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Industry Retail, Distribution & Rental companies
Media Promo & PR, Case study
Released November 2009

Credits & Description

Category: Best International PR Campaign
Director: Kestutis Isakas (Shark media)
Account Director: Arina Meščanova (Shark media)
Art Director: Edgars Luste (Shark media)
Copywrite/PR Specialist: Zane Pudule (Shark media)
Project Manager: Irina Smirnova (Shark media)
Designer: Sergey Nikitin (Shark media)
Photo: Alius Koroliovas (Shark media)
Media placement: Newspapers of Lithuania - 25 spots - 21th of November
Media placement: Regional radio stations of Kaunas - 100 spots - 21th of November
Media placement: Press release - 6 times - 20th of November

Summary of the Campaign
We wanted to create a unique project which would become the centre of attention for people from all over Lithuania and encourage them to visit the shopping centre more. “Christmas Miracles in Akropolis Kaunas” was a unique original project for Lithuania, Baltic States and the rest of the world. Marketing project “Christmas miracles in AKROPOLIS KAUNAS” consists of: - A new house for the real Santa Claus - A real ice palace with ice drinks bar in SC AKROPOLIS KAUNAS - The world biggest Christmas Tree from 2010 bottles of sparkling wine - The world biggest Christmas Tree from 10000 books. This was in cooperation with publisher “Unseen Lithuania” from photo albums “Unseen Lithuania”. We built the world’s biggest Christmas tree from books in Kauno Akropolis Griunvaldo avenue - We had the biggest indoor Christmas tree in Lithuania. - The real Santa Claus post office in Akropolis Kaunas. - The main world Santa Claus from Rovaniemi, Finland, Lapland visited AKROPOLIS KAUNAS. - We also had the mayor of Kaunas, Mr. Andrius Kupčinskas transform into gnome for the main Santa Claus in the world.

The Goal
The main goals were to • Increase footfall by 20%. • Make AKROPOLIS KAUNAS a Christmas capital in Lithuania • Make AKROPOLIS KAUNAS the most popular shopping centre during Christmas time in Lithuania • Increase turnover of customers by 20% • Receive more media attention. • Aiming to increase AKROPOLIS recognition as the main Christmas shopping centre in Lithuania, and to make the public perceive it as being approachable and available to all individuals.

Results of the campaign: In total in Christmas time – “AKROPOLIS KAUNAS” visit more than 1.5 million people from all Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, USA, Great Britain, Finland, Estonia. This is 60 % more than usual. Visitors took more than 4 millions photo of “AKROPOLIS KAUNAS Christmas miracles” . Turnover of tenants increased more than 60% during the Christmas period. In Christmas time “AKROPOLIS KAUNAS” visited more than 190 media representatives from 12 countries. Indexation period: 01.12.2009 - 31.12.2009 Registered media spots total amount: internet and press - 579 spots, radio –99, on-line interviews - 12; video: 67. PR-campaign has substantially increased the recognition of AKROPOLIS KAUNAS brand not only in Lithuania & Baltic States, but also around all world. The reporting's about the Christmas miracles in AKROPOLIS KAUNAS was translated in all other languages around the world by: the biggest TV stations of United States of America as CBS, FOX NEWS, NTDV.

Evaluation of campaign Step 1: the unique world record has been reached in constructed a Christmas tree from 2010 bottles of a sparkling wine “Alita”. Step 2: The real Santa Claus office post opening in Akropolis Kaunas Step 3: In the unique world record has been reached in constructed a Christmas tree from 10000 books. Step 4: The head of office Santa Claus office from Rovaniemi Santa Village in Lapland, Finland, the main world Santa Claus visited AKROPOLIS KAUNAS. 55 000 people visited Santa Claus in AKROPOLIS KAUNAS. Step 5: The palace of real ice opened near the Grunwald entrance of the retail trade and leisure centre AKROPOLIS KAUNAS. -fotogalerijos/ledo-rumai-kauno-akropolyje/56296 Step 6: transforming the mayor of Kaunas Andrius Kupcinskas into the gnome for Santa Claus. Step 7: Christmas Ice bar opening. Step 8: The biggest indoor Christmas tree in Lithuania opened in Akropolis Kaunas

The Situation
Christmas period is very important for shopping centres. Year 2009 was a very difficult year for the economy of Lithuania; recession and crisis proceeded. In the first 6 month period all shopping centres of Lithuania decreased by 20-30%, turnover of people by 30-40%. Therefore for the Christmas period for Akropolis Kaunas a special marketing project was required. This involved not only inhabitants of Kaunas region, but also everyone else from all over Lithuania, Latvia, Poland and Russia. The main task was to increase footfall and to increase attention for Akropolis Kaunas as the main place in Lithuania to buy Christmas gifts - The Christmas capital of Lithuania. Target group: Lithuanian, Latvian & Polish people.

The Strategy
From last week of November 2009 until Christmas, each weekend was the opening of the Christmas Miracles. The first opening was for the Christmas tree made from bottles, followed by Santa Claus post office, and then we had the Christmas tree made from books and the unveiling of the Ice Palace. The last opening consisted of the real Santa Claus visit from Santa Village, Rovaniemi, Lapland of Finland visited Kaunas and transformed the mayor of Kaunas into a gnome for Santa Claus. During these four weeks Akropolis Kaunas became the centre of media attention. The main tactic of this project was to build up interest within the people of Akropolis Kaunas for the Christmas miracles: “Have you heard in Akropolis Kaunas there is a Christmas tree made from bottles, have you heard....” Every week we opened a new miracle which became the talk of Lithuania.