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Industry Public awareness
Media Promo & PR, Case study
Market Norway
Agency Dinamo Reklamebyra
Copywriter Gisle Bakkalia
Released March 2011

Credits & Description

Category: Best Integrated Campaign Led by PR
Agency: DINAMO
Senior Client Director: Lene Lyck Fasting (Dinamo)
Concept Developer: Jan Willy Skjølberg (Dinamo)
Copywriter: Gisle Bakkalia (Dinamo)
Client Director: Rannveig Lie (Dinamo)
Account Manager: Hanne Løchen (Dinamo)
Client Director: Behnam Farazollahi
Senior Client Director: Morten Norvang
Client Director/Producer: Bjørn Tumyr
Developer: Andreas Dirdal
Developer: Fredrik Stai
Concept Developer: Tom Arne Heldal Bakkemoen
Account Manager: Stefan Lindskog
Developer: Kent-Andre Nøklebye
Media placement: Digital PR/Campaign Page - - 01.03.2011
Media placement: "Internal" Communication - The Humanist Association's Magazine - 01.03.2011
Media placement: Event/tour: James Randi Tour - Dagbladet, Aftenposten, NRK Etc - 20.03.2011
Media placement: Digital PR/Youtube - Youtube - 01.03.2011

Summary of the Campaign
The Norwegian Humanist Association believes that the supernatural is not a part of reality. In Norway there are clairvoyants, crystal healers, and other quacks who make increasingly more money by exploiting people’s doubt, sorrow and hope through alternative treatment. The Norwegian Humanist Association, wanted to urge people to think critically and not be fooled, and force the alternative industry to prove real effects.

The objective was to bring awareness to users and potential users of the alternative industry, and to put the alternative industry in a defensive position. In order to accomplish this, we put opponents of alternative services, scientists who definitely are against all alternative treatment, users and potential users of alternative medicine and not least the alternative industry itself, against each other. The choice was to use social media as the main channel. To increase and create buzz in the social media sphere, PR was an essential part of the campaign through editorial articles, creating YouTube content and a promotional tour by world famous James Randi.

Common in all communication efforts was the slogan, 'no one likes to be fooled'.

The campaign instantly created an enormous engagement. The integration of several PR-tools and dialogue-marketing efforts proved successful. The Facebook-page became an arena for a discussion for both opponents and supporters. The buzz that was created through the James Randi tour, online content and press attention was immense.

The Situation
The Norwegian Humanist Association is an organization for people who base their ethics on human values. The membership numbers have grown considerably since the seventies, today 78,000 are members. But The Norwegian Humanist Associaton has experienced a drop in the amount of members. The organization wanted to put its core values on the Norwegian agenda.

Figures from Statistics Norway show that the alternative market has grown by over 50% since the beginning of the 90’s. 38.2% of the population had tried alternative treatment and those with the poorest health spend most money on them. HEF wanted to stop this trend.

The Goal
The objective was to bring awareness to users and potential users of the alternative industry, and to put the alternative industry in a defensive position.

The campaign identified the following target audiences:
- Members of the Humanist Association - in order to both create engagement and keep current members.
- The alternative industry - in order to engage itself to able to get the heat up.
- Users and potential users of alternative medicine - to have the target group think again, and make sure that they made the right choice when confronted with 'unbelievable' stories.

The Strategy
Our goal was to put opponents of alternative services, scientists who definitely are against all alternative treatment, users and potential users of alternative services and not the least the alternative industry itself, against each other.

The main channel and meeting point was social media. Social media is extremely effective, anyone can participate quickly and easily in discussions, and The Norwegian Humanist Association would be able to participate in the dialogue with the target groups.

To reach out to both opinion leaders (main contributors on Facebook) and the broad masses the campaign relied on coverage through press attention. The hub for this was inviting world famous critic James Randi for a tour to the three major cities in Norway.

Common in all communication efforts was the slogan 'no one likes to be fooled'. This created recognisable element in all PR, advertising and dialogue-marketing efforts.

In order to start the dialogue between the target groups, we first targeted members. We placed false alternative advertisements in their own magazine and wrote an article about the alternative industry. Those who responded by calling the phone numbers in the advertisements were put through to a person who explained the campaign. A follow up to members by e-mail was also done and members were encouraged to hand out pamphlets.

The next step was advertising in Norway’s biggest newspaper, a true copy of an advertisement which the alternative industry uses. But in contrast to the alternative industry’s advertisement, we offered people to call scientists.

Simultaneously humoristic horoscope advertisements where advertised on Facebook. Scientists also participated in films that were made available on YouTube and Facebook.

The crowning glory was inviting James Randi from USA for a tour. This ensured press attention and also got more buzz in other channels.

Documented Results
Campaign Page:
29,000 unique visitors. 70,000 page references. 840 shared links – visited 14,300 times. Average of 2 minutes and 30 seconds on the page.

Press/Spin Offs:
48 editorial articles in Norwegian newspapers. 7 times debated on radio stations. 4 times debated on TV (in the news and in factual programs). Advertising value: NOK 4.445.270. Many declarations of support on various blogs.

The James Randi Tour:
3 shows, all sold out - a total of 1,300 tickets. In addition, live streaming on the internet with a new record number of viewers.

From 0 to 7,600 'likes' in a month. 28.400 interactions (likes or comments). 2,227,044 views of the posts – many with over 100 comments. Overall feedback on the posts: 42,061.

Horoscope ads (Facebook):
15,723,296 views. 20,601 clicks.

You Tube-films:
Over 20,000 views.

And right now:
Debate meetings and high temperature on Facebook page. The campaign still lives.