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NEMA Prod is an audiovisual production company. It was founded in September 2011 in the suburb of Paris by two young passionate about video: Charly Cuvillier and Thomas Correia. In 2013, they financed their first documentary with France TV, the CNC.and PROCIREP and started important encounters. Combining Docu, tv spot and fiction, NEMA's main clients are agencies such as BETC, St John's, Buzzman and clients such as Petit Bateau, Curly or Eagle. NEMA prod, an ambitious young agency relies on a team of a dozen young filmmakers, photographers and art directors - all loyal and determined. In January 2015, they launched an annexe: NEMA Print: a photography portal. Surrounded by a small team, very talented and versatile, the agency wants to reach several areas: luxury, fashion and nature.