List of brands and companies

Coloribus is a source of archive materials showing samples of brand commercials that are devoted to certain trademarks. These ads sustain brands’ popularity and promote certain goods throughout decades. This will be of great interest to people engaged in designing and promoting ads and commercials as they can see successful works of the industry

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Brand promotion

A brand is a famous trademark presenting a product or service that is in great demand on the market. Popularity and brand awareness inspire high level of sales. People entering a shop first pay attention to goods that they have heard about before and they are sure that fame guarantees quality. It is proved by stories of creation of such famous brands in various market segments as BMW, Bobcat equipment, Pepsi and Coca Cola drinks where quality actually takes the supreme place.

Creating a memorable brand is important as it allows easily to recognize a certain product out of a mass of analogue ones. This recognition is brought about not only through visual concept but also with a bright slogan that accompanies advertising a product. A combination of marketing techniques: picture, message, musical background, jingle, etc. result in success of a brand promotion.

Sometime not even a product promotion is essential but the brand promotion in general. Like in an ad about a poor little boy who has a great wish to study and to become a policeman in the future. He does his school assignment by the lights of a McDonald’s café – the only piece of light that he can afford being a part of a poor family living in a house with no electricity in. McDonald’s does not only supplies people with food but with opportunities assisting people in striving for more in any possible way! Brand of Mc Donald’s – doing people good!

Brand commercials require creativity and persistence. As forwardness can be destructive sense of proportion is important. Due to these factors some brand promotion campaigns have been on the market for many decades, some had started their existence before many of us were born.

The most popular brands

American companies are dominating the world’s most powerful and valuable brands. As soon as we hear the word “brand” we immediately think of striking brands like McDonald’s (valued at $39.4 billion in 2016), Google (worth $47.3 billion, 2016), Microsoft brand (valued at $56.7 billion, 2016), the Apple brand (valued at $104 billion, 2016), the General Electric (worth $34.2 billion, 2016) and more.

Coca Cola having a current value of $54.9 billion is one of the champions among famous brands – be it Taste the Feeling in an adventure inviting brand commercial or a Christmas message in a bottle thing or a supporting patch in the Brazil Olympics fighting Zika virus. It is unforgettable Coca Cola brand everywhere!

The brand of Nike occupies one of the leading positions in the market. Advertising campaigns are numerous and various in manner. One of the recent types presents a pretty young girl singing on the stage a famous song that tells about what sweet and fragile things girls are made of. But unexpectedly she changes the song’s words being inspired by images of strong beautiful young sportswomen that are sure to be champions and undoubtedly wear Nike sportswear that contributes to their sports success. The motto accompanies the final shot – “You’re made of what you do. Believe in more!” Very action provoking!

The Louis Vuitton is surely one of the world’s most acclaimed luxury brands. The company produces leather goods, shoes, watches, jewelry, handbags and accessories, and the LV monogram is known as one of the most recognizable logos worldwide. With profit margin of 40%, Louis Vuitton is presently valued at $28.4 billion.

Customers’ awareness of a trade mark directly impacts sales level that is why ad campaigns pay a lot of attention to making the brand recognizable. Competitiveness and long term perspective of a brand depends on that.