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Coloribus is the world’s largest TV commercials database. We thoroughly select the most creative, inventive and high quality TV adverts from all over the world. Television commercials & cinema ads archive include a huge number of commercials for all types of consumer goods and services, spanning from 1969 to the present. Due to great, easy to use navigation system and highly structured database, you can find in a comprehensive way an advert that you are looking for.

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Promotion on tv

TV commercials are now widely spread all over the world. A typical TV advertisement lasts from 15 to 30 seconds. Specialists consider this time perfect to deliver the most important information about the product to the customer and encourage him to buy it. Such advertisement duration is not annoying for the client, so it increases the chance that he will be interested in the promoted product or service.

The effectiveness of ads is defined by the increase of demand after their appearance on television. Promotion researches show that original and unusual commercials attract more attention than other advertisements. For example, a promotional video that contains a joke or a slogan in verse usually brings more new customers than a regular commercial. However, you should always remember the words of David Ogilvy, who was one of the best promotion experts of the 20th century: “The purpose of advertising is not to entertain the audience but to sell your products to it”.

Advertisements are considered an effective means to deliver the information about your product or service to the customer since the first promotional video appeared in the cinema in the 1940s. The current global trend shows that TV and online commercials are the most promising directions of the promotion industry. In 2015 the volume of online video commercials market in the United States was about $7.46 billion. According to the forecasts of Jefferies Company, in 2017 it will reach $17 billion. Similar expectations are relevant for the rest of national advertisement markets.

The effectiveness of TV ads is explained by the fact that they combine audio and visual effects. A typical promotional video shows the customer how useful (cool, fashionable, etc.) the product is, and the narrations tell about its benefits. The combination of these two effects makes the client buy the product.

TV ads of the world

Coloribus is a resource that contains advertisements from all over the world, including Europe, Africa, Asia, Latin America and other regions. It allows you to gather the fullest information about local commercial trends and traditions. You may need this information if you are going to create a promotional video aimed at popularizing your product in a new region. The adverts gathered here will help you define the necessary duration of your future video and formulate its slogans.

Here you can find the best ads that have won international contests. For example, the commercial introduced by Adam & Eve DDB agency from London, that won the grand prix of Cannes Lions advertisement festival in 2016. The owner of the golden prize of this contest – a British company called John Lewis is also here with its promotional video that tells an inspiring story of a small but very talented dancing girl.

This resource is a perfect place for benchmarking and other marketing investigations. You can explore the impact of ads on people who watch commercials on TV in various parts of the world. You can also show promotional videos that were created for one region to the residents of other regions to define the similarities and differences in their perceptions. As a result – an advertisement that is popular in one part of the world can be interpreted for other regions, making your product successful among the people who live there.

The latest data show that global advertisement expenses reached $538 billion in 2016. In 2017 this trend is expected to be continued. According to the latest forecasts, the world advertisement market will grow about 4.5% this year. Online video commercial will remain one of the most promising directions. Its growth will probably reach 34.7%.