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Industry Charities, Foundations, Volunteers
Media Promo & PR, Case study
Market Portugal
Released July 2012

Credits & Description

Category: Charity and Not for Profit
Client Service Director: Paula Lopes/Clara Marchan (Leo Burnett Iberia)
Account Director/ Public Relations: Inês Almeida/Marta Guimarães/Maria Fernandez (Leo Burnett Iberia)
Account Executive: Renata Ferreira (Leo Burnett Iberia)
Executive Creative Director Iberia: Chacho Puebla (Leo Burnett Iberia)
Creative Advisor: Tura (Leo Burnett Iberia)
Creative Directors: Erick Rosa/Renato Lopes/Daniel Palma/Oscar Lopez-Sainz (Leo Burnett Iberia)
Art Directors: Renato Lopes/Daniel Palma/Julita Pequeño/Seve Ruiz/Emilia Bertola/Cova Diaz/Nico (Leo Burnett Iberia)
Illustrations: Thiago Arrighi/Renato Lopes/Alessia Federici/Julita Pequeño/Seve Ruiz/Emilia Ber (Leo Burnett Iberia)
Photos: Claus Stellfeld (Garage Photo)
Photos: Julita Pequeño (Leo Burnett Iberia)
Images: (Corbis/Getty Image Corbis)
Copywriter: Erick Rosa/Oscar Lopez-Sainz/Fernando Martin (Leo Burnett Iberia)
Production Director/Spots TV Producer: Cristina Almeida (Leo Burnett Iberia)
Producers: Cristina Almeida/António Franca/António Junior/Rui Caracol/Natacha Martin (Leo Burnett Iberia/Mastershot)
Video Producer: Hugo Lage/Ricardo Costa (Leo Burnett Iberia/Mastershot)
Digital Producers: Rodrigo Barona/Mónica Rocha/Fred Bosch (Leo Burnett Iberia)
Film Production Company/ Sound Production Company/Music: (Garage Films/Indigo Sound/Library)
Director: André Cruz (Garage Films)
Executive Producer: Miguel Varela (Garage Films)
Voice Overs: Paulo Pires/Alexandra Lencastre
Media placement: Integrated - Tv, Radio, Ambient, Web, PR, Event - 10/12/2009

Summary of the Campaign
This year the New Store has a new concept: Stories of Hope, and with it, once again, the perfect alternative to get more donations for the Red Cross in Spain and Portugal. To promote HOPE in this new package, we built two replicas of a bookstore where every book had blank pages inside. Each book had an inspiring cover and title. The idea: the more Hope was purchased, the bigger were the chances that these stories would become real. PR was used extensively to promote this concept and the idea behind the stores. It was crucial to generate buzz before the opening and sustain interest throughout the run. PR also helped us gain credibility and importance from the media and general public. As a result, the Store that sells Hope, again changed the meaning of giving a gift during Christmas. The books with blank pages, but with inspiring covers, were embraced by everybody. PR helped this become news in major magazines, newspapers and received prime time coverage. PR was more than another part of the campaign supporting the STORE. It was the launching pad of the whole campaign and the reason the STORE received public and media acclaim.

The Goal
The objective was clear: help the Red Cross by getting donations for its main causes in Lisbon and Madrid. As part of the PR campaign, we worked to connect with the general public by presenting the New Store as an evolution of last year's editions. With a new design, idea and completely new concept. At the same time, a PR effort of the same caliber was launched with the media and opinion makers, so that they could also embrace the Store as the perfect gift alternative.

Research shows that books are one of the most gifted items every Christmas. Thus, by presenting an inspiring alternative, we were able to turn Hope into a bestseller. Furthermore, the fact that books cater to our imagination gave us the perfect tool to reach our audience in the Christmas season. The creative execution was relevant as it was able to stir people's imagination in a time of need for all of those supported by the Red Cross. Hope, as a product once again struck a chord with the public. The PR campaign generated credibility and strengthened the Store+ and the Red Cross as a brand. Not just any brand, but one that clearly has become a brand of choice during Christmas time.

The idea was that any client that purchased Hope in the form of these books contributed to turn these stories true. Both Stores were a success and helped the Red Cross write some of the happiest stories ever.

The Situation
After last year's success the Store that sells Hope evolved. A new concept, a new package. Hope, again changed the meaning of giving a gift. But this time in a completely different way.

The Strategy
Last year we sold a product you could not see or touch but feel. This year we sold a product you could not see but imagine. The Store looked like a replica of a bookstore. But with a twist: all the pages in every book were blank. And each book had an inspiring title directly related to a cause (Ex.: The Child that Learned to Smile.) PR clearly gave the New Store relevance in a busy market and once again helped the general public understand the power of Hope as an alternative.