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Cartier brand, a French manufacturer of jewelry and watches, is acknowledged by the World Luxury Association as the most expensive brand among others of “luxe” class. The French company bears the name of its founders – the Cartiers’ family. Today Cartier is a part of Vendome Luxury Goods Group with revenue of 10.65 bln euro, while net profits make up to 2.07 bln euro.

History of Cartier

The company Cartier S.A. was founded in Paris in 1847 by a jeweler Louis-Francois Cartier after he had taken over the workshop of his ex-master.

In 1874 his son Alfred Cartier took charge of the company and then three Alfred’s sons made Cartier brand world famous.

The first Cartier watch appeared in 1888. But only in 1904 Santos model received popularity. Other famous models were 'Baignoire', 'Tortue' and a ‘Tank’ model that put a start to a line produced and favored by many today.

In 1925 the company worked out an unusual form of a famous ring «Trinity», combining three interlocking rings made of white, yellow and pink gold symbolizing faith, friendship and love.

After death of the founders the company was split into 3 parts with headquarters in Paris, New York and London. And only in 1973 they were re-united into Les Must de Cartier. The company was as popular as ever and opened boutiques everywhere – in America, Asia, Europe. Since 1993 the Cartier enters the Swiss concern Compagnie Financière Richemont SA – the leading company of luxury goods production. Cartier now unites 14 companies, each of them is in charge of producing certain type of goods – watches, jewelry, accessories, etc.

Advertising and Interesting Facts

Cartier is a revolution in design and jewelry industry.

The recognizable logo presents two interlocked letters “C”.

It was Cartier who decided to present insects and animals as jewelry models. Panther and leopard are recognizable symbols of Cartier. Those images are regularly used to a great advantage. Cartier was also the first who used platinum - a metal that is more solid and thus, can hold a greater number of precious stones that, in fact, attracts rich clients.

A Cartier diamond ring decorated the hand of a famous actress Grace Kelly after engagement with the Duke Rainier III.

Cartier commercials are as grand as the jewelry they make. A magnificent story of «L'Odyssée de Cartier» is a trip between dream and reality, a video-epic of history and inspiration. The ad is a true piece of art like the goods shown in it.

Cartier also pays tribute to love with “Proposition” in a series of commercials. Three love stories in the City of Light, three ways of saying I Love You – in an Elevator, in a Museum and in an Airport – “Why fly away when love is here…”

All goods under the name of Cartier bear the flavor of luxury, richness and power. Cartier keeps up with the time – creating highly effective vacuum watch Cartier ID Two. Cartier always strives for new tendencies with preservation of the brand traditions.