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Story of Coca Cola

It started long ago when a chemist John Stith Pemberton was inspired by the idea of a cocaine wine Vin Mariani, successfully sold in Europe. Vin Mairnani was a mixture of Bordeaux and Coke. John called the product Pemberton's French Wine Coca.

In 1885 The Prohibition threatened the business and the alcohol ingredient was eliminated from the drink. And so appeared Coca-Cola. In 1889 the first advertisement presented the logo, corporate colors that are still familiar to all.

On May 8, 1886, sales of Coca Cola started in Jacob’s Pharmacy in Atlanta. It was positioned as a cure for many diseases and cost 5 cent per glass.
In 1892 Asa Griggs Candler bought rights for the beverage formula and founded a Coca Cola corporation that still makes the drink. Then the Coca got the first advertisement slogans: “Delicious and refreshing’ and “Coca-Cola revives and sustains”.
1905 – 1918 the company grew, the slogans changed. That time the famous shape of the bottle was born. Posters were colorful and showed happy people (mostly ladies, later gentlemen) with a bottle of Coca Cola enjoying refreshment of the drink.
In 1919 the company was bought by Earnst Woodruff and later his son became the company’s president and remained on the post for over 60 years. In 1928 Coca Cola was introduced in Amsterdam in the Olympics.
In the 30s the company actively started to use the image of Santa – lover of Coca Cola. Since then every year on Christmas Eve appears a new Holiday Coca Cola Advertisement.
1941-1959 America joined the World War II, in posters advertising the drink were shown people in military uniforms. In the minds of market specialists the drink received the image of the thing uniting people. When the war was over the sales market of the drink grew twice and it started to present American life style. That time first video advertisements appear.
1960-1989 with TV commercials popularity of Coca Cola got international character; bottles of the Coke were sold millions per day. In the 60s the slogan “Things go better with the Coke” was popular. Later the song “Buy the world with Coke!” by The New Seekers band told about having the world at your feet with Coca Cola. Branches were opened in Cambodia, Paraguay, Turkey, etc.
In 1978 Coca Cola was the only company that got permission to sell its drinks in China. That time marketing specialists decided to associate Coca Cola brand with friends and fun. Later on Diet Cola came to life.
In 1985 the first alterations were introduced to the recipe of the drink. However this change in the taste was not appreciated by consumers and soon the original recipe was returned under the name of Coca Cola Classic.
1990 – company started brand promotion with the emphasis on sports. Coca Cola was widely advertised in the Olympic Games, FIFA World Cup, Rugby World Cup, Coca Cola Classis became the official beverage of NASCAR racing.

Coca Cola in Advertising

In 1993 the slogan “Always Coca Cola” was created. And the commercial with a Pole bear in the centre. Then came Christmas ad with sparkling trucks and the slogan “Holidays are coming”. Celebrities have always been and are invited to participate in advertising

The “Coca Cola - Live Football” commercial in 2008 was considered the funniest. The magic and bright commercial «Coca Cola Heist» came to the screen in 2009.
2011 brought touching ad «Open Happiness», 2012 presented animated action-commercial «Dragon»

Coca Cola does not forget to sustain family values as well showing happy family celebrities.
In 2016 investments of Coca-Cola in media and marketing achieved $1 bln dollars. In 2015 the budget was $3,3 bln dollars.

In general, no matter people like Coke or not they DO watch commercials devoted to the beverage. This advertising product is worth the audience attention.