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Industry Business equipment & services, Corporate Image
Media Promo & PR, Case study
Released July 2007

Credits & Description

Category: Corporate Responsibility
Advertiser: BANCOMER
Product/Service: SCHOLARSHIPS
Comunication Strategie and Implementation:: Nicolás Vale (Grupo Vale Euro)
Comunication Strategie and Implementation:: Martha Sosa (La Sombra del Guayabo)
Public Relations Manager: Mario Pacheco (La Sombra del Guayabo)
Media placement: TV Campaign - 1 spot - Open TV - 1 september 2009
Media placement: Movie Trailer - Theaters - 1 september 2009
Media placement: Outdoors - IMU, Bus stops, Bus, Billboards, Walls - 1 september 2009
Media placement: Magazine - Esquire, Gatopardo, GQ, Cinemania, Quien?, Contendio, Seventeen, Top Magazine, D - 1 september 2009
Media placement: Press - Excelsior, Reforma, LA Times, Milenio, Uno mas Uno, Variety, Universal, El Sol d - 1 september 2009
Media placement: POP - Bancomer Instalations & Theaters - 1 september 2009
Media placement: Radio Intervews - IMER; ACIR; MVS Radio, W Radio, IMAGEN, Radio Red, Ibero, Radio Formula, ABC Rad - 1 september 2009
Media placement: Internet - Terra, EsMas, El Financiero On line, Prodigy, Excelsior, Notimex, Quien - 1 september 2009

Summary of the Campaign
Whilst developing the documentary, it was determined that PR would be central to the achievement of the objectives, because of the limited budget after filming the movie. The PR task was important, because we had to explore all our media resources. Being a social benefit we got support from opinion leaders to strengthen the purpose of the campaign, giving more credibility and exposure. This sparked the interest of the media in general, posting notes about Those Who Remain. Participating in the major film festivals, ensured people expected more from the government committing to the subject and allowing an open debate in the media, and it gave a more permanent spotlight for the subject. The premiere was covered live simultaneously in Mexico and LA, appearing in the news of both countries. The president of Mexico and the first lady have set the documentary as an example of the problems that exist in our country. Also the Bancomer Foundation continue to communicate social responsibility through which they takes the lead in ensuring the future of the children of migrants, through the scholarship ‘Adelante’.

The Goal
The position of the Bancomer Foundation and the reason for the project 'Those who remain', was to grant scholarships to the children of immigrants. To create a high quality content that has a long public life allowing the reflection and discussion in all media about the conditions of migrants’ families in Mexico. Target audience: Bancomer clients in every state of the Republic, opinion leaders (Red Circle), people who work for the state and federal government, intellectual and educational community, specialised international documentary forums, and the general public.

The public life of ‘Those who remain’ is still effective in May 2010. It has participated in more than 28 international film festivals around the world. More than 11, 500 have seen the movie in the festival circuit. Awards: Best Movie. - Documenta Madrid, international Film Festival in Guadalajara. Los Angeles Independent Film Festival. Humanitas award: First time this award was granted to a Mexican production. (Equivalent to a Pulitzer in journalism or a Nobel in literature) Best photography award in Woodstock NY. Special mentions: Biarritz, Docúpolis Barcelona, only Latin-American movie nominated to a Cinema Eye Award in NYC. (Equivalent to the Oscars in documentaries).

A book was edited with the story of the main characters of the movie and was distributed to the clients of BBVA-Bancomer. There were more than 1200 journalistic notes in different international and national media including internet, radio and written press. In most of them the Bancomer Foundation was mentioned as the one presenting the movie. The first lady of Mexico handed in public a copy of the movie to the first lady of USA in the G8 reunion. From its premiere in theatres more than 23,289 have now seen it. The exhibition of the movie continues in various states of Mexico. Parallel to the premiere in theatres in October 2009, the tour “Those who remain” (sponsored by BBVA) began. This tour had the movie projected in public areas of migrant communities in 20 states of Mexico. More than 28 thousand people that live the reality of the movie have seen it this way.

The Situation
Annually Bancomer Foundation grants scholarships to students with academic excellence that are in junior high. All of them are sons of migrants. Bancomer Foundation was seeking to communicate the reason for its altruistic mission, throughout a message that was bound to make people reflect and to involve leaders that are in charge of Mexico´s Public Agenda. A conventional campaign of advertising spots would have been short in range and depth to achieve this goal. The agency then proposed the creation of a more powerful content: a documentary movie whose public life would be longer.

The Strategy
The campaign was centred on the creation of the documentary directed by two of the most prestigious filmmakers of Mexico: Juan Carlos Rulfo and Carlos Hagerman. The everyday life of 9 Mexican families was filmed for a year. From the 200 hours taped a documentary featured film of 90 minutes was edited. The movie title was: “Those who remain”. The filming started January 2007 ending March 2008. The movie was registered in the most prestigious Film festivals. Careful PR work was done, that included the press strategy and more than 25 film projections presented by the director of BBVA-Bancomer Ignacio Deschamps.