Promo & PR ads and commercials

Coloribus is the largest collection of Promo and PR advertisements from all over the world. Here you can find illustrations of various marketing strategies that create awareness of the brand and product including ads on posters, cards, packages, videos for events and holidays. The task of these promotion techniques is to motivate customers to certain action.

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Promo Advertising and Promoting campaigns

Advertising is a tool of communication between a manufacturer and a consumer. The main task of advertisement is to influence the buyer’s behavior and call him to action. Neccessity to build awareness of the product and drive its sales brings the idea of something being noticeable (bright in colors, extraordinary in presentation) while also being easy to apply. So advertisers work out new ideas for reaching the mind of consumers.

Product promotion is a way of getting your brand in front of the audience and drawing attention of new potential customers. Companies use different strategies that would show their products and their activities in general in a favorable light to increase sales volume, enhance product recognition and improve brand identity. Such campaigns benefit businesses by generating customers’ demand as well as benefit customers by providing needed information about product’s availability and functions. Due to intense competition, it is vital to plan an effective strategy before starting a promotion action.

Promotion Activities

Sales increasing activities include variety of techniques: advertising, media, free samples, direct mail campaigns, product demonstrations, trade shows, , seminars on related topics, telemarketing, door-to-door sales and other activities – the scale of sales driving activities is limited only by creativity. On the top of the effective product promotion event, however, one must know fairly well the customer’s psychology and the target audience he addresses.Areas for holding promotion campaigns may be different:

Events and Contests. The idea is to make your brand known through putting your logo and name in front of the public instead of making money organizing a special selling campaign. People like to get awards and win contests. Sponsoring contests with branded gifts can bring attention to your product without high company’s expanses.

Social Media. Social media websites such as Facebook and Google+ offer companies a way to promote products and services in a more relaxed environment. The social network looks more friendly than a trying to sell attempt, you can see a company that is in touch with people on a more personal level. This can help to ruin the border between the company and the buyer, which in turn delivers a more appealing and familiar image of the company. (A Guess What is in the Box Game united more people of Facebook than before. Merry Guessmas from IOM Ad campaign)

Product Giveaway. Companies often introduce new food and household products through giving away free samples to entice the buying public into trying new products.

Causes and Charity. Promoting products while supporting another public action can be a rather effective strategy. Giving customers a sense of participating in something meaningful, you create socially conscious image; customers get a product they can use or the sense of helping a cause. (To make the environment cleaner eliminating dogs’ droppings by picking them up, wrapping them in a Xmas package and presenting to dogs owners - Goodwill Greetings. Advertising campaign for Will Creative)

Branded Gifts. Giving out functional branded gifts can be a rather effective promotional move than handing out simple business cards that a customer may even not look at. Why not to put your card information on a key, magnet or pen? Your customers will not throw these gifts in a trash immediately but may use them. (Gifting a bike’s fixing tool in the shape of a card with the address of a repair shop - Broke Bike Alley: Tire patch business card)

Interactive promo. Capturing attention by extraordinariness is sure to leave long lasting impression and be transformed to other information receivers. (an App that being Directed at a dollar banknote enlivens the portrait of George Washington who starts speaking about politics Advertising campaign for Avantgarde Agency. George Washington Admonishes Donald Trump)

The desired goal of all efforts is to call a consumer to action. As long as potential buyer’s attention is captured all advertising and promotion means may be considered effective.