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Industry Against Cancer
Media Promo & PR
Market Spain
Agency Shackleton Spain
Executive Creative Director Alfonso Marian, Juan Silva
Creative Director Monica Balanzategui, Pablo Gonzalez De La Peña
Art Director Marta Pueyo, Lucia Agudo, David Rigote, Margarita Mora
Copywriter Guillermo Garcia, Marina Fornet, Diana Orero
Producer Pablo García Acón
Released April 2009

Credits & Description

Category: Best Use of TV & Radio in a Promotional Campaign
Advertiser: 40 PRINCIPALES
Date of First Appearance: Apr 27 2009 12:00AM
Entrant Company: SHACKLETON, Madrid, SPAIN
Entry URL: http://www.judgingishard.com/campana/cannes/musical
Copywriter & Creative Director: Nacho Guilló (Shackleton)
Art Director & Creative Director: Victor Aguilar (Shackleton)
Executive Creative Director: Alfonso Marian (Shackleton)
Creative Supervior: Borja de la Rocha (Shackleton)
Creative Director: Monica Balanzategui (Shackleton)
Copywriter: Diana Orero (Shackleton)
Copywriter: Guillermo Garcia (Shackleton)
Copywriter: Marina Fornet (Shackleton)
Art Director: Margarita Mora (Shackleton)
Art Director: Lucia Agudo (Shackleton)
Art Director: Marta Pueyo (Shackleton)
Art Director: David Rigote (Shackleton)
Creative Director: Pablo Gonzalez de la Peña (Shackleton)
Producer: Pablo Garcia Acón (Shackleton)
Executive Creative Director: Juan Silva (Shackleton)
Chief Creative Officer: Juan Nonzioli (Shackleton)
Account Management Team: Elvis Santos, Sheila Alvarez, Marta Peloche (Shackleton)
TV Production Manager: Manela Zamora (Shackleton)
Graphic & Event Production Manager: Itxaro Vicuña (Shackleton)
Digital Project Manager: Sascha Kraft (Shackleton)
Media placement: TV Spot - 1 Shot - National Spanish TV - 27/04/2009
Media placement: Print - 1 Shot - Ational Newspapers And Magazines - 27/04/2009
Media placement: Web - Internet - 27/04/2009 Through 04/07/2009
Media placement: Radio 1 Shot - National Spanish Radio Stations - 27/04/2009
Media placement: Mailing 1 Shot - Journalists And Opinion Leaders - 27/04/2009
Media placement: Press Conference, Press Release And Dossier - Teatro Coliseum In Madrid - 27/04/2009
Media placement: Event: The Musical - Tour Across Spanish Cities - 27/04/2009 Through 04/07/2009
Media placement: Ambient. Informative Roadshow Bus - Tour Across Spanish Cities - 27/04/2009 Through 04/07/2009
Media placement: Program, Leaflets And Brochures - Distributed During Performances And In Roadshow Bus - 27/04/2009 Through 04/07/2009

Describe the objective of the promotion.
Cervical cancer is caused by a virus and causes the death of 2 women every day in Spain. The good news is that there are now vaccines to prevent it. They are the first vaccines against cancer. But hardly anyone is aware of this fact. 40 Principales (Spanish Music Radio Station) & ADESAM (Women Health Development Association) came together to launch an awareness campaign about Cervical Cancer in order to inform the population about its preventive measures. Spreading this information was vital to society.

Describe how the promotion developed from concept to implementation
In order to be as effective as possible we decided to communicate our message using a universal language: music. To engage our public we created and premiered: LONG LIVE THE RESISTANCE: The Musical. An actual musical that in reality is a live performance advertising campaign with singing and dancing. An upbeat portrayal of the fight against the disease that both informs and instructs. The musical could be seen in theaters and concerts on a tour across the country and we supported it through all the media, television, print, web, direct marketing, pubic relations and ambient media.

Describe the success of the promotion with both client and consumer including some quantifiable results
-11,100 people attended the musical performances. -9,764 people visited visited the information trailer and took with them an information leaflet. -All of the leading national TV news programmes echoed the event. The earned publicity value was estimated to be more than €731,726.62. -150.897 visits to the web. - 37,900 people saw the pieces of the Musical at the live concerts of Amaya Montero by Movistar and 40 Principales POP. - The Musical has been broadcasted 11 times in the 40 Principales TV channel. - And most importantly, the willingness of women to receive the vaccination increased 357% after the campaign.

Explain why the method of promotion was most relevant to the product or service
We had to transmit our message in a optimistic and impacting way. Delivering information using music definitely allowed us to connect to the public. That is why we created: (LONG LIVE THE RESISTANCE, THE MUSICAL. The first advertising campaign which, is a real musical. The TV spot featured the musical’s dancers preparing to go on stage before the perfomance. It gave information on the seriousness of the disease and invited people to support the cause and visit the website were they could find relevant information on the musical and the preventive treatments available.