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Advertising archive of creative Super Bowl ads. Here you can find nearly 761 works released between 1984 and 2018 by different advertising agencies (e.g. DDB Chicago, MJZ, Goodby Silverstein & Partners San Francisco). Database includes works of different media types (Film, Digital, Design & Branding) which you can watch and download. Highly structured database makes it easy to navigate through huge collection.

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History of Super Bowl

Originally it was known as the Rose Bowl Game. Its history started in California, 1902. The name “Super Bowl” was introduced by Lamar Hunt who owned the AFL’s Kansas City Chiefs. His children used a Super Ball toy for their games so this phrase came to Lamar’s mind.

For some time it was known as “AFL-NFL Championship Game” but the Kansas City Star quoted “the Super Bowl” term in 1966 and the media immediately spread it.

At first Super Bowl took place in early to mid-January. Today the game is played on the first Sunday in February. This is due to the NFL current schedule which has been used since Super Bowl XXXVIII in 2004.

Starting from 1970 season the NFL had two conferences. These were former AFL teams and three NFL teams. The champions of the conferences had to compete in the Super Bowl. The winner would receive the Vince Lombardi Trophy.

Advertising and Interesting Facts

The Super Bowl is one of the most watched sporting events with high Nielsen television ratings. Its worldwide audience is around one billion people all over the world.

The game is so popular because it is the most important event of NFL. Plus, it includes festivals and celebrations.

The ads budget of the Super Bowl was $5 billion in 2016. Its media revenue was $375 million and licensing revenue was $145 million in 2016.

The Super Bowl cooperates with such brand names as Intel, Google, Levi’s, Hyundai, PepsiCo and others. Among the celebrities associated with this event you can see Elton John, Lady Gaga, Donatella Versace and Mark Wahlberg.

Some interesting facts about the Super Bowl:

The event is unofficially called the Big Game.
A 30-second advertisement price during the Super Bowl was $4.5 million in 2014.
NFL forbids holding Super Bowl games in stadiums with climate less than 50 degrees Fahrenheit.
The day of the game has become an unofficial holiday.
In 1989 Budweiser launched a legendary “Bud Bowl” campaign. It was one of those stop motion animated commercials featuring Budweiser bottles which played football. When newspapers held an “All-Time Ad Meter” tournament in 2014 Budweiser was the winner.

Among Super Bowl ads you could see Chrysler’s “Born of Fire”. The commercial depicted the history of Detroit including local rapper Eminem. The ad won a Creative Arts Emmy Award for “Best Commercial” in 2011.

During Super Bowl XVIII Apple company broadcast an advertisement for its Macintosh computer. The advertisement said “On January 24, Apple Computer will introduce the Macintosh. And you'll see why 1984 won’t be like 1984.” The ad was eligible for that year’s industry awards.

The winner of the Super Bowl marketing in 2013 was Oreo’s “Dunk in the dark” with the message “You can still dunk in the dark.” The ad showed a picture of an Oreo cookie on a dark background.