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Ford Motor Company is more commonly known as Ford. It is a multinational car maker selling automobiles and commercial vehicles. Ford is the second largest manufacturer of autos in America and the fifth largest in the world.

History of Ford

The company’s history started in 1903 when Henry Ford left Cadillac Motor and converted its factory. Back then just a few cars were produced per day at Detroit factories.
One of the most recognizable vehicles by Ford was "model T".

After a downgrade in 2005 Ford focused on unibody platforms, hybrid electric technologies and environmentally friendly decisions.

Today Ford Motor is the largest company controlled by a family for over a 100 of years. Their revenue was $141.5 billion in 2016.

Ford’s logo has made a long way to become what we see today.

1903. An oval monogram shape with "Ford Motor Co. Detroit Mich".
1907. An airship looking object with "Ford" name.
1909. Simply "Ford" writing.

1912. A black and white oval bearing "Ford" in the middle.
1927. A variation of 1912 logo in bluish colour.
2000. One line saying "Ford Motor Company".
2003. An updated oval and bluish variant.

One of Ford’s slogans was "Everything We Do Is Driven by You". It was used in one of the ads with Brian May soundtrack. Later it evolved into "Better Ideas. Driven by You". Other slogans of Ford were "Built Ford Tough", "Built for the Road Ahead" and "Ford Has a Better Idea".

Advertising and Interesting Facts

Ford is known for its collaboration with the electricity supply company Southern California Edison. In 2015 the carmaker’s ads budget was $2.68 billion in America only. One of their commercials has a relation to the second part of "The Guardians of The Galaxy" movie (2017). Ford is also known for a series of prints placed on rulers.

Ford often sponsors events and sports facilities. Company’s most notable centres are in Indiana and Detroit. Ford was a major sponsor of UEFA Champions League and of the Sky media channel's coverage of Premier League football.

In 2015 Ford was honored by Ethisphere Institute as one of the World’s Most Ethical Companies. In 2014 it was on Interbrand’s list of Best Global Green Brands.

It is interesting that Henry Ford integrated the assembly line concept to build cars after visiting a pig-slaughtering plant. Also Ford Company tried building airplanes during World War I but they were not very successful.