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Industry Leisure Parks
Media Promo & PR
Market Japan
Agency Hakuhodo Tokyo
Director Tatsuyuki Kobayshi, Atsushi Maekawa
Art Director Atsushi Nakajima
Released April 2010

Credits & Description

Category: Best Integrated Campaign Led by Promotion and Activation
Product/Service: AMUSEMENT PARK
Date of First Appearance: Apr 7 2010
Entrant Company: HAKUHODO, Tokyo, JAPAN
Creative Director/Copywriter: Takahiro Aoiki (Hakuhodo)
Creative Director/Copywriter: Fumiaki Okada (Hakuhodo)
Art Director: Atsushi Nakajima (Hakuhodo)
Director: Atsushi Maekawa (Hakuhodo)
Public Relations: Kazu Miyabayashi (Hakuhodo)
Public Relations: Takuya Suwa (Hakuhodo)
Director: Tatsuyuki Kobayshi (Hakuhodo)
Lighting: Takaaki Miyanishi (Hakuhodo)
Movie Camera: Naoki Morishita (Hakuhodo)
Steal Camera: Masao Hiratsuka (Hakuhodo)
Media placement: TV CM(Meeting/Imprinting) - MBS - April 1, 2010
Media placement: WEB CM infants/Children/Party Convention/Penalty Game (Cleaning)/Penalty Game (S - Youtube - October 20, 2010
Media placement: Station Poster(Spring/summer/autumn/winter) - Keihan Railways - April 20, 2010
Media placement: Posters In Park - Hirakata Park - September 20, 2010
Media placement: Flyer1(Special Edition 1/Animation Festival) - On Streets In Osaka City - April 7, 2010
Media placement: Flyer2(Yoshida Shimbun) - Intex Osaka Event Venue - October 17, 2010
Media placement: Station Flyers (Vote Counting Flash) - Keihan Railway Stations - November 24, 2010
Media placement: Posters In Park(a campaign poster) - Hirakata Park - April 7, 2010

Describe the objective of the promotion.
Hirakata Park is an ageing amusement park which has been in operation in Osaka for more than 100 years. Our major goal was to stop the number of visitors, which has been falling over the last 10 years, from falling any further. To this end, we created a new attraction out of advertising which attracts visitors without costing money. This attraction took the form of a “Hirapa Niisan Senkyo” (literally: Hirakata Park Big Brother Election), a popularity vote between a famous comedian duo, each vying for the position of an advertising character.

Describe how the promotion developed from concept to implementation.
The concept was a powerful participation style of advertising. To this end we maximised interest by creating a scandal involving current advertising character Kosugi visiting a rival amusement park. We first leaked the suspicion of two-timing by Kosugi on a program with high viewer ratings → Yoshida declared his candidacy. We notified the public of the election via TV commercials → we encouraged the public to vote via TV commercials, debates and party convention events → we counted votes. Held Ustream live relays → campaign pledges (penalty game). Aired TV commercials which reflected results.

Explain why the method of promotion was most relevant to the product or service.
Amidst the fading existence of amusement parks, the concept which attracts visitors in which the advert itself is the attraction is optimal in terms of investment efficiency. Through communication in addition to popular elements such as a contest between both halves of a famous duo and a two-timing scandal, we were able to dispose information spontaneously to a wide range of visitors including young people and adults with young children.

Describe the success of the promotion with both client and consumer including some quantifiable results.
・Effect on business:
Number of visitors – 1,100,000 (115% year-on-year).
Sales – 120% year-on-year.
・Media Exposure: * Aggregate for April – December. All figures are gross conversions.
TV - approximately 40 programs.
Major national newspapers – 12.
Sports papers – 25.
Magazines – 80.
Websites – 30 types.
YouTube – 1,100,000 access (total for CM, WEB movie, event footage).
Twitter (Yoshida) – 40,000 followers.