Sony Playstation Radio, Digital, Viral INVASION by Canvas - Global Radio


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Industry Video Games/Consoles
Media Radio, Digital, Interactive & Mobile, Viral
Market United Kingdom
Agency Canvas - Global Radio
Director Stephen Huthwaite, Alastair Beaton
Creative Director Jo Mccrostie
Producer Justin Sanders
Released December 2008

Credits & Description

Creative Director: Jo McCrostie
Creative Director: Jo McCrostie
Scriptwriter: Alastair Beaton/Stephen Huthwaite
Agency Producer: Justin Sanders
Director: Alastair Beaton/Stephen Huthwaite/Justin Sanders
Producer: Justin Sanders
Sound Engineer: Justin Sanders

SFX: Dummy advert
FVO1: The R’n’B sensation with a number 1 US smash hit album...
It's Sol...

SFX: Static interference
MVO1: My fellow Americans, I speak to you of a most urgent matter, of the state of this great Union. What I am about to say is of no grand exaggeration...

SFX: Static; Dummy advert
FVO1: edition vinyl.....

SFX: Static
MVO1: Right now we are facing...
SFX: Static, tunes out

SFX: Static
MVO1: This so-called Chimera are no idle threat. Do not underestimate them. They are unlike any enemy we have ever faced...
SFX: Static

SFX: Radio tuning in and out
MVO1: ...everything we are and have is at stake. There is no blinking at the fact that our people, our territory and our interests are in grave danger.
But with the unbending determination of our nation, we will gain the inevitable triumph. No matter how long it may take us to overcome this threat, we will win through to absolute victory.
SFX: Static

SFX: Static; radio interview fades in
MVO2: Reports out today suggest that the deadly Chimera virus may well have been around since 1908. In the studio today, Dr Pavloski of the Viral Disease Institute. Good Morning doctor.

MVO3: Good morning...
SFX: Static interrupts

SFX: Static, radio interview fades in...
MVO2: Doctor, what is going on? The President is warning us that we face a new threat when in fact it now seems this virus has been active for decades...

MVO3: Well, we don’t know for sure. It’s possible that the Chimera virus – formed some time ago in Siberia...
SFX: Static

SFX: Dummy advert
MVO4: From their number 1 hit album comes the live concert of the year. Don't miss Abbreviate....
SFX: Static signal
MVO3: ...said – nobody knew what the Chimera virus was capable of.
MVO2: Dr Pavlovski – answer me this. Is the Chimera virus as deadly as reports are suggesting.?
MVO3: Yes.
SFX: Static

SFX: Radio tuning; Dummy advert
MVO2: ... so if you want fluffy muffins, make sure you use Miss Martha’s Fluffy Muffin Mix.
And now the PSR2 news. Mayor Winstanley denies wrong doing at drive-in. Teenyboppers go crazy at ‘rock and roll’ concert and... this just in - the Chimera invasion has begun in Canada.
First reports are coming in that Toronto is in flames after a sustained onslaught from the alien virus infected...
SFX: Static interference

SFX: Radio tunes in
MVO2: ... experts suggest that Canada is just the entry point to US soil. The border is in strict lock-down with a zero tolerance poli...
SFX: Static builds

SFX: Static
MVO2: ....anyone crossing the border illegally will be destroyed on site. He added ‘For now, we wish our Canadian cousins luck during these dark days, but sadly there is little more we can do’.
Obviously, we will keep you updated as events unfold.
SFX: Dummy advert
MVO4: Coming to a city near you...
SFX: Static

SFX: Radio tunes in
MVO2: ...all across America from Alabama to Wyoming, the call has gone out.
Citizens of America, we need you to do your duty. The Chimera threat has never been so close; the danger has never been as imminent; the need has never been greater.
So, if you’re fit if you’re 18 or over and if you want to protect the people and land you love from the Chimera, visit your local recruiting office today and sign up with the resistance.
Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.
Join the proud troops of the United States army.
Citizens infected with Chimera Virus need not apply.
And now, sport...
SFX: Static builds

SFX: Static
MVO2: ...strange sightings from all over the country. After the next break, we’ll be taking your calls to find out more about what’s happening out there.
Are the Chimera on US soil?
Let us know what you’ve seen. Call us on 555741...
SFX: Static builds

SFX: Static
MVO2: We’ve got Kyle on line one. Kyle, tell us what you saw
MVO5: I saw it coming out of the sky, it was the biggest Critter I ever seen.
MVO2: Wow.
MVO5: Huge, huge...
MVO2: I’ve got...
SFX: Static builds

SFX: Static
MVO2: I’ve got calls flooding in here. Mary- Lou, you’re on the air.
FVO2: I don’t know what to do, they’re coming in from everywhere, I need to find...
SFX: Static builds

SFX: Static
MVO2: It is now confirmed, the Chimera are attacking. Tell us what you’re seeing, Travis.
MVO6: They’re in the streets, I’m hiding in my bedroom... ahhh!
MVO2: What is, what’s that noise Travis?
SFX: Phone line gone dead
MVO2: Travis? Ladies and Gentlemen, it seems we’ve lost... Ladies and Gentlemen, it seems we’ve lost Travis.
SFX: Static builds

SFX: Static; Dummy ad
MVO7: You want to text your mates, your mates want to text you...
SFX: Static builds and dialogue is cut short

SFX: Static
MVO8: Here we are at (Static) where there’s a line of brave young men waiting to sign up to fight the Chimera threat.
Excuse me, young man, yes, can I ask you why you’re volunteering?
MVO9: It’s my duty I guess I mean...
SFX: Static builds

SFX: Static; Dummy ad
MVO7: Right now when you sign up to full on text at Mobile City you’ll get the new Zazu 2020, featuring the unique Bluetooth...
SFX: Static builds
MVO9: I just want a get my hands on one of them race, I heard they could fire a thousand rounds a minute...
SFX: Static
MVO10: I reckon that sure would be fun, and those Chimera bullseyes to, marks your target for ya, wouldn’t that be a hoot...
SFX: Static builds

SFX: Static
MVO10: I couldn’t let them go to war without me. We’re gonna show these Chimera scum what real Americans are made of, ain’t that right boys! We’re gonna kick some Chimera butt. USA, USA...
MVO8: Well, best of luck to you fellas, our thoughts are with you.
SFX: Static builds

SFX: Static
SFX: Explosion; gunshots
MVO8: The Chimera assault continues. The brave boys of the 5th battalion are mounting what defence they can, but it appears the superior alien weaponry is too much for them.
They are so brave, be proud of them America. But it’s too much to... Agghhh!
SFX: Muted sound; footsteps

SFX: Dummy ad
MVO11: It was really embarrassing at the beach, even my girlfriend would laugh and make jokes, lads would call me...
SFX: Static builds
MVO12: Hello, hello, I don’t know if anybody can hear this but we’ve been overrun, there’s too many of them, the reporter is a gonner, and the rest of the unit is, I don’t know where, it looks like I’m on my own here.
If you can hear this, just prepare yourself for it.
Be ready, just be ready, don’t let them...
SFX: Static builds; Dummy ad
MVO13: ...with Body Burn fitness.
SFX: Static

SFX: Static
MVO2: Alone in the studio now, the last reports we had were bad, the Chimera invasion seems to be unstoppable.
The rest of the stations staff have left to be with their loved ones. And to help in any way they can with the resistance.
I’m going to continue broadcasting for as long as I can in the hope that someone, somewhere will...
SFX: Static

SFX: Dummy ad
FVO3: Music is my life, my love, my passion... Which is why I want to snog the face off my music mate. It’s just gorgeous...
SFX: Static
MVO2: ...outlook I’m afraid is very bleak, I can actually see Chimera ships from the window here, their ground troops can’t be far behind, I don’t think I’ll be able to stay on the air much longer.
Jeanie, Jeanie if you can hear me I love you...
SFX: Banging; crashing
MVO2: Jeanie...
SFX: Beep

SFX: Beep, static
MVO1: My fellow Americans, I speak to you of a most urgent matter of the state of this great...
ANN: America 1953.

MVO2: First reports are coming in that Toronto is in flames...
ANN: A nation under attack.

MVO2: The Chimera are attacking
MVO6: They’re in the streets, I’m hiding in my bedroom... ahhh!
MVO2: Travis?
MVO8: Be proud of them America!

ANN: The invasion has begun.

MVO8: There’s a heavy incoming.
MVO2: I don’t think I’ll be able to stay on the air much longer.
SFX: Explosions

ANN: Join the resistance.
Bigger story, better weapons, massive 60 player online mode.
Resistance 2, the follow up to the Playstation 3 number one smash hit
Resistance 2. Everyone is needed.
Out now. Rated 18.
Brief Explanation

This teaser campaign ran for one day only on the networked Hit40 UK chart show. We created 21 teaser ads that ran across the first 8 breaks of the show - 2 or 3 ads per break. The ads told the story of the alien invasion of 1950's USA, as featured in the game, from the view point of a 50's US radio station. We also created contemporary dummy ads that the 50's style audio could bleed through. The 22nd 60" reveal ad ran solus in the 9th and final break after the number one song.