired by the fact that people buy books and watch movies all year around with the help of famous figures capable of producing content. Celebrities including writers, chefs, directors, singers, etc. have willingly donated their talents and played a role model for the users. The content they donated, from a new novel series of a famous writer to a series of exclusive recipes from a top class chef and a small-sized concert personally invited by a singer, have been made public. With our inducement of donation as a token of appreciation for the free contents, many users who regularly visit the content blogs began to donate.

The campaign begun in May, 2010. A total of 10 celebrities are running their talent-donating blogs now. Comparing a charity event where celebrities just hand out their used-stuff, this donation requires constant effort from them to provide and update high-quality content. Nevertheless, many participated in the campaign, and it has been successful so far.
Although our initial plan was to stay strictly online, we had to arrange a couple of small gatherings, such as a mini concert or a small seminar on writing skills, thanks to the interest and support from the users.

Documented Results
What NAVER wanted to achieve with the campaign, is continuous donations. Our successful campaigns have resulted in the participation of 7.31 million users (about 15% of the total population of Korea). After 6 months of the campaign, the amount of annual donations made nationwide has increased by 118%. The users who participated more than once donated 82% of the total amount. This is an index showing that the campaign worked.
In addition, the brand survey 2011 has shown that NAVER’s image as a social contributor has been raised from 49.2% in 2010 to 54.8% in 2011 without any TV campaign.