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Heineken Lager Beer is better known as simply Heineken. It is a pale lager beer which is produced by Heineken International. The company is located in Netherlands. The drink is well-known for its green bottle and the logo including a red star.

History of Heineken

The history of Heineken dates back to 1864 when Gerard Adriaan Heineken bought De Hooiberg brewery in Amsterdam. He established a company named as Heineken's Bierbrouwerij Maatschappij. From 1875 the beer was shipped internationally.

Today Heineken cooperates with leading alcohol producers. The company celebrated its 150th anniversary in 2014. Its revenue was €19.25 billion that year.

Heineken International has two logos known as “Authenticity logo” and the “Star-Heineken logo”. The former one shows the company’s quality and reliability. The latter one stands for modernism and originality. Heineken symbol includes three Es which are slightly slanted backwards. It looks like they are smiling.

The company’s slogans are:
A better beer deserves a better can.
It’s all about the beer.
How refreshing! How Heineken!

Advertising and Interesting Facts

Ads budget of Heineken International was $412.7 million in 2015.

One of the best known Heineken’s ads says “Refreshes the parts other beers cannot reach.” This campaign ran for over 30 years featuring the Danish comedian Victor Borge as a voice actor.

Starting from 2011 their commercials include the song “The Golden Age” by The Asteroids Galaxy Tour. In 2017 the company opened a pop-up bakery to promote the yeast used in its brewing.

An interesting campaign by Heineken is titled “Social Experiment”. Heineken teamed up with The Human Library to pair up strangers with contrasting views. They were invited to resolve the differences over a beer.

The drink is also known for a series of prints showing Freddy Kruger, Frankenstein and other monsters sipping Heineken.

The company hired Daniel Craig to advertise their beer. They also became an official global partner of Formula 1 and cooperated with World Wildlife Fund. They were partners with Páirc Uí Chaoimh in Cork.

The brand has a long-standing sponsorship of the UEFA Champions League and became the Official Beer of the Formula One World Championship. Heineken also sponsors such music events as the Heineken Open'er Festival, a contemporary music festival in Poland and the Oxegen festival in Ireland.

Heineken won the Medaille D'Or at the International Maritime Exposition in Paris in 1875. In 2015 the company was the Creative Marketer of the Year Award.