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Human Trafficking exam

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Industry Health & Pharmaceutical Products, Against violence, Human Rights
Media Film
Market United States
Agency Area 23 New York
Associate Creative Director Jorge Munoz, Ronnie Caltabiano, Denise Bankson
Creative Director Bernardo Romero, Michael Kizilbash, Laura Potucek
Copywriter Christian Louzado
Released October 2016


Cannes Lions 2017
Glass Lion Glass: The Lion for Change: Glass Lions Bronze Lion
Outdoor Use of Outdoor: Use of Ambient Outdoor Bronze Lion

Credits & Description

Title: The Trafficking Exam
Agency: Area 23
Brand: Polaris
Country: USA
Entrant Company: Area 23, New York
Advertising Agency: Area 23, New York
Media Agency: Area 23, New York
Production Company: Area 23, New York
Managing Director, Ecd: Tim Hawkey (Area 23 An Fcb Health Network Company)
Vp, Creative Director: Bernardo Romero (Area 23 An Fcb Health Network Company)
Art Supervisor: Guillermo Aracena (Area 23 An Fcb Health Network Company)
Vp, Associate Creative Director: Ronnie Caltabiano (Area 23 An Fcb Health Network Company)
Senior Producer: Anna Lopez (Area 23 An Fcb Health Network Company)
Production Supervisor: Frank Laport (Area 23 An Fcb Health Network Company)
Art Supervisor: Kayla Gomez (Area 23 An Fcb Health Network Company)
Director, Creative Technology: Bill Hanff (Area 23 An Fcb Health Network Company)
Evp, Group Creative Director: Michael Kizilbash (Area 23 An Fcb Health Network Company)
Vp, Creative Director: Laura Potucek (Area 23 An Fcb Health Network Company)
Associate Producer: Elan Schoonmaker (Fcb Health)
Vp, Associate Creative Director: Jorge Muñoz (Area 23 An Fcb Health Network Company)
Senior Copywriter: Christian Louzado (Area 23 An Fcb Health Network Company)
Vp, Associate Creative Director: Denise Bankson (Area 23 An Fcb Health Network Company)
Director, User Experience: Albert Tien (Area 23 An Fcb Health Network Company)
Group Art Supervisor: Mario Arias (Area 23 An Fcb Health Network Company)
Engagement Director, Svp: Mark Dean (Area 23 An Fcb Health Network Company)
Audio Engineer: Joel Stearns (Pipeline Ps)
Principal Engineer, Designer: Will Sakran (Metre Ideas And Design)
Editor: Scott Martin (Area 23 An Fcb Health Network Company)
The Anti-trafficking Exam is the world’s first medical device designed to help save women from exploitation and the injustice of human trafficking. We transformed an everyday otoscope, a device used to examine the ears, into a tool that sends a potentially life-saving message directly into the ear of a victim – in their native language and without alerting their captors. Once discreetly signaled by a patient, the doctor continues treatment, before calling the Polaris 24-hour hotline: 1 (888) 373-7888. Polaris directly intervenes—providing a decision regarding law enforcement intervention, and resources like shelter and legal support.In December 2016, we began piloting The Anti-Trafficking Exam in hospitals in the Northeastern US. It’s an ongoing initiative with plans to lobby The American Board of Emergency Medicine to include it as standard practice. This decision could see it implemented across the entire United States of America, giving countless women back their freedom and the chance to start a new life.Our microsite, http://www.antitraffickingexam... allowed interested physicians to learn more, communicate with Polaris and order the device.
HCPs are on the frontlines in the fight against human trafficking — an atrocity that disproportionally affects women. With 60% of victims visiting the ER under the watchful eyes of their captors, we needed to providing doctors with an instrument to communicate with victims and to address the exploitation of women.We also required ways to resolve each individual case in a sensitive and relevant manner. So working with Polaris, the global leader in the fight to eradicate modern slavery, we developed protocols to help victims of human trafficking escape their torment—because every missed opportunity could be the last.To reach doctors and nurses, but stay under the radar of the traffickers, we teamed up with Dr. Stephen Gomez (Director of Emergency Medicine and lead advisor on abuse for three ERs in the Northeastern US), and anti-trafficking organization Polaris, to implement the Anti-Trafficking Exam.
The world is making huge strides addressing the gender inequalities that affect every society. But for the estimated 14 million women who are enslaved by human trafficking, there is no such things as progress or female empowerment, only a life of forced drug abuse and prostitution. Trafficking is the ultimate objectification of women. Victims are someone’s property, or merchandise that can be used, sold and traded. The rampant gender inequality and discrimination in the world makes women particularly vulnerable to human trafficking, depriving them of their natural born rights and freedom—while subjecting them to physical assault, the risk of HIV and other diseases, unwanted pregnancy, and psychological trauma. The number one weapon against human trafficking is to identify and remove as many victims as possible from this life of slavery. This is a daunting challenge as trafficking victims have very limited contact with the public. Healthcare professionals are in a unique position because of their high exposure to trafficking victims: 88% of trafficking victims will see a healthcare professional during their captivity, and 60% will visit the emergency room. Unfortunately, their captors stay close by and prevent victims and doctors from communicating openly and taking advantage of this opportunity to escape.
Brief with projected outcomes:
The Anti-trafficking Exam is the first-ever “diagnostic device” allowing physicians to intervene to stop the exploitation of girls and women. We transformed a standard otoscope to deliver a secret rescue message directly into a patient’s ear, without their abuser realizing. Doctors now have a revolutionary tool to fight human trafficking and give victims back their freedom. A game-changing idea to diagnose and help extinguish modern slavery.
To maintain the anonymity of The Anti-Trafficking Exam we decided not to raise awareness through traditional forms of PR. Instead we piloted it throughout hospitals in the Northeastern US, and leveraged word-of-mouth within the healthcare community.There’s been substantial interest, and our microsite (restricted to medical professionals only) has so far received 143 inquiries from hospitals wishing to implement the initiative as soon as possible. All profits from sales go towards Polaris’ fight against modern slavery.Furthermore, the new data collected during and after an exam, is directly helping Polaris prevent even more vulnerable girls and women from becoming modern slaves. The Anti-Trafficking Exam has raised awareness among physicians—making them more vigilant to the signs and symptoms of trafficking abuse and giving them a way to address this injustice against women head on.
Entry Summary:
Globally, there are an estimated 20.9 million victims of human trafficking, with around 60,000 enslaved in the US. Our research revealed that over 88% will see a healthcare professional during their captivity, with a further 60% visiting the emergency room. Unfortunately, there is a culture of intimidation within this dark world, and their captor usually stays close by to stop them from talking openly in the exam room, and prevent doctors from asking the right questions. When transforming the otoscope into a communication device, we discovered that most victims of trafficking don’t speak English, and so recorded our rescue message in several key languages—accessible to the doctor at the click of a button.