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Industry Environmental & Animal Issues
Media Promo & PR, Case study
Market Costa Rica
Agency House Rapp
Art Director Rolando Barrantes, Mauricio Mejía, Marcela Rodríguez, Mauricio Quiros, David Blanco De Rojas, Federico García Arias
Released October 2010

Credits & Description

Category: Best Use of Social Media Marketing
Date of First Appearance: Oct 1 2010
Entrant Company: HOUSE RAPP, San José, COSTA RICA
Entry URL:
General Creative Director: Dennis Chinchilla (House Rapp)
General Creative Director: Alan Carmona (House Rapp)
General Creative Director: Andrei Bonilla (House Rapp)
Art Director: David Rojas (House Rapp)
Art Director: Mauricio Mejía (House Rapp)
Art Director: Marcela Rodríguez (House Rapp)
Art Director: Mauricio Quiros (House Rapp)
Wed Designer: Esteban Carvajal (House Rapp)
Account Executive: Jhocelin Arias (House Rapp)
Media Executive: Sharon Arias (OMD)
General Manager: Fernado Sandí (House Rapp)
Art Director: Rolando Barrantes (House Rapp)
Art Director: Federico García (House Rapp)
Media placement: Website - Web - 1 October 2010
Media placement: Twitter - Web - 1 October 2010

Insights, Strategy & the Idea
The Government of Costa Rica, lacking any justifiable reason, declared Open-Sky Mining to be of national interest. This is the most devastating industrial activity known.

The Canadian Mining Company called Industrias Infinito starts operating in the country and cuts down 50 hectares of forest.

Costa Rica, the green country, world famous for its more than 800 species of birds and broad biodiversity, seems to be going against its essence.

Creative Execution
To raise awareness of the consequences of mining, we used the Twitter bird to create the Twitter version of Costa Rican birds.

Thus, Costa Rica and Preserve Planet added biodiversity to Twitter.

We developed the site In this site, people logged in and chose the birds they wanted to follow.

Behind the birds, there was a team of environmentalists, lawyers, geologists, biologists, and communicators, reporting to their followers and providing graphic explanations about the consequences of mining.

Once the site was launched, the birds took only minutes to arrive massively at discussion forums and joined the debate.

Actions like the creation of the Birds of Costa Rica ebook, non-traditional media use, and press releases, allowed an average daily traffic of 1,800 visits to the site over 4 weeks.

Each bird raised flocks of followers, through leaders developed in the forums, and their messages were constantly re-tweeted.

Results and Effectiveness
Website daily traffic of 1,800 visits to the site over 4 weeks.
Crucitas was one of the year's hashtags, numbering over 8,000 tweets.

The mining company was brought to trial.

In November 2010, Industrias Infinito was declared guilty of environmental damage, ordered to pay damages to the nation, and its permit was cancelled.

Furthermore, the Congress banned open-sky mining in Costa Rica forever!