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Industry Telecommunications Services
Media Promo & PR, Case study
Market Norway
Agency Trigger
Released January 2012

Credits & Description

Category: Technology and Manufacturing
Partner/Consultant: Markus Eckbo Endresen (Trigger Oslo)
Partner/Consultant: Preben Carlsen (Trigger Oslo)
Consultant: Mari Siljeholm (Trigger Oslo)
Event Manager: Terje Baardseth (Eventsupport)
Media placement: National PR - - 30.january (First In 2012)
Media placement: Regional PR - - 30.january (First In 2012)
Media placement: Event - - 30.january (First In 2012)

Summary of the Campaign
Telenor Norway aims to reduce the spread of digital bullying through preventative and attitude altering work. So we create the 'Use Your Head' campaign, a unique tour that visits schools with a tailored programme to engage pupils in the fight against digital bullying

One of the major challenges is the fact that digital bullying is easier to hide from parents and teachers. That’s why one of the key challenges for the campaign is to bring adults and children closer to each other through dialogue and improved knowledge. We therefore organise separate meetings for parents in the evenings, while we meet pupils at school in the daytime.

Through an extensive PR campaign the important messages of 'Use Your Head' is spread throughout the country and reaches far more than those who experience the campaign first hand. The PR-campaign has generated over 1,000 media stories, which make up much of the basis for today’s general knowledge of digital bullying in Norway.

The 'Use Your Head' tour has become Norway’s largest anti-digital bullying campaign. So far it has visited 250 secondary schools in Norway, covering more than 65,000 pupils and 15,000 parents.

3 in 4 children and youths between 10 and 15 say 'Use Your Head' has helped them to deal with bullying via mobile telephone or online.

The Situation
The rise of digital and social media has created a new kind of bullying. Digital bullying can reach you where ever you are, and a prank posted online can grow into a campaign of harassment.

Being the largest national mobile and internet provider, Telenor has a special responsibility to fight the misuse of digital channels. Telenor aims to be a leader on digital security and wants to show the world the company takes its corporate responsibility seriously. As a part of this, Telenor also develops a bully-filter for mobile phones which helps protect those who experience bullying.

The Goal
Telenor’s goal is to reduce the spread of digital bullying through preventative and attitude altering work. Telenor’s other ambition is for this communication work to strengthen its position as the mobile and internet provider which offers the best security in Norway.


- Create public debate around the challenges of digital bullying.

- Increase knowledge of how to handle the challenges of digital bullying.

- Create knowledge around Telenor’s bullying filter.

- Strengthen Telenor’s reputation - especially when it comes to corporate responsibility, security and safety.

Target audience:

- Children (age 10-15), parents and teachers

National surveys regarding digital bullying are conducted every 6 months.

The Strategy
The strategy is to reduce digital bullying by spreading knowledge about how parents and children should act when faced with digital bullying situations.

Success is dependent on trustworthy partners, so we initiate a cross-party alliance linking different professional milieus with Telenor. The chosen partners are Red Cross, ChildMinder and the Norwegian Media Authority. Each partner brings unique insight, competence and technology to the development of the campaign’s content. Together we develop the 'Use Your Head' campaign: a school tour which goes straight into young people’s everyday online life using concrete examples and practical advice in order to fight digital bullying.

For each school-term we execute a national launch of the next 6 months‘ tour plan. We use the occasion to share new knowledge on digital bullying with the media. A government representative is always present during the term launches, showing the government’s support. During the September launch in 2011 the Minister of Education, Kristin Halvorsen, opened the campaign. Such interest from top politicians increases the news value.

For each school we work actively with PR-activities in local media. We invite any media outlet which covers the school to participate. We develop tailored angles aimed at regional media, based on data from the survey. This is refreshed and repeated at the beginning of each term launch. We also work to bring good stories which surface during the 'Use Your Head' campaign to the wider media. We often find real situations which can be used to make the challenges even more topical.

Documented Results
The 'Use Your Head' tour has become Norway’s largest anti-digital bullying campaign. So far it has visited 250 secondary schools in Norway and generated more than 1,000 media-stories.

A survey amongst children and parents that have experienced the campaign show remarkable results:

- 9 out of 10 children know what to do to avoid digital bullying and where to turn for help.

- 8 in 10 say they will do what they can to not expose others to digital bullying.

- 3 in 4 have started asking for permission before publishing pictures of others.

- 55% of the parents say the campaign has helped them learn how to handle digital bullying situations.

'Use Your Head' is used by the EU as an example in the work to fight digital bullying.