Matsushita Electric Industrial Radio SAWARI by Matsushita Electric Industrial


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Industry Electronic Devices & Home Appliances, Air Conditioners
Media Radio
Market Japan
Agency Matsushita Electric Industrial
Director Yumi Fukumoto
Executive Creative Director Katsunori Tsuyama
Creative Director Yoichi Miura, Miwako Saito
Released November 2007

Credits & Description

Executive Creative Director: Katsunori Tsuyama
Creative Director: Yoichi Miura/Miwako Saito
Scriptwriter: Yumi Fukumoto
Director: Yumi Fukumoto
Sound Engineer: Shinichi Yasuda

Script in English

ANN: On the Tsugaru jamisen, a 3-stringed instrument found only in Japan, there is a tiny knob beneath the lowest string. Called the ‘sawariyama,’ it's used with a delicate touch to produce the instrument’s unique, resonant sound.
SFX: Instrument is played

Adjusted to the ideal point, it gives each note a lingering resonance. This subtle trailing resonance is pleasurable on the ear. It is called ‘sawari.’ Without ‘sawari’ a performance is colourless... With ‘sawari’... there's a pleasant sensation. This delicate touch is now available for your comfort.

When a person’s presence is sensed...If at rest, the cool breeze's temperature is raised one degree.
If the person is active, it’s lowered two degrees. Performance techniques on the Tsugaru jamisen are constantly evolving. So is air conditioning performance, through advances offering more subtle and sophisticated control.

National Air Conditioners.
Script in Orginal Language

ANN: Tsugaru-jamisen no, ippon no ito ha sao no, Sawari-yama to yobareru bubun ni awase, sintyou ni tyousei sareru.

Pitari to aeba, hibiki ha nobiru. Hito no mimi ni kokotiyoi, bimyou na oto no yure. Kono oto wo, Sawari to iu. Sawari ga nakereba, ensou ha ajikenai. Sawari ga arukara, kaikan ga aru. Kikaiteki dehanai kokotiyosa wo, kikai nimo.

Hito no iru basyo wo kanji, yasundeiru hito heha, 1do takai kaze wo. ugoiteiru hito heha, 2do hikui kaze wo. Sinka situduketeiru to iwareru, Tugaru-jamisen no ensougijutu no youni, eakon mo, hitohada wo kanjiru madeni.

National earobo.
Brief Explanation

Objective: To make people aware of the sophisticated technology that finely adjusts air conditioning by sensing the people and conditions in a room.

Concept: The Tsugaru-jamisen is a unique musical instrument from northern Japan. Its versatile tonal colouring and the fact it is played with a plectrum in a manner not unlike a percussion instrument give it an exuberant repertory based strongly on improvisation. It is an instrument that clearly conveys a player’s technique and subtle touch. The most important technique of all is manipulation of a part called the “sawariyama”. A pleasurable ambience is created when the performance of a player who has mastered this technique resonates with the feelings of the audience. The performance of advanced air conditioning technology, which subtly responds to the people in a room, is compared with the delicate touch of this performance technique — both creating a pleasurable ambience.

Target: General public.